Implementation of Long Stay Transfer Order:

Finally the legacy era in transfer posting has ended in BSNL with execution of Long Stay Transfer Orders and the subsequent relieving by BSNL CO.

AIGETOA has always stood for transparency in the system and that was the reason for introducing the OTP policy which ended the monopoly of few over request transfer policy and introduced transparency in the system. Now Executive doesn’t have to run pillar and post for getting his cases forwarded to BSNL CO. He can get his cases forwarded just by a single click of mouse by sitting at the comfort of his home or Office. This is one of the most prominent achievement of AIGETOA.

Long Stay transfer order was one of the demand of the association. Finally management understood the need and first issued transfer order and yesterday relieved from the ERP System. At the same time association also pursued for genuine medical cases etc. for retention and succeeded in retaining such cases irrespective of their Association affiliations. We don’t believe in prejudice and accordingly we always vouch for transparency in the system. Publishing of waiting list for Hard Tenure Transfers was another demand of the association and we succeeded in that too.

We extend our sincere thanks to CMD BSNL, Director HR and PGM for introducing this change in the system. Though still system needs further refinement and improvement and we will continue to pursue for making it more rugged, transparent and firm.

Click here for the relieving orders

Click here for the relieving order

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