About Us

We aim to provide information about the member’s contribution towards AIGETOA to build a prosperous BSNL for mutual and collective gains, welfare and to work hand in hand to continue to uphold the global position of the organization as a market leader. The first batch of DR GEJTOs was directly recruited in the year 2001 through the All India’s competitive examination conducted by BSNL.

The officers at BSNL were recruited in three different ways: –

  • Officers directly recruited as JTO (Class-II) Officers through the All India Examination.
  • Absorbed Officers who were previously working in DOT.
  • TTA promoted to Class-II grade through seniority cum fitness or LICE.

With the passage of time, there was the birth of many discrepancies in HR policies related to BSNL Recruits. To protect the rights of BSNL Recruits there was a need for the association. In 2005, some of the BR JTOs met and led the foundation of AIGETOA. The AIGETOA had a modest beginning in 2006 when the AIGETOA introduced it with the limited idea of discrimination related to BSNL Recruits in real-time. Its formation was a major event of BSNL. Its establishment meant BRs had come together and could no longer be ignored. It developed enormous hopes amongst the BSNL Recruits. From the day of formation till now, AIGETOA has been studying, focusing, and resolving various issues related to BSNL Recruits. AIGETOA has been able to rise and solve most of the issues which have received common consensus from the members.