Analysis of Answers Given by Proclaimed SENA on Pension Rule-37A

Analysis of Answers Given by Proclaimed SENA on Pension Rule-37A

Question by AIGETOA:

Why pension benefits to BSNL Recruits were denied when Legacy Association didn’t take up the proposal of Gazette notification of Pension Rule-37A right from the day of inception of BSNL ? It was clearly written that “BSNL shall devise its own pension scheme and make arrangements for funding and disbursing pensionary benefits.” But since these legacy Associations were only concerned for the DoT absorbed employees and hence they fought for their government pension under Rule-37A but didn’t care for the pension of BRs, which was part of the same order, else we could have also had our pension scheme since inception of BSNL.

Answer by Proclaimed SENA:

We can only sympathise for your poor understanding and lack of knowledge! The Pension for the DoT employees getting absorbed in BSNL was settled in September, 2000 itself before formation of BSNL on 01.10.2000. Govt extended this benefit on the agitation by Group C & D Unions (NFTE, FNTO, BMS etc) and in their agreement, pension assured.

While you cannot think beyond your batch as being proved repeatedly, it is not the case of farsighted visionary leaders of DOT era. Inspite of the fact that not even a single BSNL recruitee was available in September 2000, these visionary leaders have made up their mind to ensure pensionary benefits to all including BSNL recruitees by incorporating necessary provision in Rule 37 A. That also before formation of BSNL. Instead of forming a separate Pension Fund under the control of the management, the visionary leaders opted for EPF scheme for Pension which is directly under the control of Govt of India and more secured for the employees. The EPF by way of contributory PF is that part of pension envisaged in Rule 37A which is in force from the day one an employee enters into the company. Again under your dictionary only 5% SAB is the only superannuation benefits and not Gratuity and EPF pension!

Please stop the blatant lies that pay scale of BSNL JTOs were downgraded when 8600-14600 was offered as the replacement scale of 6500-10500 which was upgraded to 9850-14600 through the agitation. Perhaps as per your dictionary when pay scale is changed from 8600-14600 to 9850-14600, it may be down grading act.

Analysis by AIGETOA:

Yes True.. We can only sympathise for their poor understanding and lack of knowledge! Only a proclaimed Liar like them can say the lies with so much confidence. We advise them to go and have study on the subject. They may go and learn the difference between Provident Fund and Pension Fund. Even the daily wage labourers are entitled for EPF and they are saying Executives in BSNL have got EPF because of their visionary leadership. This shows their mind set and lack of concern for BSNL Recruits. They killed the Pension/Social Security of so many thousands and thousands of BSNL Recruits and they are now trying to divide us in the name of batches. Shameless Indeed !! How are they again expecting votes from same BSNL Recruits ?

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