Analysis of Answers Given by Proclaimed SENA on PMRB

Analysis of Answers Given by Proclaimed SENA on PMRB

Question by AIGETOA:

Why you never seriously persuaded or when it got negated, filed a case for Standard Pay Scales and 30% SAB ? Is it because you have given in written that you are OK with E1 as scales for JTOs (A fact Reiterated by you a few days back) ? Is it Because You have submitted to HLC, that pensionary benefits of BSNL Recruits are more than DoT absorbees ?

What is your stand on PRMB for BSNL Recruits ? Whether You agree that PRMB should be in place in BSNL ? If Yes, why are you saying that BRs are getting 3.3 percent PRMB ? Are You aware of the difference between Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution ? Can U write a single letter for PRMB ? Can U Tell us, whether 5% SAB is pending to be implemented and or 7% ?

Answer by Proclaimed SENA:

Association and Trade Unions are basically formed to settle the issues through Organizational actions, which you are not aware! TUs will resort to court cases rarely, as a last resort. SNEA gone to Court for removing hurdles, removing stay on DPC /LDCE etc…Can you quote a single incident in which SNEA proposed/accepted/demanded E1 scale? In the draft JTO RR also SNEA demanded E2 scale instead of E1 scale. In Q3 above, we quoted several occasions you accepted/demanded E1 scale or E2 scale from 01.10.2000 and derailed the E2 scale for post 2007 rect JTO/JAOs.

On medical reimbursement, BSNL is having best medical policy both for serving and retired employees with unlimited coverage to the family also, unlike any other PSUs. But we are aware about the lacuna in implementation and failure due to present financial conditions. When it was reported by Estt Finance section in 2016 that the expenditure on PMRB is more than 13%, SNEA did not accept it and demanded reassessment which was entrusted to LIC who calculated it as 3.3%, on actuarial basis. SNEA did not have expertise on it. If AIGETOA Co have better calculation of PMRB, it is better convince management that the calculations done by LIC is wrong. Oh for AIGETOA Co, if your understanding on PMRB is that it is for DR alone we can only sympathise with you. According to us, it is for all PSU employees.

Your concern for SAB made known to all when you rejected 4% offer in 2014, 6% offer in Sept 2015 and accepted 3% in the meeting held on 19.02.2016 in the absence of major Unions/Assns like SNEA, BSNLEU etc, just to stop 6% credit going to SNEA.

Analysis by AIGETOA:

Great that proclaimed SENA has accepted that they have done nothing on the issue. Can they tell us, what TU (Trade Union) actions have they launched for this issue? Even for opposing PO, they needed help of AIGETOA. Can they show us a single TU action, which they have done individually ? Isn’t it ridiculous that in the draft RR they proposed E2 and then finally accepted E1 in JTO RR 2014 and broadcasted a congratulatory message to all that all their suggestions have been accepted? What was more important to them – 2200 Officiating JTOs or 22000 BSNL Recruits. You have chosen 2200 Officiating JTOs to kill the career of BSNL Recruits.

And their double speak is also visible when they have safely evaded questions on PRMB and SAB. They still have not replied whether they know the difference between Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution. Can they tell what options BSNL Recruits have if BSNL Stops paying MRS to retirees ? For DOT ABSORBEES there is CGHS, for us there is nothing.

It’s great that they have accepted the reasons for not getting PRMB implemented. They know that it is for all employees. Once PRMB comes, they will lose the option of CGHS. So they want BSNL Recruits and their families to suffer without medical facility. It’s great that though partially, but slowly they are learning to accept the truth. Hence it is proved that they killed Post-Retirement medical benefits of BSNL Recruits for the petty gains of their core members.

Their concern for SAB can be understood when none of their representatives were present in such crucial meeting held on 19.02.2016 where AIGETOA, NFTE and AIBSNLEA were present. NFTE may not be a major union for them, but we consider them at par with BSNLEU.

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