Extension of APAR Timelines upto 31.05.2023 :

Approval of Laptop reimbursement policy to executives:

As per assurance extended to AIGETOA in agenda meeting and subsequent pursuance thereof, management approves the proposal for laptop reimbursement to executives. As informed earlier that it will start from BSNL CO and shall be replicated at field units. Half of the journey achieved for reimbursement of laptop to executives of BSNL. We will ensure the same for other field units also soon. All the circle Secretaries are requested to meet their CGMs and get the same approved at circle also.

All circles may send the feedback from CGM in this regard to CHQ. We remain committed to resolve all the obstacles and ensure smooth implementation at all levels.

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Screening Committee Report and Vigilance Clearance for JTO(T) for promotion to SDE(T) under 67% SQ :

Pers Cell, BSNL CO writes to all Circle heads for furnishing of Screening Committee Report & Vigilance Clearance for JTO (T) for Promotion to SDE (T) under 67% SQ.

The following information has been furnish with respect to JTO (T) :

A] The SCR consisting of APAR grading for the period (2015-16 to 2019-20) in the prescribed format as per enclosed Annexure-1. The details of JTOs in respect of whom the SCR is to be furnished are as under :

B] Vigilance Clearance for all the JTOs (T) as above.

C] If any name is left in the final eligibility lists circulated, their SCR & VC status may also be furnished.

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Letter for Empanelment of Hospitals on Cashless Basis :

BSNL CO issues directions to circles for empanelment of hospitals in cashless basis. As per assurance given to AIGETOA and vigorous pursuasion of AIGETOA thereafter, finally BSNL Management issues instructions for empanelment of reputed hospitals at BA Levels on cashless/credit basis with an instruction to process the bills within 3 months. Compliance to be given to Director HR in this regard within 30 days. The matter was taken up yesterday also by CHQ Team. One more assurance extended to AIGETOA in agenda meeting full filled.

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Updation of Educational Qualifications of SDE Electrical in ERP Data as per RRs of BSNL Management Services in Electrical stream (MSRRs – Electrical 2023)

BSNL CO writes to all PCEs/Sr. CEs/CEs Electrical for updation of educational qualifications of SDE Electrical in ERP Data as per Recruitment Rules of BSNL Management Services in Electrical stream (MSRRs – Electrical 2023).

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List of the SDE Electrical with Educational qualifications as on 19.04.2023.

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Revised Guidelines – Policy for Allotment of Residential Accommodation to Unions & Associations :

BSNL CO issues revised guidelines wrt policy for allotment of residential accommodation to Unions and Associations. AIGETOA had earlier vociferously resisted charging on CROP rates for unions and associations and instead that the payment should be on license fee basis. Finally Management accepted our demand and issued revised guidelines in this regard.

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