Sinister Designs of Proclaimed SENA-The CAT is out of Bag

Sinister Designs of Proclaimed SENA-The CAT is out of Bag

A real Eye Opener for all the BSNL recruits who were deprived of JTO to SDE promotions, non resolutions on list-8 & 9 process, departing BR JAOs for AO etc. It’s really a matter of concern that now Proclaimed SENA is involving higher up persons for their low level politics.

Going through the speeches circulated by Proclaimed SENA, it is quite clear how much close understanding has been there with higher ups and they blame AIGETOA for non-resolution. May be in the fear of losing, Proclaimed SENA may ask for a direct appeal also in coming few days using their proximities with erstwhile senior officers.

However this should act as an eye opener for all BSNL Recruits. The proclaimed SENA is the root cause of derailment of all the issues of Pay Pension and Promotion for BSNL Recruits.

This shows how much closeness was existing between the proclaimed SENA and some of the higher ups in the earlier management. So today we came to know how the files leading to DPC promotions which was to be issued on 4th January 2019, was dumped unceremoniously all of a sudden after the intervention of the captain of the proclaimed SENA. BRs should be thankful to such senior officers for informing one and all about the malice designs of the proclaimed SENA. Now it is quite clear, how and why proclaimed sena have been able to derail the pay, promotion and Pension of BSNL Recruits by misusing their so called close proximity. Now it is also clear that how proclaimed SENA managed to stop the promotions of BSNL Recruits despite favourable and clear directions from Hon’ble court, now it is quite clear how proclaimed SENA, using their proximity lead management to do contempt of court but did not promote any BSNL Recruits in JTO to SDE DPC, this clarifies how competitive quota SDEs have been made devoid of promotions in SDE to AGM despite initiation of the file for them for promotions, This shows how the file for AO to CAO promotions have been stopped.

So friends, it is high time to send these sinister minded persons to back benches who using their proximity with higher ups in the earlier management has derailed all the issues of BSNL Recruits. Now No BSNL Recruit will think to vote for these obnoxious minded persons who can go to any extent to derail the benefits of BSNL Recruits.

So this automatically clears the last doubts and confusions propagated by the proclaimed corners. We request all such victimised BRs to strongly align under AIGETOA platform.

Perhaps one of the esteemed speakers was not even aware that his report submitted on Time Bound Functional Promotion has been changed into a Half baked CPSU CH with all distortion’s. It can also be seen that Proclaimed SENA helped in preparing the draft minutes hence this clarifies how some sentences in the minutes of meeting were projecting AIGETOA in bad light. Friends such sinister designs have been going on years together to reap benefit for DOT recruited of their Peer Batch only leaving all BRs and relatively young executives to lurch.

Understand the truth as it is now made public by them itself and unite together under AIGETOA. Vote for Number 3 to see such change in such sinister design.