Meeting of Three Associations (AIGETOA, SNEA & SEWA) with CMD BSNL on promotion on reservation strategy to be followed in Promotions :

Meeting of Three Associations (AIGETOA, SNEA & SEWA) with CMD BSNL on promotion on reservation strategy to be followed in Promotions :

Meeting of all the three associations i.e. AIGETOA, SNEA and SEWA was held with CMD BSNL in his chamber at 18:40 Hrs on the issue of Promotions in all wings and grades/cadres and lasted for about 45 minutes.

The Association side was represented by Shri Ravi Shil Verma , Shri Veerabhadra Rao, Shri Wasi Ahmad & Shri Badri Mehta from AIGETOA, Shri M. S. Adasul, Shri Vimal Raghunath & Shri Padmanabha Rao from SNEA and Shri R. A. Meena and Shri Mukesh Ahlawat from SEWA.

All associations apprised CMD BSNL about the necessacity to include all eligible SDEs for promotion to AGM so as to avoid any future litigations on the same but CMD didn’t agreed on the proposal citing the legal complexities. Associations also apprised CMD BSNL about the ways to increase the vacancies to maximise the promotions to include maximum eligible executives in Telecom and other streams and wings also.

It was informed that all associations are agreeable about the methodology going to be adopted by management on reservations but the issue is of signature.

CMD responded positively about three association came together on issue of reservations in promotions and appreciated the approach but categorically told that he may not be able to move forward without signature of the agreement by the associations considering the pending legality.

CMD BSNL also informed that number of vacancies for which SDE to AGM promotions has been decided is strictly on the basis of available vacancies by deducting 1500 working AGM/ DGM Adhoc from the DPC Quota of 3600 vacancies i.e. about 2100 vacancies. CMD BSNL stated that as of now, he can’t agree to the proposal for increasing of vacancies for accommodating all eligible SDEs by way of diversion or other mechanism considering the legal complexities. He will move in step wise only in this promotion. He said, first he will go for promotion to this many vacancies and after 2-3 months, he can review it as suggested by associations. If things goes on smoothly, he is not averse to making more promotion in due course of time same year.

CMD BSNL categorically stated that he will go ahead with SDE to AGM Promotions only if all three associations are agreeing to the proposal and methodology adopted by management regarding reservations in promotions by signing the undertaking by all three associations to move forward. As BSNL SLP is still pending and legal finality has not reached finality. In case of non agreement with signature, he will wait for the Hon’ble Supreme Court Judgement on BSNL SLP.

He told that he is not compelling associations to sign and accept methodology of promotions in BSNL, but firmly shared that promotions are not possible without written consent by all three Associations as he doesn’t want litigations and complexities in future. Discussion on promotions in other streams were also held but CMD said that these things can be discussed later once SDE to AGM discussion concluded positively.

Promotion regardimg AO to CAO was also discussed and CMD has been once again requested to extend relaxation of 15/16 days to end the stalemate and promote most of the AO to CAO to motivate all of them as well as it will be in the interest of BSNL. It was apprised that it will also give way for clearance of legal hurdles. CMD assured to look into this aspect.

The three associations had meeting before meeting CMD BSNL and after the meeting also and decided to discuss these issues further before reverting to CMD BSNL and taking a final call on the matter.

Finally, we apprised CMD about growing resentment and once again requested to reconsider our submission.

Thus as on today there is no change in status of AGM promotions and visible progress in SDE to AGM. The only appreciable progress lies in the fact that matter has been explained and discussed in detail with CMD BSNL. We will revert back in next 2-3 days once a decision is taken in this regard.s

Twitter Campaign to be organised between 1 pm to 3 pm tomorrow – Make the Twitter Campaign a massive success

The AUAB has given call for organising Twitter Campaign tomorrow, demanding settlement of the 3rd Pay Revision / Wage Revision demand. The timing of the Twitter Campaign will be between 1 pm to 3 pm. The hashtag and messages for tweeting, will be sent in the Group shortly. All the circle and district secretaries are requested to take serious steps to make tomorrow’s Twitter Campaign a massive success.

Date : 14th June 2022

Time : 13:00 to 15:00 Hrs

Hastag : #BSNL_PayRevision

SAB-Call Attention Program (Pad Yatra)

Dear friends,

Many of our colleagues left us during COVID and recently also one of our colleague Lt. Sh. Vijay Bansal ji SDE ITPC CHD has left for heavenly abode but when we heard about the amount of pension which families of BSNL Recruits are getting in the name of so called pension, it deeply hurts the sentiments of each and every BR as it is as low as Rs 2-3k only which is nothing. The most dynamic and young workforce of BSNL Recruits is still deprived of its most basic and genuine rights which is dedicatedly working day and night to bring back the pristine glory of BSNL.

Since social security and pensionary benefits of BSNL Recruits are not yet defined properly and still pending, AIGETOA CHQ has served notice for Call Attention Program to CMD BSNL to extend full 30% SAB to all BRs as per 2nd PRC and restore compassionate ground appointment for the families of deceased employees.

A Padyatra is being organized starting from Circle office Chandigarh on dated 20th June to BSNL CO to submit memorandum to CMD BSNL on dated 30th June along with all Circle/BA heads. We hereby call each and every BSNL Recruitee to participate in the noble cause irrespective of union/association and volunteer their names for 1/2/3/ or whatsoever days including full Pad yatra option as per their convenience to contribute in the padyatra to register our protest against the injustice being done with BRs. 🤝🤝✊✊

👉 Click here to volunteer:

👉 Pad yatra timings: 👣👣👣



(Time may vary as per weather)

Only Together We Can & We Will🤝

Strong objection for leaving behind the executives of list-12 & list-13 from the VC calling initiated by BSNL CO and keeping them away from the purview of AGM promotions – Letter to CMD BSNL

AIGETOA made strong objection for leaving behind the executives of list-12 & list-13 from the VC calling letter initiated by BSNL CO and keeping them away from the purview of AGM promotions. AIGETOA demanded inclusion of all SDEs in all preparatory work and actions should be initiated to ensure promotion of all SDEs completed seven years of service till list list-13.

Click here for Letter

Highlight of the commitments made to AIGETOA during various meetings which are reiterated as below :

  • Consideration of complete strength of 4500 Posts by diversion of Posts from MT/LDCE quota to that under DPC quota as one time measure and vacancies under internal competitive quota to be extended by adjusting the same through vacancies created on account of future retirements on yearly basis. We have categorically rejected any move for external MT recruitment, and we once again reiterate our firm opposition to any lateral entry of external candidates in the organization. Presently BSNL Board has also put a stop to any external recruitment in BSNL.
  • Consideration of vacancies arising out in AGM cadre due to DGM (Ad-Hoc/LA) by considering them as occupying the vacancies of regular DGMs and using them for DPC in SDE (T) to AGM (T) grade in line with the mechanism followed in JTO to SDE Promotions. This will also enable smooth promotions for AGM to DGM Regular Grade.
  • Review of sanctioned strength and creation of Posts in various cadres including AGM in view of the proposed merger and takeover of BBNL operations by BSNL and roll out of more than one Lakh 4G BTS as per the expansion plan.
  • Introduction of Stagnation Criteria in MS RRs as committed to this association vide management letter no BSNL/31-3/SR/2020 dated 02.03.2022 under minted point number 2(d), which will make these promotions time bound in case regular vacancies falls short. The association has demanded that the stagnation criteria in this case should be eight years.

To avoid another injustice to these executives, department should take all necessary actions to ensure that these meritorious executives are not left behind in the promotion orders. Accordingly, we demand:

  • Calling of vigilance clearance particulars of the eligible SDEs up to list 13.
  • Completing of pending APAR (if any) including offline period of the eligible SDEs up to list 13.
  • Carrying of the SDE to AGM Promotions of all SDEs, who have completed seven year residency period i.e. upto seniority list-13.

AIGETOA Strong Objection to frequent change in the SDE Seniority List 12 comprising of LDCE Qualified Executives – Letter to CMD BSNL

GS writes to CMD BSNL regarding consistently changing stand of the management on various issues and new found tendency to unsettle already settled issues citing DoPT Rules/RRs Provision in a selected manner – Our Strong Objection to frequent change in the SDE Seniority List 12 comprising of LDCE qualified executives

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The insensitive and consistently changing approach of the management on critical issues pertaining to the executives, where they are changing their own decisions taken years before. Few glaring examples are as stated below:

  • The provisional List 9 was published in July/August 2020 for the vacancy Year 2006-7 wherein the Competitive and Seniority Cum Fitness Quota people of same vacancy year were placed in the list as per their respective date of joining in the cadre. Even in this published list provision of Rota was blatantly ignored despite provisions for the same being there in DoP&T guidelines and BSNL being bound to follow DoP&T guidelines in case the provisions in RR doesn’t exist meaning DoP&T guidelines will act as Rule in such cases where RR Doesn’t provide any explicit provisions in the matter. Despite such rules in force, management blatantly ignored the Rota Rule and went ahead with provisioning of Quota in the circulated provisional seniority list.
  • Thereafter, one fine day, a thought comes in the mind of the management that earlier decision taken by the same section was not at all correct and was not in line with Hon’ble Supreme Court Judgment, and they start the process of changing their own decision; one year after the earlier decision, which was taken with due approval of the Director HR/CMD BSNL. All these while they just keep their unidirectional approach with completely misinterpreted version of RR as well as Hon’ble Supreme Court Judgment. Even submission of Legal Opinion on the Judgment as well as proper interpretation of RR from a Retired Justice of Hon’ble Supreme Court was not enough to deter on their motive of putting competitive quota persons at bay. Such was their inconsistency on the matter that they even went against their own affidavit submitted in Hon’ble PCAT where they have ensured that delay in conduction of exam will not impact the seniority of the competitive quota people and the same shall be protected.
  • Thereafter, they change their earlier decision and circulate a provisional list wherein they kept even the failed candidates of LDCE 2012 above the LDCE 2012 passed candidates. Ignoring all objections and submissions from the association as well as individuals, management finalizes the list stating that DoP&T guidelines are not at all applicable in case of SDE RRs. In the finalized list, neither vacancy year-based quota nor the ROTA was extended to the competitive quota people. Those who were not even eligible to be promoted against vacancies of 2006-7 and 2007-8 LDCEs were placed above the eligible candidates of 2006-7 and 2007-8 vacancy years. Needless to mention is the fact that competitive quota people were again at the receiving end.
  • Now, once again management suddenly realizes that whatever they did in February 2022 was not correct and there is again a need to correct the principle. They decided to do away with backlog vacancies citing DoP&T guidelines of 1986, which they themselves have been ignoring in the SDE Seniority lists 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13. The candidates against these backlog vacancies were selected almost 10 years back and their promotion orders were released in July 2013. After a gap of 9 years, management decides what they did in 2013 was not correct and now there is need to change the principle followed and they do it without any second thought and that also on a very sensitive issue of Back Log Vacancies of Reserved Quota Candidates. Here, all hesitations of the people dealing the matter go for a toss just because this action will create more complexity in already complexified matters by BSNL on the issue of seniority. Intent is very much visible to keep the meritorious competitive quota people engaged in legal entangles and the reason is cited as the provisions of DoP&T guidelines, whose applicability in SDE Seniority, they themselves have denied.
  • Same DOP&T guidelines stipulates provisions of one year relaxation in eligibility criteria in case a Junior is promoted before a Senior, both in SCF as well as Competitive Quota, but it fells to attract the attention of HR group and they don’t hesitate in placing people up in the rank below the people lower down in the rank stating that this relaxation is not applicable for LDCE quota despite provisions in SDE RRs as well as DoP&T guidelines. Not only that, but they also don’t hesitate in reverting SDEs already promoted SDEs, 12 years after they promote them citing a prospective clarification while when the matter was clarified from the section at the time of deciding the eligibility, at that time department made those executives eligible to appear in the exam. It will be pertinent to mention that persons at the receiving end are again the competitive quota people with highest merits.

Notice for Central Executive Committee Meet (CEC) of AIGETOA CHQ

As per provisions in the constitution of AIGETOA and subsequent discussion/decisions, the Central Executive Committee (CEC) Meet cum CWC of AIGETOA Central Governing Body is hereby notified to be hold as per the given schedule.

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The schedule is as follows:

Date & Time : 22nd June’2022 (Wed) from 10:00 to 20:00 hrs

Venue : New Delhi (Detail venue will be informed subsequently)

Update on AGM Promotions :

Dear All,

Even though it’s little early to comment on the exact result, being the responsible association its our duty to update the correct picture on the same.

There are lot of speculation going around the corner wrt SDE to AGM Promotions. As we expected the negative forces are trying to scuttle the unity of executives and make divisive politics and the last mile credit mongering. As we have already cleared that AIGETOA is not for any politics but believe in the resolution of issues for the betterment of Executives.

We have been stating in all meetings/interactions about our approach on how to cover all eligible. We have also clearly submitted the same and we hope that our respected CMD/Dir HR/PGM Pers will take the cognizance, merit and need of the same. We are committed to push for considering all the 4500 strengths of AGM under DPC quota followed by counting LA/Adhoc DGMs as occupying the posts of regular DGMs and use the consequential vacancies of around 1000 also for DPC in AGM Grade. This will help not only in creation of more vacancies for AGMs but also will facilitate regular promotion for AGM to DGM and thus the inclusive approach for all can be achieved. Further there is scope for Stagnation Criteria and more number of posts in view of the proposed merger of BBNL.

AIGETOA is fully committed to ensure the justice to all and committed to ensure maximum possible promotions as detailed in our earlier submission on the matter. AIGETOA has always categorically demanded for increase of vacancies so as to accommodate all the eligible executives and hope we can achieve the goal with unified efforts.

Similarly, we are committed and pursuing for the promotion of AO to CAO grade also. Further our endeavour is to ensure the promotion in DGM Regular grade.

Here, we wish to inform all that till date we have been able to develop a broad consensus on the major show stopper and one more meeting is required to settle the same. It is once again reiterated that discussion on Vacancies has not achieved any finality and AIGETOA is pushing for achieving the maximum promotions for all in line with its earlier submissions.

In this continuity, we want to extend our heartiest thanks to the GS SEWA and their leaderships for extending cooperation in reaching to a broader consensus. We do hope that with their continued support and unified approach of all stake holders, we will be able to clinch the promotions in AGM, CAO and DGM grades also as we did in SDE Promotion.

We request all colleagues to be calm against the spread of rumours and trust the approach of association.

Meeting of Team AIGETOA Gujarat with CMD BSNL on his visit to Ahmedabad on 09.06.2022

Today AIGETOA Gujarat team consisting of Sh Chandrakant Tamboliya Circle Secretary, Sh Mayur Parmar Circle President, FS Sh Anurag Parmar, ACS Sh Jayesh Solanki, ACS Sh Nirav Barot along with AGS CHQ Sh Ajay Parmar had meeting with CMD BSNL on his visit to Ahmedabad for PSU Exhibition at Gandhinagar. AIGETOA team welcomed CMD BSNL and presented memento of Statue of Unity.

Click here for Glimpses of CMD Visit

CMD BSNL updated the development in Government package and his plan for bringing BSNL on growth path and a profit making company by 2025-26. He also shared Government view and expectations from BSNL. He updated meeting with present status of 4G roll out and rural FTTH expansion on BBNL OLTs with revenue share model of 85% BSNL-15% BBNL. CMD has urged all BSNL employees & higher managerial officers to work hard and prove ourselves.

From AIGETOA side, Team Gujarat raised serious concerns for long pending HR issues and expect to be resolved within his tenure period. Team Gujarat raised E2-E3 Standard pay scale issue and updated about our CHQ team visit to DoT officers. We asked CMD to write a letter to DOT for approving E2-E3 without cascading effect. CMD had noted positively and assured.

Team raised grant of E1+5 increments for immediate relief to most effected Junior batches. CMD had declared that in very short future new MSRR, SDE RR will be finalized and he had planned to give chance to meritorious candidate to get early promotion through internal competitive exams.

We demanded to deposit pending SAB fund upto current month; also, to approve pending SAB contribution. CMD has assured us that even though SAB contribution can be increased as revenue increases but he will consider to increase quantum

We inquired about SDE to AGM promotion status, on which CMD said he has already discussed with all three association GS and once a common consent is made, he will be able to execute promotion within next 10 days. We also demanded planning for considering last eligible candidate, CMD assured to give maximum possible promotion. He also said he was one who readily agreed for addition of 1500 post against original proposal. For AO to CAO promotion CMD assured for positive steps.

Meeting extended for more than 1 hour against allotted time for few minutes.

Team Gujarat extend sincere thank to CMD for sparing his time for more than one hour in his brief and busy schedule.