Warm Welcome to Our Esteemed Leader Sh A A Khan Ex-All India President, SNEA CHQ to AIGETOA :

On behalf of the entire Team AIGETOA, We are thrilled to extend a heartfelt welcome to Sh A A Khan, Ex-All India President, SNEA CHQ to join AIGETOA, our esteemed association. Your decision to transition from SNEA to AIGETOA is a testament to your dedication and commitment towards the betterment of executives in BSNL, and we are honored to have you with us.

Your invaluable experience, leadership skills, and unwavering dedication will undoubtedly strengthen our association and contribute to our collective mission. We greatly look forward to your insights, innovative ideas, and collaborative spirit, which will undoubtedly inspire and motivate our members.

At AIGETOA, we emphasize teamwork, inclusivity, and mutual support. As you immerse yourself in our association, you will find a community of like-minded individuals who are dedicated about resolutions of all pending issues pertaining to the executives of BSNL and committed to making a positive difference. We encourage you to engage actively in our various initiatives, contribute, and share your expertise with fellow members.

We believe that by working together, we can achieve great milestones and create a brighter future for all executives in BSNL.

Once again, Congratulations on becoming a part of AIGETOA. We are excited to witness the positive impact you will make and the contributions you will bring to our association. Together, let us forge a path towards a brighter future for all executives in BSNL.

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Meeting with PGM (SR & Restructuring) and update in Restructuring and Review of Sanctioned Strength across various cadres and streams:

Today President AIGETOA Shri Veerabhadra Rao and GS AIGETOA Shri Ravi Shil Verma met PGM Restg and discussed the issue of reviewing the sanctioned strength across various cadres in continuation of our earlier discussions held with CMD BSNL, Director HR, GM Pers and PGM Restg. Yesterday also GS AIGETOA reminded PGM Restg about the commitments made at the level of CMD BSNL and Director HR and requested her for immediately starting the process. Earlier also Team AIGETOA had met Director HR and CMD BSNL and requested them to intervene for immediate completion of the process. In the meeting itself, Director HR has directed PGM Restg to initiate the process.

Today a detailed discussion took place. PGM Restg informed that she has already set the action in motion and Circles shall be asked to give their feedback on the strength across various cadres. She also requested AIGETOA to give it’s input w.r.t the strength across various cadres/streams including Bharatnet and 4G saturation projects. Association also needs to submit its input w.r.t the staffing norms (operational as well as positional). AIGETOA Team shall be submitting this input by next week so as to get the exercise complete as early as possible. With an increase in strength, many of the worries will be over and a smooth career progression can be ensured across all the cadres and streams. It will be AIGETOA’s endeavor to ensure that the interest of the cadre is protected and unnecessary court cases owing to such apprehensions and confusion can be avoided.

Further discussion on the letter issued wrt Membership change option on ESS was also done wherein AIGETOA has suggested certain inputs on which PGM SR has given positive consideration. Option for dual membership shall continue in ESS also. Further concurrence of DS/CS as per existing process must be ensured in ERP for approving the membership as it is the DS/CS of any association who is authorized to accept the Membership not the administration. Corrigendum shall be issued by SR cell on this.

Brief discussion on immunity guidelines also took place.

Earlier a detailed discussion of Team AIGETOA was held on 31st May 2023 with the committee members constituted for taking care of reversal issue. Detailed discussion took place on the way forward and association has noted the inputs and is acting upon it in consultation with the team. We are sure of resolving the reversal issue also at the earliest.

Today, on 6th June, another meeting of Team AIGETOA is scheduled with GM Pers for discussion on the JTO to SDE DPC, SDE to AGM promotions, AGM to DGM Promotions, AO to CAO promotions, OTP cases, Tenure Cases, MSRR clauses, LICE etc. We hope for positive outcome from that meeting also.

AIGETOA will ensure the resolution of all the pending HR issues. We seek the support of all the executives in ensuring the resolution of issues irrespective of their associations which will motivate the leadership in performing better.

Membership Window June-July 2023 : Options to change authorization for deduction of membership subscription from salary

BSNL CO issued instructions for options to change authorization for deduction of membership subscription from salary. From this year 2023 onwards, giving options through paper-based forms will be discontinued and options shall now be given through the online mode in ESS/ERP only.

The provisions have been made available online in ERP ESS portal for making the option. The e-Membership subscription window in ERP ESS portal will be available w.e.f 16.06.2023 to 15.07.2023 as per the procedure given in the user manual.

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Updates of AIGETOA CHQ AGM held on 20.05.2023 to 23.05.2023 at New Delhi :

The three days Annual General Meeting (AGM) & One day CS-CP-CHQ Meeting was held at Hotel Grand Shobha, New Delhi from 20th to 23rd May 2023.

Day-1 & Day-2 of AGM 20th & 21st May 2023 at Hotel Grand Shobha New Delhi :

The meeting was presided over by All India president Shri G Veerbhadra Rao. All India Chairman Shri Ravi Shil Verma, All India Convener Shri P N Sharma, All CHQ leaders, Circle Secretaries, Circle Presidents and Central Collegiums Members of AIGETOA CHQ attended the Annual General Meet cum CWC Meet and also CEC meeting of CHQ – AIGETOA. President checked for the Quorum and it was found that the quorum was sufficient for carrying forward the meeting. In addition to the agenda notified, certain other points were also added up in the agenda as per request of various collegiums members with the permission of the chair.

Thereafter, the session started as per the schedule and Audited Financial Account for the financial year 2022-23 was presented by Finance Secretary Shri Badri Kumar Mehta and house unanimously adopted the Audited Report for the financial year 2022-23 of the association for further submission to Registrar of the Society and other needful action in this regard.

GS (IC) Shri Pavan Akhand has presented the annual working report of the association for the financial year 2022-23 in the House. House unanimously approved & adopted the annual working report of the association for the year 2022-23.

The various agenda points were discussed in length in the house and the deliberation held extensively on AIGETOA Organization issues, Pension related, PRC related, Standard Pay Scale & Pay Loss related, Restructuring & Promotion.

The day-2 of the AGM continued further with the agenda points, the Updation (addition/deletion) of Collegiums Members of the association, which the house unanimously approved & adopted the updated collegiums members of All India Central Working Committee of AIGETOA.

Filling of vacant position in AIGETOA after resignation of Sh Wasi Ahmad as GS was taken up in the house. After marathon discussions and with mutual consensus amongst all the collegium members present in the house, Sh Pavan Akhand Dy. GS who was discharging the duties of General Secretary proposed the name of Sh Ravi Shil Verma for filling up the post of General Secretary which was seconded by Sh P N Sharma, Convener. Thereafter, the collegium members present in the house unanimously chose Sh Ravi Shil Verma as General Secretary for the balance tenure of the existing governing body valid up to 13-03-2025.

Later on in second half of Day-2 a joint session was held with the CHQ & Circle Office Bearers of TOA & AIGETOA. Sh. Anil Kumar Tiwari Chairman TOA, Sh. T S Prasad President TOA, Sh. R K Upadhyay GS TOA, Sh. Sanjay Tyagi Finance Secretary along with other CHQ & Circle OBs were present in the meeting. GS BTEU Sh. R C Pandey was also present in the meeting. Our Sister association TOA has also decided to Join AIGETOA to strengthen it further and ensure speedy resolution of the pending HR issues and also issues related to BSNL. It was decided that all the members of TOA will Join AIGETOA in next membership change window while few have already taken offline membership of AIGETOA.

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House also approved the nomination of following Members to the CHQ nominated committees:

  • Shri Sanjay Tyagi, BSNL CO, New Delhi
  • Shri Raj Kumar Upadhyay, UP (West)
  • Shri T.S. Prasad Kumar, Kerala
  • Shri Sanjay Kumar, BSNL Electrical Wing , New Delhi
  • Shri B D Rawat, UP (West)
  • Shri Vipin Sharma, Punjab

Day-3, 22nd May 2023 Open Session at NDMC Palika Kendra, New Delhi :

The third day of AGM begun with the open session held at NDMC convention Centre, Palika Kendra, New Delhi which was attended by General Secretary and other office bearers of BMS (Bhartiya Mazdoor Sangh) and BSNL Management, Office bearers of sister associations and General Body and General Members of AIGETOA. HR issues and other BSNL related issues were discussed and a seminar was held on the topic India@100 – Role of Telecom Sector in attaining this divine objective on which dignitaries share their views.

The session was started by lighting of lamp and thereafter the vandana “Itni Shakti Hame Dena Data‚Ķ” was recited by the gathering to infuse positive energy. All the guests and dignitaries were welcomed with beautiful flower bouquet and presentation of shawls & mementos. The welcome address was given by Vice-President Shri D K Sahoo who gave his thoughts on the topic of the session and invited all the speakers to deliberate on the theme of the open session. The Session was attended by GS BMS Sh Ravindra Himte, Director (HR) Sh Arvind Vadnerkar, GM Pers Sh S N Gupta and other dignitaries.

GS Sh Ravishil Verma in his key note address first extended thanks to all the dignitaries for accepting & gracing the OPEN SESSION of the AGM of AIGETOA CHQ as Special Guest. In his address he raised the complete extension of Superannuation Benefits (SAB) to BSNL Recruited Employees, Standard Pay Scale of E2 for JAO/JTO & E3 for AO/SDE, Pay loss issue of JTO/JAO, Promotions in the AGM/CAO Grade, SDE Reversal Issue, 3rd PRC, Group Health Insurance Policy by BSNL for all Employees, Revision of Transport Allowances, TA/DA etc. He emphasized to acknowledge that Human Resources are the nerve centres and architects of growth of any commercial enterprise. Non-resolution of critical and long pending basic HR issues is adversely impacting the morale and is distracting the focus of the Executives in a big way. Management needs to exercise a serious thought process and commitment to get the issues resolved in totality and within specified timelines. He further reaffirmed to ensure the resolution of long pending HR issues and committed that if things will not be resolved through discussion and persuasion, AIGETOA will not hesitate in launching organizational actions program also. Role of Association is to keep a close watch on all the activities in organization to ensure that actions which are contrary to the interest of BSNL and its employees must be opposed tooth and nail.

The open session was concluded with the vote of thanks by President Sh G Veerabhadhra Rao. He extended its thanks to the Organising Team and all those who contributed to the successful organisation of the event. The program of open session was meticulously anchored by our CFS RJ Sh Praveen Sharma.

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Day-4, 23rd May 2023 Meeting of CS-CP-CHQ Office Bearers at Hotel Grand Shobha, New Delhi :

The fourth day session was mostly comprised of extensive discussion on various measures on organizational aspects of AIGETOA and further course of action with respect to holding of 3rd Membership Verification in BSNL. Various deliberation and discussion on service-related matter of BSNL held.

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Team AIGETOA Punjab meeting with Member (Services) Sh U C Pandey at Chandigarh :

Team AIGETOA Punjab comprising Sh Amit Roy JS(North), Sh Yogesh Chhabra CS, Sh Vikas Gupta CP, Sh Narinder Kumar ACS, Sh Jaspreet Singh ACS and Sh Ramanand Srivastava ACS welcomed Member (Services) Sh Uma Shankar Pandey Department of telecom on behalf of AIGETOA Punjab Circle on his visit to Chandigarh. Team also submitted a memorandum regarding pending HR issues like Standard Pay Scale E2-E3, 30% SAB, 3rd PRC, Promotions in different cadre and TA DA revision.

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Free Health Camp & Medical Check-up for all Employees of CTD arranged by AIGETOA CTD on 31.05.2023 :

AIGETOA CTD has arranged a free health camp and medical check-up for all the employees of CTD on 31st May 2023, on the day of its office room inauguration.

The response of this occasion was overwhelming. Executives and non-executives of different unions/associations have participated in this event and availed the medical services.

Respected CGM CTD sir had inaugurated this medical camp and was the first person to avail all the tests with positive enthusiasm.

The camps was conducted by Suraksha Diagnostics, Kothari Medical Centre and Centre for Sight. The following tests was offered,

  • Random Blood Sugar
  • TSH
  • Total Cholesterol
  • Blood Pressure
  • SPO2
  • Body Composition and Body fat analysis
  • PFT
  • ECG
  • Eye Test (Automatic and Manual)
  • Doctor Consultation
  • Dietitian Consultation
  • Other tests was also available there with payment basis at CGHS rate.

AIGETOA CTD extends its thanks and gratitude to all for making this event a grand success.

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GS BMS Sh Ravindra Himte Ji writes to Hon’ble MoC Sh Ashwini Vaishnav Ji forwarding the Memorandum of AIGETOA & Seeking his intervention :

General Secretary BMS Shri Ravindra Himte Ji writes to the Hon’ble Minister of Communication Shri Ashwini Vaishnav Ji forwarding the Memorandum of AIGETOA and seeking his intervention in settling the long pending HR issues viz Standard Pay Scales, 30 Percent SAB, 3rd PRC to BSNL, Promotions issues, Issue of Seniority for the LDCE qualified Executives, Reversal issue, Revision in perks and allowances etc. GS BMS has also requested Hon’ble MoC for sitting together for a thread ware discussion over the issues raised in Memorandum by AIGETOA, so that a solution is found for the betterment of the work force which would ultimately make BSNL stronger.

AIGETOA extends its heartfelt thanks to the General Secretary BMS for taking up the issues of BSNL Executives before Hon’ble MoC.

Dear friends, this is a firm step towards resolution of our issues and with intervention at the highest level, we can definitely expect our PPP issues to be resolved in the near future.

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