Renewal of GTI (Group Term Insurance) for the year 2024-25:

Renewal of GTI (Group Term Insurance) for the year 2024-25:

As informed earlier, after the firm and conclusive stand by Team AIGETOA in the meeting with LIC officials, finally LIC agreed to offer the premium quotes at 1.60 per one thousand which is at par with the initial rates offered in 2019.

Yesterday LIC conveyed the rates of 2019 at 1.6 per thousand and today the letter has been issued by admin section BSNL CO for the renewal of GTI for the willing employees.

The hard negotiations done by team AIGETOA with LIC officials, resulted in these rates. We also appreciate the efforts of the Admin Team of BSNL CO, who coordinated in a very effective manner.

We further extend our thanks to all those involved in the process for ensuring the competitive premium rates.

Once again we appreciate the efforts of our All India President and Finance Secretary for ensuring this competitive premium for the GTI.

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Update on GTI for JTO Trainees undergoing field training at various circles:

Today Team AIGETOA met Director HR and requested to consider the recently promoted JTOs undergoing field training at various circles for covering in GTI Policy.

Director HR immediately considered our request and directed the concerned section to do the needful.

Earlier we have discussed with LIC representatives also and requested them to consider these newly promoted executives also for GTI.

We sincerely hope that the JTOs currently undergoing training will also be considered for the GTI.

Further, we wish to inform that CHQ is in consistent pursuance with management to ensure the mechanism to be in place for ensuring sufficient financial cover from management side to the dependent family in case any untimely demise of any employee occurs. We are very sure management will agree to our demand of creating a death relief fund very soon.

On behalf of executives, we extend our sincere thanks to our Director HR for considering our request and issuing the necessary instructions quickly on GTI to our newly promoted executives (Recently trained LICE JTOs).

Clarification regarding GTI Premium for Executives born before 15.09.1972

We are receiving various queries with respect to the GTI premium for executives born before 15.09.1972, there has been some confusion regarding its premium amount whether it is Rs 12980/- or Rs 45430/-.

In this regard, it is to clarify that…

All the executives who have opted GTI before attaining 50 years of age but now their age is more than 50 years, will have annual premium rate of below 50 years only i.e. Rs 12980/-.

All the executives who have opted GTI after attaining 50 years of age, will have annual premium rate of Rs 45430/-.