Issue of Final Organizational Restructuring of BSNL

Meeting on the Promotion and Restructuring:

Yesterday, CHQ leaders of both AIGETOA and SNEA discussed the ongoing Restructuring processes, which entails drastic reduction of posts. It will block the entire career progression of all the Executives, both Associations acknowledged.

It has concluded that Promotion in a time bound manner is the only solution for this and there is an urgent need for Fierce United Struggle to address the promotional issues of executives. Finally both sides decided to demand promotion for all eligible executives, time-bound promotion before any Restructuring and meet the CMD in this regard on Thursday itself and place the demand and address the issue immediately. Further discussion will continue for a common minimum program and other Associations will also be approached.

We will speak to SEWA and others also to join hands for the goal.

GS writes to Shri P K Purwar CMD BSNL regarding consideration of restructuring proposal and cadre wise manpower planning submitted by AIGETOA and to extend one Promotion to all eligible executives before restructuring

GS AIGETOA writes to CMD BSNL with copy to all Directors of BSNL Board and Secretary DoT for consideration of restructuring proposal and cadre wise manpower planning submitted by AIGETOA and to extend one Promotion to all eligible executives before restructuring.

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It is unambiguously informed to management that In the absence of suitable measures to address the promotional aspect of executives, it will be very difficult for the association to control the emotion and resentment of executives. Accordingly, any restructuring exercise without taking into the consideration the promotional avenues of executives will not be accepted by this association and shall be firmly opposed by AIGETOA.

Restructuring in BSNL – Circulation of proposed Manpower Norms and sanction strength in BSNL

The Restructuring proposal of BSNL corporate office gives an impression that BSNL management is least bother for its executives and employees and they want to stagnant executives at one post for 15-20 years, an era worst than DoT period. The suggestion given by the recognized association of executives in Feb, 2021 has hardly been considered despite of the fact that meeting was chaired by the Director (HR). It means management is moving ahead with its partisan plan irrespective of the future career prospect, who joined BSNL with much hope and desire after acquiring professional qualification and leaving other jobs. Other side BSNL management has completely failed to honour genuine aspiration and fundamental requirement of the executives.

We strongly reject this move of the management and caution that any reduction in the promotional opportunity will not be accepted by the association. This association has already served an organizational notice on various HR issues and will further review the program to intensify the call if management will not shun the practice to derail Career Prospect of executives. All the Circle Secretaries and District Secretaries are requested to mobilize the members for the strong organizations actions. The association is also discussing the matter with our representative across the BSNL as well as all section of executives and will revert back with suitable reply and next course of action.

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Update on Restructuring

In all the meetings, AIGETOA Team has been pressing hard with management that the huge reduction in posts is simply uncalled for as none of the outsourcing activities has resulted into any reduction in roles and responsibilities of executives as the activities which are being outsourced pertain mostly to non executive work.

Finally we have succeeded in convincing management on this important aspect and it is learnt that the directions have been issued that restructuring exercise should consider this aspect also. Accordingly, it is further learnt that the number of posts in various cadres are being reworked. We sincerely hope that good sense will prevail and it will be ensured that the career prospects of various executives do not suffer. AIGETOA team will continue to monitor this exercise and is committed to ensure that promotional aspects of none of the executive are affected adversely.

Wishing all a very Happy New Year 2021.