AGM of ALTTC held on 4th Aug 2023 at Ghaziabad :

AGM of ALTTC held on 4th Aug 2023 at Ghaziabad :

The Annual General Meeting of AIGETOA ALTTC Circle was successfully conducted on 4th Aug 2023 at Ghaziabad. The Chief Guests of the function CGMT ALTTC Sh Nitin Jain and Guest of Honors All India President Sh Veerabhadra Rao, GS Ravi Shil Verma, Dy GS Sh Pavan Akhand, AGS CHQ Sh Sunil Gautam, PGM North Sh P N Dohare & PGM Sh Akhilesh Gupta attended the event and graced the occasion.

Open session was held in first half & in second half deliberation on various HR issues like Pay loss, Promotion, Pension took place.

An special session was organized for all executives promoted to JTO under various internal recruitment process to discuss about the intrinsic problems associated with such recruitments, circle wise seat distribution, transfer and posting policies along with issues of SRD. Detailed deliberation on issues raised by various trainees on JTO phase_1 training was held.

After series of interactive sessions on employee welfare, the AGM was concluded with a brief achievement’s made by AIGETOA ALTTC presented by CP ALTTC Sh Naresh Singh and vote of thanks was given by CS ALTTC Sh Narenda Pratap Singh Chauhan.

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Another Proud Addition to Team AIGETOA – Shri V K Yadav, CP SNEA UP West Joins the Association – Step forward to add all executive cadres under one umbrella :

Today, Shri V K Yadav, the CP of SNEA UPW, joined AIGETOA at Aligarh. He was warmly welcomed by Shri N P Yadav, the CP of AIGETOA UPW, Shri Rahul Kumar, the CFS, and Shri Vaibhav Goyal, CHQ Advisor. We are glad to have Shri Yadav in our AIGETOA family and we hope that his experience will be invaluable in resolving the issues of the executives.

Beta Launch of BSNL 4G Indigenous Services from Amritsar, Punjab –

Today, CMD BSNL and Director CM in august presence of CGMT Punjab and BA heads inaugurated Beta launch of Indigenous 4G Services from Amritsar, Punjab.

Team AIGETOA was also present on this occasion on invitation from O/o CGMT Punjab. On this great occasion we welcomed and greeted CMD BSNL and Director CM with bouquet of flowers, shawl and a mememto.

Today BSNL has made beta launched of make in India completely Swadeshi 200 BTS sites in Amritsar, Pathankot and Ferozepur districts of Punjab Circle.

We congratulate one and all on the beta launch of 4G.

We are thankful of CMD BSNL, Director CM, CGMT Punjab, other seniors officer involved in process, BSNL POC Team and our BA Testing team for putting extreme efforts for completion of POC and making dream come reality.

Pride Moment of AIGETOA – Very Senior, Experienced, Stalwart leaders of two major association Sh Vivek Wankhede CS MH AIBSNLEA, Sh R Kolapar, Ex-AGS SNEA, Sh V B Kokate, Ex-CS MH SNEA & Sh M B Sangle Ex-AGS SNEA have shown their allegiance to the AIGETOA :

A pride moment for AIGETOA has occurred on 12th July 2023 in Pune. Good work done by AIGETOA and its inclusive approach has been appreciated by one and all. The approach of AIGETOA and it’s working is being accepted not only by executives but also the senior leaders across the associations in BSNL.

Conference at Pune is testimony of this fact, where very senior, experienced, stalwart leaders of two major association have shown their allegiance to the AIGETOA In presence of GS Shri Ravi Shil Verma and Patron in Chief Shri A A Khan. Leaders who opted membership of AIGETOA are :

  • Shri Vivek Wankhede, CS MH AIBSNLEA
  • Shri R Kolapkar, Ex AGS SNEA
  • Shri V B Kokate, Ex CS MH SNEA
  • Shri M B Sangle Ex AGS SNEA

They have lauded the working of Association for the welfare of executives and enumerated various work done by it for the welfare of executives like

  • Transparency in transfer and posting by OTP.
  • Execution of promotion in various cadres JE to JTO, JTO to SDE, SDE to AGM
  • EPF Higher pension.
  • GHI in Covid period.
  • Working for the growth and development of BSNL.
  • Touching the very basic and vital issues like E-DPC, E-Office, E Roster and getting them implemented in BSNL which has made things smooth for BSNL Executives.

They have praised the AIGETOA leadership for its Maturity, temperament, and fighting spirit shown by them while dealing with various issue of paramount importance for the welfare of executives in BSNL. They were of the firm view that AIGETOA is the only association which has the capability to get the Standard Pay Scales, Pay Loss Issues and 3rd PRC implemented in BSNL.

They also exposed the hollowness in the leadership of other association who don’t have the will to question management and their approach is to create division in Executives.

GS Ravi Shil Verma expressed his gratitude to the leaders for showing belief in AIGETOA and expressed confidence that the vast experience of these leaders will definitely give greater force to AIGETOA in resolution of long pending HR issues. He expressed surprise, how the other association failed to recognize and utilize this experience. He was also of the view that they are creating division not only in Executives but in their own association where they are disowning the legacy and experience of their own association in the name of version upgrade 2.0. He said that any leadership which doesn’t owns its own legacy will never own the responsibility of resolving the issues, will again try to find the excuses and finally will lead the executive a back to pre 2020 era of despair, dejection and demotivation. He further said AIGETOA is an association which owns not only the credit for success but also the responsibility of failures.

Friends it’s high time to realize the fact that we have miles to go, this is just beginning of new era of development, prosperity of BSNL and its executives. He further elaborated upon the future action plan of AIGETOA with respect to the pending issues, significance of BMS in taking the voice of BSNL Executives to the highest Echelons and requested that the positive change which has begun in BSNL after AIGETOA becoming MA should not be allowed to be drifted away. He requested one and all to Join AIGETOA.

We once again emphasize that by Joining AIGETOA, You will be the part of the change Yourself.

The only Alternative to AIGETOA is an even more strong AIGETOA.

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AIGETOA Karnataka Proudly Welcomes Sh Santosh Gowda, Founder Member AIGETOA :

Shri Santosh Gowda was instrumental in the formation of AIGETOA, organizing executives and has extensive experience at highest level pertaining to policy matters.

AIGETOA also welcomes Senior Accounts Officers Shri Baskar and Shri Venkatesh Deshpande along with Executives from Telecom wing Shri CHVVSSS Murthy-Batch 2005, Shri Harish Babu-Batch 2007, Smt. Nisha Gowda-Batch 2001 into AIGETOA Family.

It is worth emphasizing that our new Family Members bring with them wealth of Experience and Knowledge on wider fronts which will be beneficial to the overall welfare of the Executives.

It is indeed need of the hour to make AIGETOA the sole platform for congregation of all BSNL Executives to strengthen bargaining advantage with the management in order to achieve all our outstanding issues.

Step forward to add all executive cadres under one umbrella i.e. AIGETOA :

Dear All,

It is a matter of pride for AIGETOA Punjab Family to tell you all that All PS/PA of Punjab Telecom Circle led by Shri Sanjeev Kumar Ji PS and Sh. Nanu Ram Ji PA to CGM Punjab expressed their faith in the transparent working of AIGETOA and majority of them took the membership of AIGETOA and rest will join shortly.

We welcome all to the AIGETOA Family. We extend our heartfelt gratitude on behalf of AIGETOA to them for extending their belief in our association.

We express our thanks to Sh. Ravi shil Verma Ji, GS AIGETOA for timely support and guidance. We also express our gratitude to whole CEC team of Punjab Circle.

AIGETOA aims to represent and address the aspirations of executives from various cadres and streams. By joining AIGETOA, executives can actively contribute to shaping the future and work towards the betterment.

We once again Welcome all of them to AIGETOA Family.

Team AIGETOA Punjab

The only alternative to AIGETOA is an even more strong AIGETOA.

Join AIGETOA – Be the change Yourself.

One more impetus to call of executives unity under the umbrella of AIGETOA – ACS SNEA UP (East) Sh Pankaj Nirala joined AIGETOA :

One more impetus to call of executives unity under the umbrella of AIGETOA – Assistant Circle Secretary SNEA UPE Sh Pankaj Nirala a dynamic and young (2007 batch) leader resigned from SNEA as well as from his ACS post and joined AIGETOA.

Warm Welcome to AIGETOA Family, Shri Pankaj Nirala, Assistant Circle Secretary SNEA UP East Circle Body SDE, 2007 Batch

He expressed his confidence in the leadership of AIGETOA and told that AIGETOA is taking the issues with right approach, they have the zeal to fight for the rights, take the issues to its logical conclusion and above all they have shown the inclusive approach without any bias. He further expressed that AIGETOA is the larger umbrella which have mix of all group of leaders and hence they are best fit and natural home to all executives in order to carry forward the aspirations.

Friends this has created a new chapter in the Executive Unity of UPE and is going to give great impetus to the collective resolution of issues including the financial one at district/circle as well as CHQ level.

Warm Welcome to GM (O) Lucknow, Sh Kamlesh Kukreti on becoming the part of AIGETOA Family on dtd 06.07.2023:

Congratulations to AIGETOA UPE on this significant development !!

On 6th July 2023, GM (O) Lucknow, UP(East) Sh Kamlesh Kukreti has join AIGETOA. It is a testament to the association’s growing influence and credibility. The team AIGETOA warmly welcomes Sh Kamlesh Kukreti and expresses our gratitude for his decision to join our esteemed association.

It’s a positive step towards strengthening the association and working towards the betterment of the company. It will inspire and motivate the members of AIGETOA, while also bringing new perspectives and ideas to the association.

Immediate stopping of Monetisation of Densely Populated Staff Quarters of Mumbai at Powai and Prabhadevi Dadar and Immediate stopping of eviction process of these quarters – Causing great deal of suffering to the resident employees and resulting unrest among the employees of Mumbai : GS writes to CMD BSNL

GS writes to CMD BSNL regarding immediate stopping of Monetisation of Densely Populated Staff Quarters of Mumbai at Powai and Prabhadevi Dadar and Immediate stopping of eviction process of these quarters. It is causing great deal of suffering to the resident employees and resulting unrest among the employees of Mumbai.

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