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28-May-2022 11:42 - directory annexure 28-May-2022 11:42 - directory court-orders 28-May-2022 11:41 - directory cpsu court case 28-May-2022 11:42 - directory dopt 28-May-2022 11:42 - directory forms 01-Jun-2022 08:18 - directory image_gif 28-May-2022 11:42 - directory letters 28-May-2022 11:41 - directory mission-sangharsh 28-May-2022 11:42 - directory news1 28-May-2022 11:42 - directory selfcaremovement 28-May-2022 11:42 - directory video gallary 28-May-2022 11:42 - directory wpcf7_uploads 28-May-2022 11:41 - unknown 104_notice CEC at Delhi.pdf 25-May-2022 21:15 216k unknown 120_Approval for CS Haryana.pdf 25-May-2022 21:17 736k unknown 121_support letter to BSNLEU.pdf 25-May-2022 21:23 744k unknown 133_agenda points for Director HR.doc 25-May-2022 21:17 300k unknown 134-MP Circle Notice.doc 25-May-2022 21:19 564k unknown 148_obsection_recog.doc 25-May-2022 21:18 48k unknown 150_objection in all india eligibilty of JTO.doc 25-May-2022 21:19 60k unknown 157_protest notice for MT.doc 25-May-2022 21:14 60k unknown 158_notice to CPFC.doc 25-May-2022 21:22 48k [HTM] 15thmarch_resolution.htm 25-May-2022 21:21 24k unknown 160_permission letter to GMA for dharna at corporate.doc 25-May-2022 21:14 56k unknown 161_intimation to DCP parliament Delhi for dharna.doc 25-May-2022 21:15 60k unknown 163_charter of demands.doc 25-May-2022 21:16 52k unknown 164_vote of thanks.doc 25-May-2022 21:20 68k unknown 166_letter to CMD for pay recomdation.doc 25-May-2022 21:22 48k unknown 167_constitution AMMENDMENT.doc 25-May-2022 21:23 36k unknown 169_letter to committee.doc 25-May-2022 21:23 56k unknown 170_letter to CPFC.doc 25-May-2022 21:16 44k [IMG] 1_20042010.jpg 25-May-2022 21:18 740k [IMG] 2005_order_pay.jpg 25-May-2022 21:20 1316k [HTM] 201108-activity.htm 25-May-2022 21:20 8k unknown 2020-03-26_Health Insurance Package.pdf 25-May-2022 21:15 148k unknown 202_circle body submission to GM SR.pdf 25-May-2022 21:21 68k unknown 203_intimation of coordination committee GM SR.pdf 25-May-2022 21:18 88k unknown 204_submission of resolution of CEC.pdf 25-May-2022 21:18 112k unknown 205_anomalies in 2nd PRC.doc 25-May-2022 21:15 48k unknown 206_letter_pm_support to oil sec.doc 25-May-2022 21:20 36k unknown 208_represeentation befor notice.doc 25-May-2022 21:13 68k unknown 209_LDCE ANOMLAIES with 2002 batch.doc 25-May-2022 21:17 56k unknown 209_agenda meeting.doc 25-May-2022 21:14 44k unknown 210_Clarification from DPE.doc 25-May-2022 21:21 140k unknown 213_letter to withdraw the facilities to unabsorbed officers.doc 25-May-2022 21:17 44k unknown 214_Notice for countywide agitaion against harrasment of CS MH.doc 25-May-2022 21:16 52k unknown 216_backlog vacancies of SC_ST.doc 25-May-2022 21:15 44k unknown 22011_10_84-Estt.pdf 25-May-2022 21:15 120k [HTM] 221009.htm 25-May-2022 21:22 8k unknown 221_Notice for agitation.doc 25-May-2022 21:14 64k unknown 222_letter regarding DGM notification.doc 25-May-2022 21:19 60k unknown 223_permission letter to GMA for dharna at corporate.doc 25-May-2022 21:22 40k unknown 224_letter regarding holding half day demonstration.doc 25-May-2022 21:23 52k unknown 231_letter to CMD on MT.doc 25-May-2022 21:17 88k unknown 233_letter to CMD for refusal of second installment of pay arear.doc 25-May-2022 21:20 60k unknown 236_notice for hunger fast.doc 25-May-2022 21:16 60k unknown 237_notice to dcp delhi for hunger fast.doc 25-May-2022 21:17 52k unknown 240_suggestion on BCG recomandation.doc 25-May-2022 21:22 60k unknown 241_follow up letter to MOC.doc 25-May-2022 21:18 56k unknown 242_LETTER TO PRIME MINISTER.doc 25-May-2022 21:23 52k unknown 243_comments on referendum.doc 25-May-2022 21:18 44k unknown 246_letter to CMD for participation in CWC.doc 25-May-2022 21:23 40k unknown 247_pay anomalies of 2005 batch.doc 25-May-2022 21:22 40k unknown 248_LDCE anomalies.doc 25-May-2022 21:22 48k unknown 249_intimation of CEC.doc 25-May-2022 21:22 40k unknown 250_invitation to CS for CEC.doc 25-May-2022 21:16 96k unknown 251_transfer related.doc 25-May-2022 21:21 44k unknown 252_past service benifit to TTA selected for JTO.doc 25-May-2022 21:17 44k unknown 254_standar pay scale to JTO and SDE.doc 25-May-2022 21:18 44k unknown 255_REFUND OF SALARY.doc 25-May-2022 21:21 56k unknown 256_first time bound upgradation.doc 25-May-2022 21:16 48k unknown 257_maternity leave regarding.doc 25-May-2022 21:17 48k unknown 258_agenda meeting with CMD.doc 25-May-2022 21:19 48k unknown 260_reminder_agenda meeting with CMD.doc 25-May-2022 21:18 44k unknown 261_letter regarding civil and electrical execuitves.doc 25-May-2022 21:17 48k unknown 265_nomination for agenda meeting.doc 25-May-2022 21:13 40k unknown 268_desolution of circle body.doc 25-May-2022 21:19 60k unknown 269_objection in minutes.doc 25-May-2022 21:13 56k unknown 270_letter to pm regarding recomandation.doc 25-May-2022 21:18 52k unknown 274_SECURITY ARRANGEMENT_JAC STRIKE.doc 25-May-2022 21:16 48k unknown 274_regarding LDCE discripancies (2).doc 25-May-2022 21:20 100k unknown 274_regarding LDCE discripancies.doc 25-May-2022 21:20 48k unknown 276_Notice for AGM.pdf 25-May-2022 21:13 444k unknown 277_complain against strike fo JAC.doc 25-May-2022 21:22 52k unknown 278_SUBMISSION OF NEW CHQ BODY.doc 25-May-2022 21:23 64k unknown 279_resolution passed in AIC.doc 25-May-2022 21:17 284k unknown 280_objection in all india eligibilty of JTO.doc 25-May-2022 21:21 268k unknown 281_REGARDING LDCE 2010.doc 25-May-2022 21:13 272k unknown 282_Regarding follow up of agenda meeting.doc 25-May-2022 21:16 272k unknown 285_complain_gm_SR.doc 25-May-2022 21:19 64k unknown 286_pending issues_reminder for agenda meeting.doc 25-May-2022 21:13 64k unknown 287_letter against atrocity with ST SC executives.doc 25-May-2022 21:14 48k unknown 288_regarding preservation answer.doc 25-May-2022 21:17 48k [IMG] 29072010007.jpg 25-May-2022 21:17 804k [IMG] 2_20042010.jpg 25-May-2022 21:22 680k unknown 2nd_prc_bsnl.pdf 25-May-2022 21:13 408k unknown 329_Notification of emergency meeting[1].doc 25-May-2022 21:22 276k unknown 340_moral support to JAC for 15th Dec 2011.doc 25-May-2022 21:16 72k unknown 376_notification of CEC at Amrawati.doc 25-May-2022 21:14 260k [IMG] 3_20042010.jpg 25-May-2022 21:13 952k unknown 413_Letter regarding lady JTO harassment at Faridaba.doc 25-May-2022 21:18 60k unknown 448_letter on referendum of the associations.doc 25-May-2022 21:13 836k [HTM] 45days-program chart.htm 25-May-2022 21:21 12k [HTM] 45days_program.htm 25-May-2022 21:21 4k unknown 4G_Article_for_Telecomjournal.pdf 25-May-2022 21:18 428k [IMG] 4_20042010.jpg 25-May-2022 21:15 732k unknown 90_letter to CMD for attendence certificate and record of meetings.pdf 25-May-2022 21:23 296k unknown 97_Notice for one day dharna_MP issue.pdf 25-May-2022 21:17 156k unknown 98_letter on CBI agreed list.pdf 25-May-2022 21:22 108k unknown AIC_sum_faridabd.pdf 25-May-2022 21:14 1096k unknown AIGETOA GHI.pdf 25-May-2022 21:13 100k unknown AIGETOA Pre-AIC, 21st & 22nd April_dtd 18.04.2013.xls 25-May-2022 21:21 36k unknown AIGETOA Presentation on HR Anomalies.pdf 25-May-2022 21:13 368k unknown AIGETOA Volunteer_committee.xls 25-May-2022 21:21 36k unknown APPEAL TO CJI.doc 25-May-2022 21:15 200k unknown Annex-I.pdf 25-May-2022 21:15 344k unknown Annex-II.pdf 25-May-2022 21:22 104k unknown Appeal in h indi2705.pdf 25-May-2022 21:13 96k unknown Appeal to PM for 2005 batch pay anomaly.doc 25-May-2022 21:17 36k unknown Appeal080909.pdf 25-May-2022 21:17 60k unknown Article on DoPT guideline.pdf 25-May-2022 21:16 24k [HTM] BSNL HR Manual.htm 25-May-2022 21:16 8k [HTM] BSNL Vs TATA.html 25-May-2022 21:17 8k unknown BSNL_UoH_MoU.pdf 25-May-2022 21:21 144k unknown BSNL_bucks_MNP_trend_in_Andhra_Pradesh.doc 25-May-2022 21:21 40k unknown CAT_Madras_SK.pdf 25-May-2022 21:18 4396k unknown CEC INTIMATION TO CGM.doc 25-May-2022 21:18 48k unknown CEC Notice211115.pdf 25-May-2022 21:20 832k unknown CENTRAL CIVIL SERVICES (RECOGNITION OF SERVICE ASSOCIATIONS) RULES 1993.doc 25-May-2022 21:21 52k unknown CLERIFICATION ON TIME BOUND2810.doc 25-May-2022 21:23 56k unknown CMD Letter.doc 25-May-2022 21:22 52k unknown CMD _Presentation150711_Final.pdf 25-May-2022 21:21 724k unknown CMD jan2009.doc 25-May-2022 21:16 36k unknown CMD meeting 11july2011.PDF 25-May-2022 21:14 76k unknown CMD_BSNL150115.pdf 25-May-2022 21:15 136k unknown CMD_Meeting_03-09-10.PDF 25-May-2022 21:17 52k [HTM] CS_MH_transfer.htm 25-May-2022 21:15 8k [HTM] Career_Proposal_AIGETOA.htm 25-May-2022 21:21 8k unknown Case History.pdf 25-May-2022 21:21 88k unknown Central Executives Committee Meeting.doc 25-May-2022 21:16 40k unknown Circle_Body_Chennai .PDF 25-May-2022 21:20 120k unknown Circle_Body_UP(W).PDF 25-May-2022 21:17 108k unknown Circle_Body_Uttaranchal.PDF 25-May-2022 21:22 100k unknown Clarification on transfer.pdf 25-May-2022 21:17 44k unknown Constitution of Committee 110515.pdf 25-May-2022 21:15 72k unknown DERCOGNITION OF SNEA FROM DOT.pdf 25-May-2022 21:14 124k [HTM] DGM Recruitment- abuse & provocation for bsnl executives.htm 25-May-2022 21:16 8k [HTM] DGM Recruitment.htm 25-May-2022 21:18 8k [HTM] DGM_MT_Recruit.htm 25-May-2022 21:20 12k unknown DIR_HR_080715_2.pdf 25-May-2022 21:14 64k unknown DIR_Meet _Reschedule_2406.pdf 25-May-2022 21:14 364k unknown DOT rejects SPS.pdf 25-May-2022 21:21 72k unknown DPC-02_20.07.2018.PDF.pdf 25-May-2022 21:18 588k unknown DS letter for salary refund1.doc 25-May-2022 21:17 256k unknown Deferment _Agi 27052016.docx.pdf 25-May-2022 21:18 528k unknown Deferment _Agi 27052016.pdf 25-May-2022 21:21 84k unknown Deliberation by AIGETOA on charter of demands.pdf 25-May-2022 21:14 348k unknown Detail of the agenda points 03-09-2015.doc 25-May-2022 21:21 36k [HTM] Details of Meetings with CMD, BSNL.htm 25-May-2022 21:15 12k [IMG] Director-1.jpeg 25-May-2022 21:22 100k [IMG] Director-2.jpg 25-May-2022 21:19 88k unknown E2E3 Committee report.pdf 25-May-2022 21:17 580k unknown EPF CHENNAI ORDER.pdf 25-May-2022 21:21 320k unknown EPF Court Order.pdf 25-May-2022 21:19 1948k unknown EPF TN order.pdf 25-May-2022 21:13 896k unknown EPF appeal to CPFC.doc 25-May-2022 21:14 32k unknown EPF appeal to EPFO.doc 25-May-2022 21:17 28k unknown EPF individual complain.doc 25-May-2022 21:19 28k unknown EPF individual.doc 25-May-2022 21:18 24k unknown ERP_BSNL.doc 25-May-2022 21:21 48k unknown E_gazettes_for_3rth_prc.pdf 25-May-2022 21:17 80k unknown FORMAT.xls 25-May-2022 21:23 20k unknown FORM_3.doc 25-May-2022 21:15 148k unknown Final_Nomination_List.pdf 25-May-2022 21:17 320k [HTM] Fund strength aigetoa.htm 25-May-2022 21:14 12k [HTM] GS Appeal to MP Circle.htm 25-May-2022 21:20 8k unknown GS Corres 46_ CEC Notification.pdf 25-May-2022 21:19 176k unknown GS_CMD_03.doc 25-May-2022 21:16 288k unknown Haryana_body.xls 25-May-2022 21:14 28k unknown INTER CIRCLE TRANSFER OF LDCE for rule 8 and spouse.xls 25-May-2022 21:22 36k unknown ITS_repatrition.doc 25-May-2022 21:19 68k [HTM] Inter_circle_tamilnadu.htm 25-May-2022 21:15 244k unknown LDCE Transfer and posting0511.doc 25-May-2022 21:13 64k unknown Letter EPF.pdf 25-May-2022 21:15 504k unknown Letter_SL_8_311220190001.PDF 25-May-2022 21:23 620k unknown Live Streaming Webcast.doc 25-May-2022 21:22 200k unknown Ltr_150_Transfer.pdf 25-May-2022 21:16 704k unknown MEMBERSHIP_FORM.doc 25-May-2022 21:21 28k unknown MODIFICATION OF LDCE TRANSFER(180209).pdf 25-May-2022 21:18 40k unknown MT2008.doc 25-May-2022 21:17 256k unknown Mass Leave on 02.11.2016.pdf 25-May-2022 21:21 112k unknown Meeting_invitation_from_SR_with CMD 28.05.2009.pdf 25-May-2022 21:17 40k unknown Memorandum to CMD 28012015.pdf 25-May-2022 21:18 208k unknown Memorundam to MOC dtd 22.04.2022 at Visakhapatnam.pdf 25-May-2022 21:17 1536k unknown Minutes_Meeting 250210.PDF 25-May-2022 21:19 400k unknown NOTICE for CEC_09.09.2016_CHQ_31.doc 25-May-2022 21:15 872k unknown NTEA SUPPORT.doc 25-May-2022 21:22 72k unknown New Doc 2019-02-09 12.11.59_1.pdf 25-May-2022 21:15 264k unknown New Doc 2_1.pdf 25-May-2022 21:14 216k unknown Notice for agitation.doc 25-May-2022 21:14 60k unknown Orderseligibility_list_jto-180910_(1).pdf 25-May-2022 21:14 668k unknown P-2_14.01.09.pdf 25-May-2022 21:16 68k unknown P-2_2_14.01.09.pdf 25-May-2022 21:18 60k unknown P-4_230610_2.pdf 25-May-2022 21:20 132k unknown P-IV_25.05.2010 -0001.pdf 25-May-2022 21:21 132k unknown P-IV_260210.pdf 25-May-2022 21:23 44k unknown P2_280809_1.pdf 25-May-2022 21:18 108k [IMG] PERS LETTER ON LDCE RELEXATION.jpg 25-May-2022 21:20 580k unknown PRP+2005+Batch.pdf 25-May-2022 21:16 36k [IMG] Presentation1.jpg 25-May-2022 21:14 64k unknown Public pumphlets.doc 25-May-2022 21:16 192k unknown RR_2009_exexutive(mkgt_hr).pdf 25-May-2022 21:17 176k unknown RTI for EPF.doc 25-May-2022 21:20 24k unknown RTI on JTO Gradation list.doc 25-May-2022 21:15 64k unknown RTI on agitation_ CS Format .doc 25-May-2022 21:22 56k unknown RTI on agitation_ DS Format.doc 25-May-2022 21:22 56k [IMG] Rectt081208.jpg 25-May-2022 21:14 56k unknown Resolution Union-Associations 2005.pdf 25-May-2022 21:15 60k unknown Resolution of CEC 23 24 Feb-15.pdf 25-May-2022 21:15 116k unknown Resolution of CEC.doc 25-May-2022 21:16 48k unknown Revised Minutes of Meeting 2502.pdf 25-May-2022 21:21 320k unknown SAVING GRAM.doc 25-May-2022 21:23 24k unknown SR FORWARDING TO OTHER HR WINGS.pdf 25-May-2022 21:16 116k unknown SR LETTER REGARDING MH PROTEST.PDF 25-May-2022 21:15 100k unknown SR Letter BSNL MTNL Merger.pdf 25-May-2022 21:14 1784k unknown SR section clerification_RTI.doc 25-May-2022 21:15 924k unknown Sampitroda_DOT Meet 6.09.10.PDF 25-May-2022 21:23 64k unknown Scan103.pdf 25-May-2022 21:14 60k unknown Scan290610.PDF 25-May-2022 21:23 36k unknown Seniority Letter.doc 25-May-2022 21:22 24k unknown Seniority_8_31122019.PDF 25-May-2022 21:20 19648k unknown Stipend Arrear.doc 25-May-2022 21:16 128k unknown Stipend payment.pdf 25-May-2022 21:20 36k unknown Suggestion of AIGETOA.doc 25-May-2022 21:13 68k unknown Summary of the SDE REVERSAL case12.pdf 25-May-2022 21:13 160k unknown TIME_SCALE_UPGRA_080410.pdf 25-May-2022 21:18 80k unknown TTA_training_stipend.pdf 25-May-2022 21:23 76k unknown The CMD.doc 25-May-2022 21:22 28k unknown Thumbs.db 25-May-2022 21:18 192k unknown UF_letter on superannuation benefit to Director HR.doc 25-May-2022 21:18 116k unknown Volunteers Calling by Training Cell.PDF 25-May-2022 21:19 216k unknown Why_i_join_BSNL.pdf 25-May-2022 21:18 32k [HTM] a_thorough_and_in_depth_analysis.htm 25-May-2022 21:20 16k unknown absor_cpsu.doc 25-May-2022 21:14 28k unknown action plan of AIC.pdf 25-May-2022 21:23 736k [HTM] activities_from_13th_july.htm 25-May-2022 21:15 8k [HTM] agenda19.10.08.htm 25-May-2022 21:20 8k unknown agenda_meeting.doc 25-May-2022 21:13 56k [HTM] agenda_of_meeting_15.03.09.htm 25-May-2022 21:14 4k [HTM] agitation.htm 25-May-2022 21:19 8k unknown aibsnloa_support.pdf 25-May-2022 21:18 112k unknown aigetoa invitation.pdf 25-May-2022 21:16 220k unknown aigetoa_karnataka.pdf 25-May-2022 21:13 44k [HTM] aigetoa_privilege.htm 25-May-2022 21:20 4k [IMG] ambedkarjyanti14.jpg 25-May-2022 21:21 252k [HTM] anti business act GM(P).htm 25-May-2022 21:21 12k unknown ap_court_transfer_oder.pdf 25-May-2022 21:17 1004k unknown appeal to MHRD.doc 25-May-2022 21:20 196k unknown appeal to PM.doc 25-May-2022 21:20 200k unknown appeal to moc.doc 25-May-2022 21:13 196k unknown appeal to mos.doc 25-May-2022 21:20 200k [HTM] appeal%20for%20no%20mt.htm 25-May-2022 21:21 8k [HTM] appeal.htm 25-May-2022 21:23 8k [HTM] appeal100909.htm 25-May-2022 21:15 8k [HTM] appeal160909.htm 25-May-2022 21:16 4k [HTM] appeal_250509.htm 25-May-2022 21:21 12k [HTM] appeal_dot_ges.htm 25-May-2022 21:20 8k [HTM] appeal_drjaos.htm 25-May-2022 21:14 8k [HTM] appeal_to_ldce_qualified.htm 25-May-2022 21:17 12k unknown application format.doc 25-May-2022 21:20 32k unknown arrears_cal.xls 25-May-2022 21:16 32k [HTM] atrocity_of_gm(pers.).htm 25-May-2022 21:22 60k unknown authority letter.doc 25-May-2022 21:15 24k [IMG] bbnwnoida07072020.jpeg 25-May-2022 21:21 144k unknown bcg_310309.pdf 25-May-2022 21:18 268k unknown bcg_meet_17.03.2009.pdf 25-May-2022 21:15 40k [HTM] blg_meeting 26.08.11.htm 25-May-2022 21:18 28k unknown bond-psu.pdf 25-May-2022 21:13 140k unknown boston_com.pdf 25-May-2022 21:16 444k unknown brief of EPF and anomalies in BSNL.doc 25-May-2022 21:13 32k unknown bsnl independence day.PNG 25-May-2022 21:16 72k unknown bsnlmpp.PDF 25-May-2022 21:22 5736k unknown calcutta_body.doc 25-May-2022 21:14 48k [HTM] car_offer.htm 25-May-2022 21:16 8k unknown cat_jug_mt.pdf 25-May-2022 21:16 256k unknown cec_events17_18.pdf 25-May-2022 21:20 320k unknown cg_body.pdf 25-May-2022 21:22 72k [HTM] cg_circle_conf.htm 25-May-2022 21:14 8k unknown cgmt_notice_ldce.doc 25-May-2022 21:22 36k [HTM] chennai_body_mins.htm 25-May-2022 21:21 24k [IMG] chqatrajghat.jpg 25-May-2022 21:20 240k [HTM] chronicle_aigetoa.htm 25-May-2022 21:18 20k unknown circle Notice for countywide agitaion against harrasment of CS MH.doc 25-May-2022 21:15 48k unknown circle conference.doc 25-May-2022 21:20 48k [HTM] circleconf_date.htm 25-May-2022 21:21 20k unknown circular of united forum.doc 25-May-2022 21:18 72k unknown circular151.pdf 25-May-2022 21:16 16k unknown cl application 15aug.doc 25-May-2022 21:13 20k unknown cl201108.doc 25-May-2022 21:13 28k unknown cl250509.doc 25-May-2022 21:21 24k unknown cl2911&0112.doc 25-May-2022 21:21 24k unknown clarification_010409.pdf 25-May-2022 21:14 164k [HTM] clarification_ldce.htm 25-May-2022 21:15 12k unknown cmd bsnl on MT, LDCE etc.doc 25-May-2022 21:15 64k unknown cmd clarification 251108.doc 25-May-2022 21:22 408k unknown cmd_chennai.swf 25-May-2022 21:17 516k [HTM] cmd_meet_211008.htm 25-May-2022 21:21 8k unknown cmdmsg081208.pdf 25-May-2022 21:15 16k [HTM] co-delhi_4-80509.htm 25-May-2022 21:16 8k unknown common inter circle list for JTO.xls 25-May-2022 21:14 96k unknown common inter circle list.xls 25-May-2022 21:20 104k unknown common inter circle list1.xls 25-May-2022 21:14 108k unknown common inter circle list2.xls 25-May-2022 21:16 112k [HTM] content_of_discussion.htm 25-May-2022 21:17 256k [HTM] coporate_culture.htm 25-May-2022 21:16 4k [IMG] cpfo_order130309.jpg 25-May-2022 21:19 40k unknown cs information dairyletter.doc 25-May-2022 21:20 32k unknown cs-hr-representation.pdf 25-May-2022 21:18 524k unknown cs-mh_notice250509.doc 25-May-2022 21:17 188k unknown da.pdf 25-May-2022 21:17 872k unknown default.asp 25-May-2022 21:18 16k [HTM] default.htm 25-May-2022 21:16 8k [HTM] deliberation of demands.htm 25-May-2022 21:18 24k [HTM] deputanist officers_bsnl.htm 25-May-2022 21:15 8k [HTM] detail of committee.htm 25-May-2022 21:13 8k unknown details of discussion with dir hr 22.04.013.pdf 25-May-2022 21:15 68k [HTM] details_of_the_meeting.htm 25-May-2022 21:17 20k [HTM] development261108.htm 25-May-2022 21:22 4k unknown dgm_analysis.pdf 25-May-2022 21:20 76k unknown dharna notice for circles.doc 25-May-2022 21:18 36k unknown dharna_notice_071108.doc 25-May-2022 21:17 72k unknown dir_hrd_by wbtc.doc 25-May-2022 21:19 48k unknown donationtokeralaflood29082018.pdf 25-May-2022 21:16 616k unknown dopt_seniority-1.pdf 25-May-2022 21:22 1868k [IMG] dpe_ongc_intermidiate_pay.pdf.jpg 25-May-2022 21:21 544k unknown dpe_report_2prc.pdf 25-May-2022 21:14 884k [HTM] eb081209.htm 25-May-2022 21:22 8k unknown ecs.doc 25-May-2022 21:14 28k unknown endorsed by mp.pdf 25-May-2022 21:23 80k unknown epf_calculator.xls 25-May-2022 21:18 52k unknown epf_cmd_160908.doc 25-May-2022 21:14 320k unknown epf_order_indore.doc 25-May-2022 21:19 728k [HTM] epf_recovery.htm 25-May-2022 21:13 8k unknown erp_bsnl.pdf 25-May-2022 21:13 40k [HTM] explication_of_cmd.htm 25-May-2022 21:21 24k [IMG] fact SCF.jpg 25-May-2022 21:18 168k unknown final epf letter cmd.doc 25-May-2022 21:23 64k [HTM] finalbattle.htm 25-May-2022 21:19 8k unknown format for CS.doc 25-May-2022 21:14 20k unknown format for EPF record.xls 25-May-2022 21:15 24k unknown format for complain.doc 25-May-2022 21:21 28k unknown format_campaign.doc 25-May-2022 21:19 44k [HTM] format_for_60%_refusal.htm 25-May-2022 21:16 4k unknown format_for_CS_CEC.doc 25-May-2022 21:22 72k unknown format_spouse.xls 25-May-2022 21:21 20k unknown forumnotice22.pdf 25-May-2022 21:15 588k [HTM] fund_appeal.htm 25-May-2022 21:16 4k [HTM] fund_appeal12.htm 25-May-2022 21:19 20k [HTM] funds15-16.htm 25-May-2022 21:17 8k [HTM] gm-sr-followup.htm 25-May-2022 21:15 8k unknown gm_sr_aigetoa.pdf 25-May-2022 21:20 528k unknown go258[1].pdf 25-May-2022 21:21 36k unknown group-a_rr_250209.doc 25-May-2022 21:18 40k [HTM] gs_appeal_250509.htm 25-May-2022 21:16 8k [HTM] gs_writes.htm 25-May-2022 21:21 16k [IMG] happyeaster.jpg 25-May-2022 21:22 228k [IMG] happyholi.jpg 25-May-2022 21:14 116k [IMG] happywomanday.jpg 25-May-2022 21:16 180k unknown hr_present_all.pdf 25-May-2022 21:13 1728k unknown hrd[1].doc 25-May-2022 21:13 68k unknown ida0512092.doc 25-May-2022 21:17 40k [HTM] if_bsnl_doc_rr.htm 25-May-2022 21:15 16k [IMG] image-1.jpg 25-May-2022 21:19 44k [IMG] image-2.jpg 25-May-2022 21:16 40k [IMG] image-3.jpg 25-May-2022 21:14 40k [IMG] image-4.jpg 25-May-2022 21:17 44k [IMG] image-5.jpg 25-May-2022 21:20 40k [IMG] image-6.jpg 25-May-2022 21:21 64k unknown image-utt-1.JPG 25-May-2022 21:21 724k unknown image-utt-2.JPG 25-May-2022 21:21 528k unknown individual diaryoption letter.doc 25-May-2022 21:22 24k [HTM] int_topics.htm 25-May-2022 21:21 8k unknown inter circle transfer on working spouse2810.doc 25-May-2022 21:16 52k unknown inter_circle_punjab_gujarat.xls 25-May-2022 21:20 144k [HTM] it_hurts.htm 25-May-2022 21:22 16k unknown its-writt-gm-sr.pdf 25-May-2022 21:21 64k unknown jao-ao-order.pdf 25-May-2022 21:21 24k unknown jf_mou.pdf 25-May-2022 21:15 728k unknown jharkhand.doc 25-May-2022 21:21 48k [IMG] jio_bsnl.jpg 25-May-2022 21:17 112k [IMG] josh.jpg 25-May-2022 21:15 32k [HTM] kerala_body_mins.htm 25-May-2022 21:22 12k [HTM] lahroon se .htm 25-May-2022 21:18 24k unknown ldce clarification.pdf 25-May-2022 21:15 112k unknown ldce_not_2.pdf 25-May-2022 21:14 76k unknown letter 446_ldce modifcations afresh.PDF 25-May-2022 21:23 1348k unknown letter no 328.PDF 25-May-2022 21:17 296k unknown letter to dir hr for inter circle.doc 25-May-2022 21:16 56k unknown letter to dir hr for inter circle_correction.doc 25-May-2022 21:16 52k [IMG] logofront.jpg 25-May-2022 21:16 48k [IMG] m0400_01.jpg 25-May-2022 21:18 72k unknown maternity leave presidential order.pdf 25-May-2022 21:16 272k [HTM] meet30909.htm 25-May-2022 21:21 12k unknown meet_190509.pdf 25-May-2022 21:17 900k [HTM] meet_on_201008.htm 25-May-2022 21:16 4k unknown meetcmd250210.pdf 25-May-2022 21:14 52k [HTM] meeting_at_310309.htm 25-May-2022 21:15 8k [HTM] meeting_with_dpe.htm 25-May-2022 21:21 4k unknown membership_aigetoa.pdf 22-Jun-2022 07:06 308k unknown memo2_Parliamentarians.doc 25-May-2022 21:13 36k unknown memorandum.doc 25-May-2022 21:19 28k unknown min_of_meeting.doc 25-May-2022 21:17 36k [IMG] ministermeet.jpeg 25-May-2022 21:18 176k unknown mp issue follow up.doc 25-May-2022 21:19 56k [IMG] new.gif 25-May-2022 21:21 4k [IMG] new_newp.gif 25-May-2022 21:15 4k [IMG] next.png 25-May-2022 21:14 4k [HTM] no_mt_above_DR.htm 25-May-2022 21:13 8k unknown nominations_Chq.pdf 25-May-2022 21:20 60k unknown objection in all india eligibilty of JTO.doc 25-May-2022 21:22 64k [HTM] onedaycl.htm 25-May-2022 21:21 4k [HTM] operation-sacrifice.htm 25-May-2022 21:18 12k [HTM] operation_sacrifice.htm 25-May-2022 21:16 4k unknown order_increament.doc 25-May-2022 21:22 1012k unknown pay2005_wbtc.doc 25-May-2022 21:18 40k unknown payment_of_arrear_cpoy.pdf 25-May-2022 21:16 68k unknown performance review.pdf 25-May-2022 21:23 572k [IMG] pi.gif 25-May-2022 21:17 4k unknown pitrodda. meeting DOT090910.pdf 25-May-2022 21:20 64k unknown pli.pdf 25-May-2022 21:16 36k unknown po_27022009.doc 25-May-2022 21:14 300k unknown posting of spouse at same station.pdf 25-May-2022 21:21 44k unknown posting-drjtos.pdf 25-May-2022 21:14 828k unknown posting_comp070109.pdf 25-May-2022 21:22 32k unknown press_note_310709.doc 25-May-2022 21:16 192k unknown prp60A6.pdf 25-May-2022 21:14 64k unknown public signature.doc 25-May-2022 21:21 188k [HTM] pulsating_points_discussion.htm 25-May-2022 21:15 8k unknown qualification update.pdf 25-May-2022 21:21 44k unknown record of discussion.pdf 25-May-2022 21:23 292k unknown refund0512091.doc 25-May-2022 21:13 40k unknown refund0512091.pdf 25-May-2022 21:18 52k unknown refusal of PLI.doc 25-May-2022 21:16 56k [HTM] regnl_meet_MP.htm 25-May-2022 21:23 4k unknown releiving of JTOs on temporary transfer.pdf 25-May-2022 21:20 640k [HTM] reply for gm(sr).htm 25-May-2022 21:14 16k unknown reply of charter of demand.doc 25-May-2022 21:14 64k unknown reply of show cause notice.doc 25-May-2022 21:23 28k [HTM] reply_showcause_notice.htm 25-May-2022 21:17 12k unknown reply_untie not unite.pdf 25-May-2022 21:16 76k unknown representation_to_dir(hrd).doc 25-May-2022 21:16 48k [HTM] resolution_191008.htm 25-May-2022 21:14 8k [HTM] resolution_29-30may09.htm 25-May-2022 21:14 12k unknown rti_ldce.doc 25-May-2022 21:15 28k [IMG] rule 8 transfer order.gif 25-May-2022 21:14 48k unknown rule 8 transfer order_23.06.2008.doc 25-May-2022 21:23 60k unknown sde_transfer1505009_2.pdf 25-May-2022 21:14 36k unknown sde_transfer1505009_3.pdf 25-May-2022 21:22 52k unknown sde_transfer150509_4.pdf 25-May-2022 21:21 56k unknown sdeprom150509.pdf 25-May-2022 21:16 124k unknown sdeprom150509.xls 25-May-2022 21:18 320k unknown sderesult.xls 25-May-2022 21:14 416k unknown seniority-1.pdf 25-May-2022 21:15 1868k unknown signature compaining to save BSNL.doc 25-May-2022 21:17 24k unknown spouse cases.xls 25-May-2022 21:19 32k unknown spouse cases2810.xls 25-May-2022 21:21 48k unknown spousesde310309.pdf 25-May-2022 21:15 64k unknown sr_2_aigetoa.pdf 25-May-2022 21:15 528k [HTM] standard_pay.htm 25-May-2022 21:16 24k unknown stipend extension to jao and tta.doc 25-May-2022 21:16 56k [HTM] stipend_arrear.htm 25-May-2022 21:17 4k unknown stipend_jao.pdf 25-May-2022 21:15 48k unknown subs_aigetoa.pdf 06-Jul-2022 07:31 56k unknown syllabus_mkgt_hr.pdf 25-May-2022 21:19 96k [HTM] target_for_operation_sac.htm 25-May-2022 21:21 8k [IMG] tariff.jpg 25-May-2022 21:19 96k [HTM] tbp_4yrs.htm 25-May-2022 21:18 4k unknown tbscale_280209.doc 25-May-2022 21:16 36k unknown te1_150509_1.pdf 25-May-2022 21:17 520k unknown te1_150509_2.pdf 25-May-2022 21:22 104k [HTM] theme_os.htm 25-May-2022 21:13 4k unknown transfer policy clerification.pdf 25-May-2022 21:16 36k unknown uf 170816.pdf 25-May-2022 21:14 400k unknown undertaking of refusal.doc 25-May-2022 21:13 28k unknown update on committee meeting.pdf 25-May-2022 21:18 112k unknown verification bsnl.pdf 25-May-2022 21:20 72k [HTM] vindictive action on rps.htm 25-May-2022 21:18 12k [HTM] vision_aigetoa.htm 25-May-2022 21:15 8k [HTM] what next.htm 25-May-2022 21:13 8k [HTM] why2bag4rights.htm 25-May-2022 21:18 12k [HTM] why2beg4rights.htm 25-May-2022 21:15 12k [IMG] worldtelecom18.jpg 25-May-2022 21:21 92k [IMG] wtd.jpg 25-May-2022 21:21 40k

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