Updates on Meeting of Team AIGETOA with Director HR :

Updates on Meeting of Team AIGETOA with Director HR :

Team AIGETOA comprising of AIC Sh Ravishil Verma, GS Sh Pavan Akhand, AGS Sh Yogendra Kumar & AGS Sh Sunil Gautam met Dir HR on 19.01.2023 discussed issues related to OTP request transfers, modifications of Hard and Soft tenure stations for Uttarakhand and Karnataka Circles, left out JTO to SDE promotion, SDE reversal issue, left out all eligible SDE to AGM promotions, Syllabus and Pattern for examination.

On OTP request transfer, it was informed that Director HR has directed Personnel Section to process the request transfer cases and the cases shall be considered based on feasibility, merit of the requests and administrative requirements. There was a reluctance on the part of Director HR with respect to consideration of the request cases from Karnataka Circle. However, after our insistence, he agreed to consider cases from Karnataka also. It is expected that orders may be issued within one week.

It was discussed that all AGMs (those who already applied OTP request) who has been promoted in recent SDE to AGM will have to apply fresh OTP in AGM cadre by cancelling the old OTP request. Further, we requested for consideration of request transfer cases of SDEs wanting the transfer to Hard Tenure stations against the waiting list of JTOs wanting to move out from these circles through Rule 8. This way both the waiting list for Rule 8 as well as waiting list for SDEs for hard tenure will be cleared.

Further, we also requested to consider seeking volunteers for posting at deficit circles from all the cadres so that executives from long stay list can accommodate themselves against such circles voluntarily. Director HR assured to consider our suggestions in this regard.

On the issue of declaration of Hard Tenure Stations of Uttarakhand, Gujarat and Soft tenure Stations for Karnataka and few other places, It was informed that matter is under active consideration, discussions have taken place and order is expected in the last week of January 2023.

On Left out JTO to SDE, way out to promote 104 executive is under consideration and they will be promoted soon.

On SDE Reversal issue, it was informed by Director HR that issue is under active consideration. Association demanded to immediately settle the issue without any further delay. Director HR appreciated our concern.

On PWD issue, clarity will be there once Hon’ble PCAT decides the issue. However, the seats have been kept reserved for them.

Promotion for left out SDE to AGM all eligible: The issue was once again discussed at length and we shared once again the complete road map to achieve the objective. We shared the vacancy calculations and necessary steps, how stagnation criteria can be inserted by discussion with all stake holders and how objections of other stake holders can be taken care of was also discussed. We also highlighted that the Manpower Plan devised for BharatNet project is not as per the operational norms approved by BSNL Board and the same needs a correction with more number of SDEs, AGMs and DGMs post be deployed for the purpose. Further we emphasized that there is need for exclusive manpower deployment for 4G saturation project also. By this way enough posts can be created and there shall be a smooth path for not only these executives who are currently eligible but it will create a path for future SDEs also. Though, Director HR was positive on the issue but any final decision shall be taken only after discussions with CMD BSNL. We have shared the agenda points on this issue to Hon’ble CMD BSNL and his time slot for the aforesaid discussion is awaited.

We also discussed on the Syllabus and Pattern for examination. We suggested that the syllabus should be designed in such a way that it assesses the executives based on their competence, management skills and leadership qualities instead of testing the bookish knowledge. Director HR appreciated our view and told that committee formed for the purpose shall take the inputs from AIGETOA before moving forward on anything.

Updates of Meeting with Members of MS RR Committee headed by Sh R K Goyal CGM CN-TX on 05.12.2022

Meeting of Team AIGETOA comprising of GS (I/C) Shri Pavan Akhand, AIC Shri Ravi Shil Verma, Convenor Shri P N Sharma, FS Shri B K Mehta and AGS Shri Yogendra Kumar was held with Members of the MS RR committee headed by Sh R K Goyal CGM CN-TX held on 05-12-2022 for informal discussion on various clauses of draft MS RR .Team AIGETOA put all the concerns of members as suggested by Internal MS RR committee of AIGETOA according to findings given by internal committee members vide online meeting held on 04-12-2022 . The Team categorically emphasized that AIGETOA first wants to know the vision of management behind drafting these RRs and what level they are envisaging for a fresh entry level executives to reach to while framing this draft. We categorically told that without knowing Managements version, We are not in a position to submit any draft. Thereafter management side explained their vision after which the discussion and deliberations started.

Following Major points were highlighted by Team AIGETOA to MS RR draft committee :

  • We clearly emphasized that there is Lack of overall career progression path and HR vision is missing in the draft RR . While it’s a good thing that management is moving towards meritocracy but at the same time it can be seen that the residency period at higher levels have been raised too high which will stop the career progression at higher levels.
  • Minimum assured career progression for all executives as well as opportunity to reach at apex position by meritorious candidate is totally missing in the draft RR. There should be selection by merit at all levels and mere APAR scores should not be the only criteria to judge the suitability of executives at level beyond DGM. Merit has to be the criteria for selection at all levels.
  • Stagnation clause must be there at AGM/CAO level in the MS RR . Without stagnation clause and sufficient provision to the promotional avenues of existing executives, no MSRR is acceptable to AIGETOA.
  • External Recruitment mentioned in MS RR ( MT & DR DGM) should be abolished and AIGETOA will never accept any lateral recruitment at levels beyond JTO/JAO.
  • Existing Executives who have cleared the residency period should be promoted before execution of new RR .
  • Eligibility criteria for the AGM LICE to be extended for JTO + SDE total service length completed in line with DGM LICE and the minimum residency criteria may be made more liberal for fast track mode.
  • Fast track path vacancies should be Separately created. Already worked out vacancies should be used only for DPC channel.
  • MSRR must ensure with 5 EPP promotions ( E2-E7) intact with increment on same scale working too as in old MS RR.
  • Stringent APAR benchmarks proposed in draft has been pointed out as well as clubbing IPMS to APAR should be avoided incase APAR getting linked with EPP.
  • Weightage of number of completed service year’s to be given in fast track.
  • Foot note 2 must be implemented in right spirit.
  • 3 months relaxation can be given for minimum years service completion on cut-off date.
  • Diploma + 10 years service to be taken equivalent to engineering degree.
  • All mode of recruitment to be completed in a single calendar year to avoid seniority clashes due to administrative reasons.
  • Total seats must be increased on one time basis in all cadres to give sufficient career hierarchy to the executives at all levels and to prevent them from stagnating in the cadre for long.
  • Weightage for higher qualification must be given.

MS RR Committee Chairman Sh. R K Goyal noted all points and told us to submit the inputs as soon as possible and he assured to discuss the inputs thereafter in the committee and to be incorporated up to best possible extent . We told that since this is the first deliberation with the committee, we shall be conveying the management view points to the various stake holders, take their feedback and thereafter we will submit our feedback and for that we need some more time. Committee requested us to expedite the formal inputs. AIGETOA shall be discussing the points of the deliberations with the internal committee formed for the purpose and after detailed deliberations, the draft by AIGETOA shall be submitted probably by next week

Apart from the above points, following points were also raised to resolve before new MS RR :

1] SDE Reversal Case.

2] Promotion for all eligible SDEs to AGM & AO to CAO.

3] Promotion of left out JTOs to SDEs.

4] Promotion to PWD candidates in line with the recently issues DoP&T guidelines.

Meeting with GM Pers on settlement of SDE 2007 reversal issue and status on promotions in AGM grade for PWD candidates

Meeting of Team AIGETOA consisting of Dy GS Shri Pavan Akhand, AIC Shri Ravi Shil Verma, AGSs Shri Sunil Gautam and Shri Yogendra Kumar with GM Pers on settlement of SDE 2007 reversal issue and status on promotions in AGM grade for PWD candidates:

SDE Reversal Case :

Team AIGETOA reminded GM Pers about the discussion with Director HR wherein Hon’ble Director HR has categorically directed to settle the SDE 2007 reversal issue without any further delay. We firmly told GM Pers that he should realize the agony of the affected candidates and should not delay the action anymore. We requested GM Pers to call for committee Meeting and resolve the issue by next week as these candidates have already faced enough hardships and this mental torture and agony must end now. GM Pers assured that he will do the needful and speak to Hon’ble Director HR in this regard. We also informed GM Pers that all Candidates are open to out of court settlement and legal tangles in various courts will not be any issue provided management takes firm initiative to end the dispute and reinstate the Seniority of these candidates. As far as the current status is concerned, their names were in DPC and seats are kept reserved for them. Team AIGETOA shall be taking this matter further with Director HR early next week.

Promotion in PWD Quota

With regard to promotions in PWD quota, it was informed that action for DPC has been taken in line with the Directions of Hon’ble PCAT and further necessary action shall be taken after getting directions from Hon’ble PCAT in next hearing.

Promotion for all eligible SDEs to AGM & AO to CAO

Earlier with CMD BSNL and Director HR, Team AIGETOA raised the issue of promotions for the all eligible SDEs to AGM grade, AO to CAO promotions and also the left out JTOs for the SDE promotions. It was informed that management remains open to the promotion within the ambit of rules and structure. We told Hon’ble CMD that within the ambit of current structure only, the promotions of all eligible SDEs are possible, the need is to recognise the injustice met out to competitive quota candidates belonging to list 12 and 13. There are enough precedence in the organization both recently as well as earlier which can ensure much awaited promotion to all eligible SDEs to AGM grade.

Promotion of left out JTOs to SDEs

Similarly now it’s high time that promotion to the remaining left out JTOs to SDE Cadre is executed immediately to avoid perpetual losses in their careers. We also requested CMD BSNL for AO to CAO promotions and informed him that now with both sides willing to sort out the issue with consensus amicably, management must not miss the opportunity to ensure Promotions in AO to CAO cadre.

While meeting Director HR also, we raised the same issues. Director HR assured to take our submissions into consideration.

Friends, A lot of apprehensions are going on in the minds of all executives. We firmly and non ambiguously affirm that we will ensure the promotions to all eligible before moving on to the amended MS RRs.

We would like to convey that while we don’t hesitate in applauding the good efforts of our management, in the same manner we don’t hesitate in standing tough and tall against the actions which are contrary to the interests of the fraternity as well as organisation.

We request one and all to remain united and lend their firm support in our endeavors to ensure the best for our executive cadre.

Together we will achieve everything.

Update on Meetings with CMD BSNL, Director HR

The discussions and efforts are paving the way for much awaited promotions into AGM cadre. AIGETOA team comprising of Dy. GS Sh Pavan Akhand and Chairman Sh Ravisheel Verma and AGS Shri Sunil Gautam had marathon discussions and meetings in the last week to clear the stalemate with regard to promotion as well as Seniority issue.

The team (Dy. GS Sh Pavan Akhand and Chairman Sh Ravisheel Verma) met CMD BSNL, Director HR and GM (Pers) yesterday and requested to way forward nod for the promotions. The meeting ended on positive note and CMD BSNL was kind enough to issue firm Directions down the line. We also requested CMD BSNL for initiating the process for the next lot of promotions without any further delay. We also apprised CMD BSNL that with new MS RR, BSNL has finally recognised the need for pushing the deserving ones further up in the career but we highlghted that certain things have been missed out which are needed to incorporated to ensure that a firm and rugged system is in place with equal opportunity to all the deserving ones. CMD BSNL assured that while management has tried it’s best to ensure a merit oriented path for Executives but they are open to further suggestions and all genuine inputs shall be considered. We sought a detailed meeting under the chairmanship of CMD BSNL to present our views. Our AIGETOA Team is studying the MSRR draft and shall be presenting it’s views after haiving a detailed study and inputs from all concerned.

We sincerely hope that the aspirations of senior executives and junior executives who are placed in various cadres and streams will be satisfactorily cleared. Further with regard to ongoing AGM promotions also, we are firm on our path to ensure Promotions for all within the shortest possible time and CMD BSNL has also assured us that once the process takes a start, he is open to discussion on next course of promotions,

We also highlighted that while the thrust of MSRR is on IPMS, the same is not being implemented in a scientific manner and instead targets which are assigned to the executives are unreasonable and practically unachievable most of the time. CMD BSNL recognised our concern and told that he also agrees that IPMS should be a firm and rugged system with reasonable and practical targets and assured that they shall be taking firm actions to ensure the much needed reforms in the system which includes hiring a consultancy firm also.

Later Dy. GS & AIC held discussions with CGM (NTR) PGM(SR), PGM (Est), GM (Pers) and held brief discussions with regard to draft of MS RRs. We told that though many inputs are covered but still certain things have been left out which are needed to be taken care of while amending the RRs. Committee Members asked us to provide our inputs. We told that we shall be reverting after having a detailed study. It is further understood from the discussions that there are some inadvertent errors with respect to the eligibility criteria are there in the draft which will be rectified while finalizing the RRs. We are very sure management will listen to our genuine apprehensions and will take necessary steps to accommodate the same.

Friends, slowly and steadily we are moving forward towards the change which we wanted to introduce in the system. We are aware that many things are still there to be taken care of but with our firm and United approach, we will be able to ensure that all lacuna is plugged off and finally we will succeed in creating a win win situation for all.

Need is to have firm faith and patience.

Together We Can. Together We Have. Together We will.

Updates on the meeting with Director HR held on 09.11.2022

Team AIGETOA lead by Shri Pavan Akhand Deputy GS, Shri Ravi Shil Verma All India Chairman, Shri Sunil Gautam AGS held a meeting with Director HR Shri Arvind Vadnerkar on dated 09.11.2022. Shri S N Gupta, GM (Pers) was also present in the meeting. The following points were discussed in the meeting:

Staff Merger of MTNL issue :

It was categorically informed that any degradation in pay scale will not be accepted by AIGETOA at all and now it’s high time that management should pursue with DoT for clearance of E2 Pay scales for JTO/JAO/Equivalent and E3 Pay scales for SDE/AO/Equivalent. Staff Merger with MTNL cannot happen without addressing this issue and that too in positive manner. Added to pay scale issue, other issues are also there like determination of Inter-Se-Seniority post-merger of staff with BSNL etc. We requested to direct the committee for immediately start the discussion with recognised association of BSNL. Director HR appreciated our concern and told that he will direct the committee members to hold the discussion with AIGETOA.

Initiating the Committee discussions with AIGETOA w.r.t 22820 issue:

We requested Director HR to direct the committee for 22820/- to initiate discussion with AIGETOA which is badly delayed. Director HR assured that he will direct the PGM (Estt) for necessary action on the same.

AGM Promotions for List-8 in Telecom Cadre:

It was informed to Director HR that management has already executed AGM promotions in Electrical Stream and its high time that promotions in AGM cadre for telecom stream should also be executed for List-8 which is litigation free as on date. GM Pers cited legal issues on which we contradicted that there is no such legal hurdle for List-8 and it is only management’s reluctance to take firm decision which is stopping the whole process. We told instead of waiting any further, immediate action should be taken for executing promotions for Telecom wing immediately for these executives who are waiting since 14-20 years for their promotion. Director (HR) assured that he will explore all the possible options to execute the long pending AGM promotions and told us that his priority is to ensure these long pending promotions and he is very hopeful that management will be able to issue the orders in coming days without much delay.

Revising the Seniority List-9 to List-12 based on Rota and Quota as per Directions of Kolkata CAT:

We informed Director (HR) that the DoPT order 13.08.2021 which clearly stipulates that the Rota and Quota are to be executed for all the promotions held between 27.11.2012 to 18.11.2019. We told that lists covering promotions in SDE Telecom cadre held after November 2008 were never under dispute or under litigation and that there was no direction from any court on manner or formulation of seniority for candidates belonging to these lists. We made it very clear that only formula which exists as on date today for fixation of seniority for candidates belonging to List 9 and onwards is Rota and Quota based upon the directions of DoP&T, DoT, Ministry of Legal Affairs and Hon’ble CAT Kolkata Judgment which has upheld the applicability of DoP&T guidelines in case of candidates belonging to the list 9 and onwards.

SDE reversal issue for LDCE 2007 batch:

It was categorically informed that this issue has been pending since very long and management should settle it now as one time measure. Director (HR) assured for an early and expeditious settlement of the issue.

SDE RR amendment notification:

It was informed by Director (HR) that DoT has raised some issues in amendment related to stagnation criteria which is causing some delay. After the meeting of Director HR, AIGETOA Team immediately met Member (Services) and explained him about all the nitti-gritties related to SDE RR amendment proposal.

Discussion on amendment of MS RRs:

We expressed our serious concern on non-finalisation of revised MS RR containing the provisions of Fast Track Promotions, Scrapping of MT and DR DGM RRs, and Introduction of Stagnation Criteria for promotion to AGM grade. We told that it was unfortunate that despite repeated missing of deadline for discussions, management has yet not initiated the discussion with recognised association despite the fact that 2-3 meetings of the committee have already been held. Director HR assured that he will direct committee members to start discussion with association immediately. We expect that discussions shall be initiated very soon. After the meeting with Director (HR), Team went to meet Shri R.K. Goyal, the senior most committee member and apprised him of our concerns. He also assured that discussion with association shall be initiated soon. He also informed that DOT has raised some objection on Stagnation Criteria for SDE RR amendment.

AO to CAO promotions:

We informed Director (HR) that the pending litigation in CAO promotions can be settled with discussion amongst the applicants and management and management should not miss this opportunity for settling the dispute and executing the AO to CAO promotions immediately. We also requested for completing the preparatory exercise immediately for them.

Issuance of Hard Tenure Declaration for Uttarakhand and Soft Tenure for Few SSAs of Karnataka:

We informed Director HR that despite many a times discussion on the issue, instructions have not been issued for the same. It was assured that orders in this regard shall be issued very soon and directed GM (Pers) to ensure the issuance without any further delay.

Processing of OTP cases:

We said there was inordinate delay in processing of the cases and requested GM (Pers) to issue the same without any further delay. We requested for issuance of pending request of CHQ OBs also. Director HR and GM (Pers) assured for an expeditious action in this regard.

Holding of Agenda Meeting with AIGETOA:

We requested for allocating the time slot for holding the formal agenda meeting of management with AIGETOA. Director HR told us to submit the agenda points and assured us that he will direct PGM (SR) for holding the agenda meeting in this month itself.

Few issues could not be taken up due to paucity of time and we shall be meeting Director HR again to discuss them.

AIGETOA Team Meeting with Hon’ble MOC at Bhubaneswar (Odisha) on 16th Oct 2022

AIGETOA team comprising of Shri D K Sahoo (VP CHQ), Shri Ashok Acharya (Chairman Odisha Circle), Shri P K Mohanty (CP Odisha) and Shri Dhiren Parida (CS Odisha) met and submitted a memorandum comprising LONG PENDING HR ISSUES IN BSNL to Hon’ble MOC Shri Ashwini Vaishnaw ji at Bhubaneswar on 16th October’ 22 during his visit to BSNL Bhawan for review of 4G Saturation project. AIGETOA team requested for his kind intervention for giving suitable instruction to BSNL for resolution of HR issues. Hon’ble MoC went through the memorandum and recalled the meeting during July agitation when team AIGETOA apprised him that no appreciable progress has taken place despite his firm assurances on HR issues.

AIGETOA Team, requested Honorable MoC for immediate approval of long due Std pay scale E2 for JTO/JAO cadre & E3 for SDE /AO cadre, which is pending at DOT for a long period.

MOC has assured AIGETOA team to look into the matter with positive approach and assured expeditious resolution.

AIGETOA Team also aprised him, about his assurance during recent Delhi agitation period, for scrapping of MT process started by BSNL and to start internal fast track mechanism and apprised that till date there is no progress on scrapping of MT RRs as well as introduction of fast track promotion policy in BSNL.

We aprised Hon’ble MOC that, BSNL is having thousands of Graduate engineers and Finance Professionals having Best qualification and experience. BSNL should devise fast track mechanism to promote these professionally qualified executives to manage BSNL at middle level and higher management level.

Hon’ble MoC has informed that, he has already intimated to BSNL Management to initiate process for fast track promotion and stop present form of MT recruitment. It will be pertinent to mention that during July Meeting also, Honble MoC was in affirmation with our view that there should not be any jumping of cadre and lateral entry of freshers at higher level.

Team also requested Hon’ble MoC for promotion in SDE to AGM and AO to CAO cadre and to issue necessary instructions to BSNL Management to increase of SAB quantum immediately..

Hon’ble MoC informed that, Govt has given 1.64 Lakh crore pkg to BSNL, Govt also expect revival of BSNL and appealed the employees of BSNL to work Dedicatedly for revival of BSNL, and assured that, all the HR issues will be given its due consideration with positive approach.

AIGETOA Team emphasised its firm support for the endeavours taken by government for the betterment of BSNL and on request Honorable MoC agreed for a review meeting at New Delhi.

During the review meeting of progress of 4G saturation project, he discussed progress with individual BA/OA Heads and instructed to adhere to the time lines and ensure direct involvement of BA Heads into operational issues and project execution.

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