Team AIGETOA meeting with CMD BSNL on 22nd June 2022:

Team AIGETOA comprising of Shri Ravi Shil Verma Chairman, Shri Veer Bhadhra Rao AIP and Shri Wasi Ahmad General Secretary, Shri Pavan Akhand Dy GS, Shri D K Sahoo VP, Shri Suresh Kumar S JS(South) and Shri R N Mishra JS(Central) met  CMD BSNL at 10.30 Hrs on 22.06.2022 before the start of the CEC Meeting.

The issue of SDE to AGM Promotion and CAO Promotion was discussed prominently to gauge the stand of the management on the issue to take further decision. The association apprised that management has hold various meeting jointly with AIGETOA, SEWA and SNEA. All the three associations has concurred methodology put forward by the management and no reluctances was shown by either one. One MoM has already been signed by all three Associations along with PGM SR and CLO (on behalf of BSNL Management) for joint meeting held on dated 12.05.2022 under the chairmanship of Director HR, BSNL Board, New Delhi.

It was apprised that standoff on the issue of Promotion due to insistence of the management for signature on new declaration is creating a new trend, which never happened in BSNL. We told that the association is least bother about the signature of any particular person or organisation but only concerned with the Promotion in the AGM and CAO Grade. Even if it is required by the management, it should made efforts in the direction but ensure the promotion at the earliest to address the serious unrest in the field. It was once again raised in the meeting, how BSNL Management reverted its own decision and lowered the seniority of the SDEs resulting senior vacancy  years LDCE Qualified SDEs going down than the later vacancy years DPS promoted SDEs. The only way forward to extend the justice is to promote all SDEs and let the subjudice seniority decide by the Hon’ble Court later.