Cancellation Return & Refund Policy


Since this is a group insurance policy, once registered for the policy, customer can not opt for cancellation. Cancellation, once payment is made is not allowed.


Member opting for the policy and making payment for the same can not opt for refund as no cancellation after registering for the policy is allowed. However in case of duplicate payment, the refund shall be made within 15 days of the receipt of the request for refund of duplicate payment on email Id…. The above said amount of duplicate payment shall be refunded after receipt of the request along with proof of payment, details of transaction and after verification of the payment by AIGETOA. All such refunds shall be reflected in the member’s account in 2-3 working days after deposit of the amount in Member’s Account by AIGETOA.


No return/refund/cancellation of the policy is allowed once the final payment is made by the members.