Data for Review of Organizational Restructuring in BSNL :

Updates of Meeting with PGM SR & Restructuring on dated 04.07.2023 :

The team AIGETOA consisting of GS Shri Ravi Shil Verma, AIP Shri G. Veerabhadra Rao and Dy GS Shri Pavan Akhand along with Sunil Gautam AGS have met PGM SR and discussed the following points and recived the positive assurance.

As per assurance given to AIGETOA, the 3rd PRC reminder letter to DoT:

As per the decision taken in AIGETOA agenda meeting, Dir HR has assured to give a reminder letter to DoT with respect to implementation of 3rd PRC. We informed that the letter has still not been issued. PGM SR assured that the reminder letter shall be written to the DoT at the earliest. We said while AIGETOA is taking all efforts to extend the 3rd PRC benefits to BSNL employees and is trying to ensure implementation of standard pay scales of E2 for JTO/JAO Equivalent, management must also reiterate its stand to DoT. PGM SR assured us for issuance of reminder letter to DoT.

Discussion on Circle office and Corporate Office Body recognition:

We once again raised the issue of consideration of Corporate office and Circle office immunity. While we tried to explain the requirements and PGM SR gave a patient hearing also but another round of meeting shall be required with Honble CMD BSNL for a concrete decision on the same. Association shall be taking it up tomorrow with CMD BSNL for further discussion.

Restructuring Letter – Issuance of Template for capturing Data for Cadre Strength Review:

As informed earlier, Restructuring Cell has finalised and submitted the draft for approval. During discussion, we pointed out that a review in positional norms is also required along with operational norms as the situation has changed now after extension of 2nd Revival Package to BSNL in July 2022, and hence the template for positional norms review should also be issued along with the letter. PGM SR appreciated the input and said that she will ensure that letter is issued tomorrow after suitable modifications.

Modification in immunity Guidelines:

Though SR cell has processed the case, but some of the suggestions of association w.r.t the OA immunity and Circle office body was not considered.

PGM SR said that she will discuss the inputs of association with higher authorities. AIGETOA shall also meet and apprise CMD BSNL on the concerns. ITPC Dev unit OA body issue and other circle’s OA body issues also discussed. PGM SR asked us to submit the letters on the issues.

This meeting ended with positive note.

Meeting with PGM (SR & Restructuring) and update in Restructuring and Review of Sanctioned Strength across various cadres and streams:

Today President AIGETOA Shri Veerabhadra Rao and GS AIGETOA Shri Ravi Shil Verma met PGM Restg and discussed the issue of reviewing the sanctioned strength across various cadres in continuation of our earlier discussions held with CMD BSNL, Director HR, GM Pers and PGM Restg. Yesterday also GS AIGETOA reminded PGM Restg about the commitments made at the level of CMD BSNL and Director HR and requested her for immediately starting the process. Earlier also Team AIGETOA had met Director HR and CMD BSNL and requested them to intervene for immediate completion of the process. In the meeting itself, Director HR has directed PGM Restg to initiate the process.

Today a detailed discussion took place. PGM Restg informed that she has already set the action in motion and Circles shall be asked to give their feedback on the strength across various cadres. She also requested AIGETOA to give it’s input w.r.t the strength across various cadres/streams including Bharatnet and 4G saturation projects. Association also needs to submit its input w.r.t the staffing norms (operational as well as positional). AIGETOA Team shall be submitting this input by next week so as to get the exercise complete as early as possible. With an increase in strength, many of the worries will be over and a smooth career progression can be ensured across all the cadres and streams. It will be AIGETOA’s endeavor to ensure that the interest of the cadre is protected and unnecessary court cases owing to such apprehensions and confusion can be avoided.

Further discussion on the letter issued wrt Membership change option on ESS was also done wherein AIGETOA has suggested certain inputs on which PGM SR has given positive consideration. Option for dual membership shall continue in ESS also. Further concurrence of DS/CS as per existing process must be ensured in ERP for approving the membership as it is the DS/CS of any association who is authorized to accept the Membership not the administration. Corrigendum shall be issued by SR cell on this.

Brief discussion on immunity guidelines also took place.

Earlier a detailed discussion of Team AIGETOA was held on 31st May 2023 with the committee members constituted for taking care of reversal issue. Detailed discussion took place on the way forward and association has noted the inputs and is acting upon it in consultation with the team. We are sure of resolving the reversal issue also at the earliest.

Today, on 6th June, another meeting of Team AIGETOA is scheduled with GM Pers for discussion on the JTO to SDE DPC, SDE to AGM promotions, AGM to DGM Promotions, AO to CAO promotions, OTP cases, Tenure Cases, MSRR clauses, LICE etc. We hope for positive outcome from that meeting also.

AIGETOA will ensure the resolution of all the pending HR issues. We seek the support of all the executives in ensuring the resolution of issues irrespective of their associations which will motivate the leadership in performing better.

Meeting on the Promotion and Restructuring:

Yesterday, CHQ leaders of both AIGETOA and SNEA discussed the ongoing Restructuring processes, which entails drastic reduction of posts. It will block the entire career progression of all the Executives, both Associations acknowledged.

It has concluded that Promotion in a time bound manner is the only solution for this and there is an urgent need for Fierce United Struggle to address the promotional issues of executives. Finally both sides decided to demand promotion for all eligible executives, time-bound promotion before any Restructuring and meet the CMD in this regard on Thursday itself and place the demand and address the issue immediately. Further discussion will continue for a common minimum program and other Associations will also be approached.

We will speak to SEWA and others also to join hands for the goal.

GS writes to Shri P K Purwar CMD BSNL regarding consideration of restructuring proposal and cadre wise manpower planning submitted by AIGETOA and to extend one Promotion to all eligible executives before restructuring

GS AIGETOA writes to CMD BSNL with copy to all Directors of BSNL Board and Secretary DoT for consideration of restructuring proposal and cadre wise manpower planning submitted by AIGETOA and to extend one Promotion to all eligible executives before restructuring.

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It is unambiguously informed to management that In the absence of suitable measures to address the promotional aspect of executives, it will be very difficult for the association to control the emotion and resentment of executives. Accordingly, any restructuring exercise without taking into the consideration the promotional avenues of executives will not be accepted by this association and shall be firmly opposed by AIGETOA.

Restructuring in BSNL – Circulation of proposed Manpower Norms and sanction strength in BSNL

The Restructuring proposal of BSNL corporate office gives an impression that BSNL management is least bother for its executives and employees and they want to stagnant executives at one post for 15-20 years, an era worst than DoT period. The suggestion given by the recognized association of executives in Feb, 2021 has hardly been considered despite of the fact that meeting was chaired by the Director (HR). It means management is moving ahead with its partisan plan irrespective of the future career prospect, who joined BSNL with much hope and desire after acquiring professional qualification and leaving other jobs. Other side BSNL management has completely failed to honour genuine aspiration and fundamental requirement of the executives.

We strongly reject this move of the management and caution that any reduction in the promotional opportunity will not be accepted by the association. This association has already served an organizational notice on various HR issues and will further review the program to intensify the call if management will not shun the practice to derail Career Prospect of executives. All the Circle Secretaries and District Secretaries are requested to mobilize the members for the strong organizations actions. The association is also discussing the matter with our representative across the BSNL as well as all section of executives and will revert back with suitable reply and next course of action.

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