Extension of date for calling of volunteers at BRBRAITT, Jabalpur

AIGETOA Gujarat Meeting with Hon’ble MP & Chairman, SC-ST Parliamentary Committee, Dr. Kiritbhai Solanki Ji

Team AIGETOA Gujarat along with AGS CHQ Ajay Parmar, CS Gujarat C M Tamboliya, CP Gujarat Mayur Parmar, CFS Gujarat Anurag Parmar and other Office bearers AIGETOA Gujarat met Hon’ble MP & Chairman, SC-ST Parliamentary Committee, Dr. Kiritbhai Solanki at Circuit House, Ahmedabad for long pending Promotions & Standard Payscale issue in BSNL.

The team appraised the Hon’ble Chairman on various long pending HR related issues including Standard Payscale, shortfall in SAB contributions and expected promotions in the cadre of AGM and CAO which are pending since long due to court case.

Team also appraised that implementation of Standard Payscale in BSNL is also pending since long and due to which pay parity is created in same cadre executives and they are facing huge financial loss and matter is pending at DoT. Hon’ble Chairman was very apprehensive on shortfall in SAB contribution and agreed for post retirement social security guarantee should be among top priority of organization. He assured to take up the matter with Hon’ble Communication Minister.

Hon’ble Chairman listened patiently and has agreed that BSNL is facing acute shortage in middle level management due to huge VRS. He assured to take up the matter with BSNL Management so that long due promotions can be executed. He categorically assured that BSNL cannot skip it’s responsibility to issue promotions as things are crystal clear post issuance of verdict on reservation by Hon’ble Supreme Court.

Team thanked Hon’ble Chairman, Dr. Kiritbhai Solanki ji for sparing sufficient time and patiently listening to our issues. We requested to do needful for early issuance of promotions to which he responded positively and to direct DoT for implementation of standard E2 pay scales for JTO and E3 scales for SDE grade.

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Protest lodged by Team AIGETOA in front of BSNL BoD in a unique manner on 23rd June 2022:

The continued stalemate of the SDE to AGM and AO to CAO Promotion despite the pronouncement of judgment by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India and Executive Instruction by DOP&T on the matter of Reservation in Promotion has fuelled the anger to its peak. The matter was deliberated in the recently concluded CEC of the AIGEOTA CHQ on 22.06.2022 at New Delhi. The management is not trying to understand the woes of executives, who are waiting for promotions since years together in absence of any Promotion in the grades of AGM/CAO since 2018. These grades are in acute shortage after VRS in January ‘2020 but still management is not ready to break the deadlock and depriving the much awaited promotion, which is not only the need of the Executives but for the organization equally. A unique protest was organized by AIGETOA to highlight the cause of the SDEs/AOs waiting for the AGM/CAO Promotions. We call upon all Executives to lend your support to AIGETOA to raise and fight for each and every issue of executive genuinely.

Team AIGETOA comprising of CHQ Body and some OBs/Members of BSNL Corporate Office displayed play card and offered rose to Hon’ble CMD and other functional Directors of BSNL Board on 23.06.2022 before the Management Committee Meet to convey the severe resentment and anguish prevailing in the field on the continued impasse on AGM/ CAO Promotion. After conveying the anger and sufferings of people to the CMD BSNL, the gathering went to the chamber of the Director HR and handed over the rose to him also and appraised continued standoff on the matter. This is causing serious demotivation, despair and pain in the minds of the executives, who is not leaving any stone unturned for the welfare of the organization and whose best example is that no degradation of service felt despite the curtailment of more than 50% on roll employees through VRS and stiff financial embargo in 2020 and 2021, where even the fund for maintenance were not available and salary was delayed by 1 to 1.5 months. It was also highlighted that how the seniority of SDEs have been lowered by changing its own decision by the BSNL management putting the meritorious LDCE qualified Executives most disadvantageous position and this must be addressed by executing promotions to all SDEs completed their residency period by readjusting the vacancies.

Director HR gave a patient hearing to the gathering and agreed with the concerns raised by association and assured to expedite the efforts to break the deadlock on the AGM/CAO Promotion. Association clearly appraised that the patience is running out and the management should take necessary action to issue Promotions else the continued neglect may result in serious breach of peace of the organization.

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Central Executive Committee Meet of AIGETOA CHQ held on 22nd June 2022

The Central Executive Committee meet of All India Graduate Engineers & Telecom Officers Association (AIGETOA) was held on 22th June-2022 at Conference Hall, Western Court New Delhi. Shri Ravi Shil Verma Chairman, Shri Veer Bhadhra Rao AIP and Shri Wasi Ahmad General Secretary attended the meeting along with other Central Governing Body Members attended the meeting, which was held first time in physical mode after the recently concluded All India Conference. The meeting was held in the backdrop of the burning issue of the Standard Pay Scale E2-E3 and recent communication of DoT on the matter of scale and association efforts in the direction, Pay Loss Issue, Promotions in view of the judgment of the Hon’ble Supreme Court/DOP&T Order on the matter of Reservation in Promotion, Long awaited SDE Reversal Issue, SDE Seniority Issue, Superannuation Benefits pendency, Rule-8/Rule-9, Organizational matters, OTP Cases etc.

In the CEC meeting, a dedicated Pay Loss committee was formed under the leadership of Shri Sunil Gautam Ji to specifically take up the matter in parallel to the association efforts for the permanent solution of the decade long problem. The Committee will be dedicatedly working for the solution of the Standard Pay Scale of E2-E3 issue by exploring all possible means with the support of resources from AIGETOA CHQ including travelling/lodging/boarding of the Team for the purpose. Some leaders have been finalized and further will be inducted by inviting persons from suffering batches/streams from across the BSNL to be part of the Team and it will be finalized in consultation of General Secretary and Shri Sunil Gautam Ji.

HR Issues, BSNL development Issues and Organization matters discussed in detailed and various decisions were taken in the meeting. Other Committees were also formed under leadership of various CHQ OBs for larger outreach and raising wider range of subjects, whose details will be shared subsequently.

The matter of AGM & CAO Promotion was also discussed in detail and the participants expressed serious anguish over the approach of the BSNL Management in delaying the AGM and CAO Promotion. It is very unfortunate that despite of the judgment by Hon’ble Supreme Court in the matter of Reservation in Promotion and subsequent Executive Instructions by the DOP&T on the subject, BSNL management is looking for excuses every next day and delaying the AGM/CAO Promotion. The executives are at extreme unrest and the approach of the matter is only adding fuel to fire. The Central Governing Body observed that the further delay may result in serious breach of peace in the organization. It was unanimously decided to convey the management that if promotions were not issued by 30th June, the association will force to seek organizational recourse. BSNL has already done extreme injustice by lowering the seniority of the LDCE Qualified Executives by placing earlier Vacancy Years LDCE Promoted SDEs below to the later Vacancy Years DPC Promoted SDEs. As the SDE Seniority list 9 to13 is already challenged in the Hon’ble Court, the only way forward to set right the injustice is to promote all SDEs to address the discrepancy in the seniority as done in 2018 by the same BSNL Management. It was categorically decided that keeping the promotion on hold due to one reason or other can’t be accepted and management must move ahead on the issue of Promotion else ready to face the resentment of the employees.

Further details of the meeting will follow….

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Team AIGETOA meeting with CMD BSNL on 22nd June 2022:

Team AIGETOA comprising of Shri Ravi Shil Verma Chairman, Shri Veer Bhadhra Rao AIP and Shri Wasi Ahmad General Secretary, Shri Pavan Akhand Dy GS, Shri D K Sahoo VP, Shri Suresh Kumar S JS(South) and Shri R N Mishra JS(Central) met  CMD BSNL at 10.30 Hrs on 22.06.2022 before the start of the CEC Meeting.

The issue of SDE to AGM Promotion and CAO Promotion was discussed prominently to gauge the stand of the management on the issue to take further decision. The association apprised that management has hold various meeting jointly with AIGETOA, SEWA and SNEA. All the three associations has concurred methodology put forward by the management and no reluctances was shown by either one. One MoM has already been signed by all three Associations along with PGM SR and CLO (on behalf of BSNL Management) for joint meeting held on dated 12.05.2022 under the chairmanship of Director HR, BSNL Board, New Delhi.

It was apprised that standoff on the issue of Promotion due to insistence of the management for signature on new declaration is creating a new trend, which never happened in BSNL. We told that the association is least bother about the signature of any particular person or organisation but only concerned with the Promotion in the AGM and CAO Grade. Even if it is required by the management, it should made efforts in the direction but ensure the promotion at the earliest to address the serious unrest in the field. It was once again raised in the meeting, how BSNL Management reverted its own decision and lowered the seniority of the SDEs resulting senior vacancy  years LDCE Qualified SDEs going down than the later vacancy years DPS promoted SDEs. The only way forward to extend the justice is to promote all SDEs and let the subjudice seniority decide by the Hon’ble Court later.

Letter to CMD BSNL – Our strong objection on continued stalemate on account of precondition on the matter of SDE to AGM Promotion

Letter to CMD BSNL submitted by AIGETOA on the matter of SDE to AGM Promotion highlighting the stalemate and insufficient vacancies in AGM Promotion and non starter of CAO Promotion.

Our strong objection on the continued stalemate on account of precondition put forward by management and offering lower number of vacancies in the SDE to AGM Promotion and non starter of AO to CAO Promotional Process.

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Dharna on 21st June 2022

All Unions & Associations of BSNL (AUAB) DHARNA on 21st June 2022

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A country wide Day Long Dharna on 21.06.2022 (Tuesday) has been called under the banner of All Unions and Association of BSNL (AUAB) in support of the following demands. 

❖ Immediate replacement of E1A pay scale with E2 pay scale and E2A pay scale with E3 pay scale, w.e.f. 01.01.2007, without cascading effect on other pay scales to ensure E2 Scale for JTO/JAO/Eqvlt grades and E3 scale for SDE/AO/Eqvlt grades.

❖ Extension of full 30% SAB contribution for BSNL Recruited Employees, as per the 2nd PRC recommendations and immediate depositing of the balance contribution thereon and making the SAB Pension fund up to date. 

❖ In the JTO LICE to be held on 07-08-2022, there are no vacancies in 11 circles and only a few vacancies in 9 more circles. The same is going to be the fate of the other LICEs of the Non-Executives. Hence, it is demanded that the JTO LICE as well as all other LICEs of the Non-Executives, should be conducted with the posts that were available as on 31-01-2020. 

❖ Immediate lifting of the ban imposed on Compassionate Ground Appointments, so as to provide jobs to the dependents of the Covid victims, as well as the employees who died in accidents while on duty. 

❖ Fill up all the SC/ST backlog vacancies without delay. 

❖ Implement the unfulfilled assurances that were given by the CMD BSNL in the meeting held with the AUAB, on 27-10-2021. Withdraw the show cause notices issued for the imposition of break-in- service and remove the stringent conditions imposed for transfers under Para 9 of the BSNL Transfer Policy.

Deferment of 20-30th June’2022 scheduled Pad Yatra Program in view of Dhara-144 and prevailing violent situation in the route:

The Pad Yatra was scheduled to be held from Chandigarh to Delhi from 20-30th June’2022 to pay tribute to the departed soul of Late Shri Vijay Kumar Bansal Ji and raise the issue of Social Security to BSNL Recruited Employees. Intimation cum permission for the proposed program was already sent to the Police Team of Chandigarh Haryana and Delhi and all preparations were in full swing for the proposed Pad Yatra Program by the Team AIGETOA.

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In the meantime sudden outbreak of violent protest on Agniveer Issue at various places including the route of the Pad Yatra and serious apprehension of further flare-up in the situation in the route and implementation of Dhara-144 at various places forced us to review the situation. The Police also didn’t give the permission for the Pad Yatra Program in view of the prevailing situation. The views of other stake holders including the participants of Pad Yatra were also taken and entire situation was assessed. After reviewing the complete situation in all perspective, we have decided to defer the proposed Pad Yatra Program presently and further decision will be taken subsequently.

We extend our deep gratitude to all those who volunteered to be part of the Pad Yatra Program and our Punjab Team involved in the preparation.

Implementation of Long Stay Transfer Order:

Finally the legacy era in transfer posting has ended in BSNL with execution of Long Stay Transfer Orders and the subsequent relieving by BSNL CO.

AIGETOA has always stood for transparency in the system and that was the reason for introducing the OTP policy which ended the monopoly of few over request transfer policy and introduced transparency in the system. Now Executive doesn’t have to run pillar and post for getting his cases forwarded to BSNL CO. He can get his cases forwarded just by a single click of mouse by sitting at the comfort of his home or Office. This is one of the most prominent achievement of AIGETOA.

Long Stay transfer order was one of the demand of the association. Finally management understood the need and first issued transfer order and yesterday relieved from the ERP System. At the same time association also pursued for genuine medical cases etc. for retention and succeeded in retaining such cases irrespective of their Association affiliations. We don’t believe in prejudice and accordingly we always vouch for transparency in the system. Publishing of waiting list for Hard Tenure Transfers was another demand of the association and we succeeded in that too.

We extend our sincere thanks to CMD BSNL, Director HR and PGM for introducing this change in the system. Though still system needs further refinement and improvement and we will continue to pursue for making it more rugged, transparent and firm.

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