"AIGETOA's Proposal for Inclusive Growth to all the Executives & its Company, BSNL"

         (A Presentation of Proposal on BSNL HR)


AIGETOA proposed an inclusive growth to all Executives as well as Company. BSNL Management ingrained with the proposed policy and waiting for positive response from other Executive Associations before implementation. AIGETOA also perusing with other Executive Association with belief to receive positive response for early implementation, so that we all can concentrate on work to accomplish the dream of our honorable CMD Shri Kuldeep Goyal to make BSNL as "No.1 Telecom Company not only in India but in the Asia by 2013".

Key Features of proposed HR by AIGETOA:

  • Four assured "Time Bound Functional Promotion" to all executives within 16 years of service (every promotion in 4-6 years) irrespective of vacancies, based on experience, performance and qualification. With the existing policy one has to wait at least 10-15 years for his first promotion but proposed policy of AIGETOA will provide inclusive growth to all the executives irrespective of their qualification, at the same time motivate executives to perform and acquire additional qualification which in turn improve the quality of executives and increase the productivity of the company.


  • After four Time Bound assured Functional Promotion to all executives, there is "Time Bound Financial Upgradtion" for those who does not have requisite professional qualification and "Functional Promotion" to those who possess requisite professional qualification based on vacancies. In this way, all the DOT absorbed executives having professional qualification can occupy immediately the existing vacancies of DET & DGM and rest can enjoy the financial benefit without taking the responsibility of the post.


  • Cluster reporting system i.e. executives belongs to one cluster will directly report to the executives of other cluster which will reduce processing and execution time.


  • Proposed policy will suppressed the irrelevant LDCE for the very first promotion of the executives which cost crore of rupees as well as number of anomalies and man power involvement.


  • There is no need of external MT as numbers of executives already have requisite qualification of proposed MT along with 8-15 years of experience. Moreover, one external MT will cost about 50 lakhs on the company in recruitment and training while our own executives can be trained to execute duties more efficiently with lesser cost.


  • The system already being adopted in all the public sectors to provide adequate career growth to executives to keep their motivation high.


  • This will also resolve the various internal disputes among the different groups of executives and help to focus on the work for the well being of the company.