Meeting of AIGETOA Team with Member Services DoT on 08.08.2022 and E2-E3 issue discussion

Meeting of AIGETOA Team with Member Services DoT on 08.08.2022 and E2-E3 issue discussion

Team AIGETOA met Member Services, Dr. Mahesh Shukla at Bhopal in continuity of previous meeting and held detailed discussion on E2-E3 Scale and submitted detailed letter on the subject. Member Services listened the arguments after going through the content of letter and enquired some points on the issue. The Team apprised each and every detail on the issue and Member Services assured to take up the matter at DoT after return to Delhi. AIGETOA Team will follow up with him in the DoT @ New Delhi also.

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AIGETOA Letter on Draft Accommodation Policy & Immunity Facility Modification

GS AIGETOA CHQ writes to Director HR BSNL in response to suggestions called by SR Cell on the allotment of office space and residential accommodation to the Associations and Unions of BSNL. GS also writes about one more suggestion called on the subject of partial modification in facility of immunity from transfer to recognised and support Association.

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Meeting of AIGETOA with CMD BSNL:

The meeting with CMD BSNL was held on 02.08.2022. It was the first meeting after deferment of our call and one step forward towards resolution of outstanding issues. We discussed all eight issues in detail and shared our requirements, concerns and prevailing resentment in field, which resulted in such a high scale flare up in ground. CMD BSNL gave a patient hearing and apprised his side of view and told that he is not at all averse to the genuine issues of executives raised by the association but he needs some time to address in a phased manner.

On financial matters including Pay Scale, Pay Loss issues of 22820/- & E1+5 and enhancement of SAB Quantum, he said that with extention of second revival package, the revenue of BSNL is envisaged to grow up. His opinion was that once the recently approved revival package is rolled out practically on ground, the financials of organisation is bound to improve and results shall be visible within next six months. He said, at the end of financial year, he will review the whole situation and stated that with increased revenue, the increase in SAB quantum and Pay Loss issues shall be definitely considered with a positive thought process. This is first time, there is categorical, clear and unambiguous statement from Apex of this organisation that with increased revenue, the issue of pay loss and increase in SAB Quantum benefits shall also be considered. It is also understood, that at the end of Financial Year, Revenue is bound to increase.

However, we will keep pursuing to achieve the settlement much before the end of Financial Year. The pending contribution for SAB shall be made up-to-date with receipt of first trench of money as part of revival package, expectedly within next 3-4 months.

On Promotion issue, he echoed that he is willing to issue promotion in all grades starting with AGM grades, which still requires a little bit more time as HR Team is working with DoPT in close coordination. He said that first trench of promotions shall be issued by second week of August 2022.

We also insisted to issue promotion by utilizing complete strength of AGM/DGM to maximize the promotions at first go. But despite our repeated persistence, he agreed to issue the promotions utilizing complete strength in two parts only. We reminded BBNL merger approval which will require people in these positions to carry out enormous works is also expected in coming time. He persisted with his position but agreed to discuss it further. Association shall continue its persuasion in this regard. On CAO and other streams promotion, it was apprised that after AGM promotion in Telecom Grades, other equivalent grades promotion will be expedited including clearing of legal issues at Chandigarh. The issue of relaxation in cut off date for determining eligibility for CAO and DGM grade promotions shall also be given consideration after clearance of legal hurdle, was the view of management.

CMD BSNL was keen on fast track promotion and we extended our support on Internal Fast track but we also stated unambiguously that any type of parachute landing will not be accepted by the association. AIGETOA has always supported the idea that talented and meritorious executives must to reach highest positions by virtue of fast track promotion in every grade and fulfillment of minimum career aspirations of other executives who can not reach to top. However any lateral fresh entry and any Promotion mechanism containing provision of jumping of cadres shall be opposed tooth and nail by association. Hence management succession plan should be based on idea of Fast Track Internal promotion policy at all grades including that for reaching to the post of GMs. CMD BSNL asked for fresh formal inputs from association on this.

It was apprised to us that on 29th July 2022, HR Team has been directed to immediately start working on finalizing the revised MS RR draft. He further told that after initial meeting of committee, AIGETOA shall be called for discussion and formal inputs. He appreciated our concern and assured that fast track and stagnation criteria shall be taken care of during finalization of revised MS RRs. The notification of revised SDE RRs shall also take place once the input is received from DoT. Management is pursuing with DoT for early receipt of concurrence. The SDE 2007 reversal issue is also being considered actively by management.

CMD BSNL reiterated that he acknowledges the concern raised by the association about the condition of families and dependents after the unfortunate demise of the earning employee. He apprised that BSNL is ready to extend support to the family of deceased employees and immediately directed his officials to work out a mechanism and assured that either GTI shall be funded by BSNL or a new Death Relief Fund shall be put in place for the family and dependents of deceased employees.

Friends, this meeting was first after the deferment of our call. It was also agreed that regular follow up meetings will be held with HR Team to see the progress of issues and a detailed meeting under the chairmanship of CMD BSNL will be held after 15th August, considering his pre-occupancy in HoCC and immediate revival measures. We are hopeful that management will definitely siege the opportunity of dialogue to settle outstanding issues, so that employees can concentrate on their work.

Let’s Hope For A Better Time Ahead….

Together We Will Achieve Everything

Meeting held with Hon’ble MoC and BSNL Management and deferment of the organizational call:

Meeting of AGETOA Central HQ Leaders with Hon’ble Minister of Communication Shri Ashwini Vaishnav ji was held in the evening on 29.07.2022. Meeting lasted for about 40 minutes. Meeting was attended by Shri Ravi Shil Verma Chairman, Shri Wasi Ahmad GS, Shri Veerabhadra Rao AIP, Shri Pavan Akhand Dy. GS, Shri Fazal Ahmad AGS, Shri Vivek Kumar AGS, Shri Sunil Gautam AGS and Shri Yogendra Kumar AGS. We apprised all the issues in detail i.e. Standard Pay Scale E2-E3 pending at DoT, Pay Loss issues of 22820/- and E1+5, No Career Progression and Internal Fast Track Promotional Channel, No Proper Social Security etc. He gave sufficient time and listened all the points patiently and assured his intervention for settlement of all legitimate demands. We sought his kind attention on Standard Pay Scale E2-E3 which is directly related with DoT, which he assured to look into it. On the matter of lateral entry at the level of MT and DR DGM, he was kind enough to agree with view point of the association that lateral entry is not the correct way and he will direct BSNL accordingly. Hon’ble Minister advised to defer the ongoing agitation program to carry forward the dialogue under his office guidance. He assured that our concerns will be taken care and legitimate demands will be resolved in a time bound manner.

On the official call from management, a meeting was held between AIGETOA delegates and Director HR on 29.07.2022 in the afternoon, where all issues were discussed point wise. The meeting was attended by Shri Ravi Shil Verma Chairman, Shri Wasi Ahmad GS, Shri Veerabhadra Rao AIP, Shri Pavan Akhand Dy. GS, Shri Vivek Kumar AGS, Shri Fazal Ahmad AGS, Shri Sunil Gautam AGS, Shri Yogendra Kumar AGS, Shri Chander Singh Negi CS HP. All the issues were discussed and Director HR assured that a fortnightly review meeting will be held to achieve the desired result.

Following assurances were made in the meeting from the Management side:

E2-E3 Scale for JTO/JAO and SDE/AO Equivalent Grades:

As discussed previously, it is told that the informal group created consisting of members from AIGETOA and officers of Establishment Section of BSNL CO to study the impact of replacing the initial two scales on the executive strength and EPP policy and suggest the remedial measures. Based on the suggestions of the group, Management will examine the proposal and subsequently take up the Scale issue with DoT for further consideration of approval of the scales E2 and E3.

Pay Loss Issues of JTOs/JAOs (E1+5 and 22820/- and Pay fixation of DR JE to JTO):

The Pay Loss issue, committee on 22820/- shall be asked to expedite for submission of its recommendations after discussing the matter with Association giving the whole issue, a holistic consideration. The Committee on extending E1 plus 5 increments for JTOs/JAOs and equivalent grades as initial basic shall be constituted to examine it as a solution to ensure parity amongst all similarly placed executives.

Scrapping of MT & DR DGM RRs and introduction of Fast Track Promotional Channel:

It has been assured that management will not move further on the process of MT Recruitment. The work on internal fast track promotional mechanism shall be started as part of new BSNLMS RR finalization. It has been assured that New MS RR will have stagnation criteria for AGM/CAO Promotion as well as fast track promotion mechanism in AGM/CAO and DGM Grade. It was told that discussion with association on the provisions of the proposed draft shall be initiated immediately.

Enhancement of SAB to 30%, formation of PRMB Trust and deposit of pending SAB amount:

It is categorically informed that the pending amount of SAB will be deposited immediately after the first trench of the amount envisaged in the revival package is received by BSNL. He assured that by September, the funds shall be made up to date. However on increase of Quantum of Contribution, Management expressed financial crunch of the company as major reason and assured that with improved Financial Position of the company, increase in quantum shall be considered. Director HR assured to explore and develop a mechanism in which increase in SAB contribution can be linked to revenue growth. It was also assured that a DRF (Death Relief fund) Scheme will be created, which will be funded by BSNL to support the families in case of any untimely demise of the employees. The proposal will be worked out in a time bond manner and implemented in BSNL. The provisions of PRMB trust shall also be examined for further necessary action.

AGM Promotions:

It was apprised that HR Team of BSNL has met senior officers in DoPT to take feedback on methodology to be adopted for Reservation in Promotion and accordingly management is working on issuance of promotions to AGM(Telecom) grades latest by second week of August’2022. Other equivalent grades promotion will also be issued simultaneously. The number of promotions to be issued is still not finalized despite of insistence of the association to issue promotions of maximum persons by using the complete strength (4500) of AGM and DGM grades taken together. We categorically emphasized that the injustice meted out to them by department in degrading the seniority can only be nullified by extending the promotions by utilizing the complete strength of DGM and AGM. Director HR assured that management is not averse to this idea and they are open to this scheme but as of now he cannot commit anything but assured to take up the matter with CMD BSNL for positive consideration. Matter of more number of vacancies for promotion will be further taken up with CMD BSNL once he returns from Mumbai.

AO to CAO and DGM (Regular) Promotions:

It was assured that required relaxation for issuance of promotion in CAO and DGM(Regular) grades will be examined as suggested by association. Director HR further assured that management is equally concerned to effect promotions in all grade and will try to ensure the same at the earliest.

LDCE-2007 SDE Reversion issue:

Director HR assured that the issue will be resolved latest by 31.08.2022 as one time measure in line with what has been committed earlier. Association side requested to ensure that no such name should be dropped from the list and DPC for all the candidates must be done.

DPC Promotion for left out JTOs of 2K8 batch and subsequent JTO batches, Notifications of SDE/AO Equivalent RR and LDCE Notification:

It is informed that promotion in these grades will be affected either by notification of SDE RRs or by virtue of AGM Promotions whichever comes earlier. It was also apprised that SDE RR will be notified once cleared by DoT. LDCE notification will be considered once AGM Promotion is affected.

In view of above assurance on the issues through series of meetings with BSNL management and thereafter meeting Hon’ble Minister of Communication, AIGETOA CHQ-CS-CP discussed the ongoing organizational program and it has been decided to defer the ongoing organizational action program wef 30.07.2022.

Let’s recreate History…Let’s rejuvenate ourselves. Let us prove once again…United We Win, Divided we loose.

Let’s Recreate History…Let’s Rejuvenate Ourselves.

इतिहास करे फिर पुकार। दिल्ली चलो मेरे यार।

ज़ुल्मी जब जब जुल्म करेगा सत्ता के गलियारों से,

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याचना नहीं अब रण होगा। रण बड़ा भीषण होगा!

यलगार हो

AIGETOA Meeting with BSNL Management:

In continuance of the ongoing organisational call, AIGETOA meetings were held with various authorities in BSNL including PGM SR, Director HR and CMD BSNL. Brief discussions were held on the charter of demands and request were made by the management side to withdraw the call in view of the firm assurances on the issues by the Director HR on 14.07.2022. Management side also apprised that BSNL Revival Package decision is in last stage and requested to defer the call in view of the 2nd Revival Package Finalization.

Association side explained that we have held detailed meeting with Director HR on 14-July 2022 and action in black and white on those agreement required from the management side. It was apprise that without firm action, we will not go back from the call.

The meeting ended with appeal by management.