Derailment Champions are at their notorious best but AIGETOA will not allow them to succeed:

Derailment Champions are at their notorious best but AIGETOA will not allow them to succeed:

The group which is primarily involved in the derailment of all issues especially with respect to promotional aspects of BSNL Recruits is now at their notorious best. It seems Promotions of BSNL Recruits is not at all acceptable to them. For last many years, they have been doing their best to stop BSNL Recruits and Competitive Quota people from getting the benefits of Promotions like stopping JTO to SDE DPC citing unnecessary Training Center Marks Confusion, Stopping execution of List 8 for their own set of members in the name of financial loss in the form of one increment, opposing VY based Seniority for List 9 and the list is endless. In fact they are planning to reach to DoT for stopping VY based Seniority to List 9 executives. Such is their vendetta against BSNL Recruits and Competitive Quota People.

However, with AIGETOA, coming in picture as majority association, the malicious designs of the Proclaimed groups were exposed and we were able to get the rightful dues of BSNL RECRUITS and the competitive quota people in motion. Now when DPC for JTO to SDE is on the cards and we wanted to extend happy Deepawali wishes along with Promotion Orders, these Proclaimed Corners have again started their dirty techniques. In fact they are so perturbed with the developments that their chief executive went to the extent of threatening one of our office bearers that he will see how management issues the Promotions Orders.

As usual, whenever DPC is in sight, these people don’t forget to serve notice for implementation of the half baked CPSU Hierarchy, while all these times they prefer to keep mum on the half baked policy. They know that their notice is not going to have much impact on the DPC Process, so now through their activists, they are trying to get stay on the ongoing DPC for JTO to SDE Promotions from court of law. As many as four cases have already been filed out of which three attempts have already been foiled by AIGETOA team but they have partially succeeded in getting the DPC derailed from the fourth. But they will not succeed; it’s AIGETOA’s firm assurance.

Similarly, another set of their activist tried to stay the operation of List 9 from court of Law which was again foiled by the Alert eyes of AIGETOA. We really wonder why BSNL Recruits and affected competitive quota members still continue to be their members. We hope good sense will prevail and they will stop watering the plants of these Proclaimed corners as their own money is being used against them.

Anyways, purpose of our message is not to indulge into blame game. From the recent stay order in a case filed by the Executives who are mostly their activists, a lot of panic and sense of negativity has cropped into the minds of our BSNL Recruits who were due for Promotions. We want to assure them AIGETOA team is on job and we will not let this process be derailed because of malicious designs of few persons. We will ensure JTO to SDE Promotions at all costs and under any circumstances. Please don’t panic and instead try to inculcate a sense of sanity in those executives who are trying to derail the process. Despite, AIGETOA getting the process initiated for the next batches, these people have preferred to try to stop the ongoing process. We do understand that some people under the misguidance of over ambitious leaders are getting trapped in their scheme of things. Surprisingly, name of those over smart persons/leaders are not figuring in the list of applicants. However, it is their call but in general; executives should not forget that delaying the ongoing process will delay the next process also. So the best approach should be to live and let live others and do away with the crab culture. Let’s all reach out to each other in a constructive manner so that none is left behind and all get their rightful dues. AIGETOA CHQ would like to inform that the Process of LDCE for next Vacancy Years have also been initiated and very soon development will be on that part also which will take care of all eligible batches upto current year in a very short period of time.

Just have faith and patience. We will take care of all of you and we would like to assure once again that don’t panic. We are on course to get the Promotions Orders issued at the earliest. Further, we would like to warn those negative minded persons also. Don’t worries, Karma will take care of you!

And Finally, We would like to tell management also that if they make unnecessary delay now and allow all such unnecessary court cases to prevail, association will be left with no other options than to resort to organizational actions and come to streets against the continued injustice.

Details of Meeting of AIGETOA CHQ Team with DIRECTOR HR:

As per earlier schedule, CHQ Team of AIGETOA consisting of AIP CHQ Shri Ravi Shil Verma , VP CHQ Shri B K Mehta and OS Shri Vivek Kumar Singh met Director HR on 4th Sept 2020. Director HR Shri Arvind Vadnerkar, Shri Arun Kumar PGM Pers, Shri A M Gupta, Sr GM SR and Shri Manish Kumar GM restructuring was present from Management Side. Following issues were discussed:


It was informed by PGM Pers that they are waiting for the judgement copy. After receipt of Judgement copy, final opinion of the advocate shall be taken and action shall be initiated accordingly. We sought clarification that whether there is any deviation from process decided earlier. It was told that there is no such deviation from earlier stand and since judgement has been pronounced, management just wants to be doubly sure of process adopted by them. We extended our thanks and requested PGM Pers to ensure that Promotions from JTO to SDE happens within the month of September itself and process for next DPC and LDCE is notified soon thereafter. We are hoping that management will keep it’s words for issuance of promotions within this one month.

SDE Reversal:

It was informed that complete data has been compiled and the documents have been shared with all committee members. The committee was scheduled to meet in the last week itself but due to sudden demise of close relative of one of the committee members, meeting has been postponed and shall be held once he rejoins. We request all our affected friends to exercise a little bit of more patience. Some times things go beyond our hands. This is one of the same situation. It is difficult for the committee to give report in the absence of one of the committee members. We are expecting this issue to be resolved very soon.

Publication of Seniority List for the VY 2007-08 onwards:

We requested for immediate publication of the subsequent lists. It was informed that legal opinion has been sought from the Senior advocate dealing with the case earlier. Any further action shall be taken only after receipt of legal opinion. We categorically told that VY based Seniority is our right and any deviation from this will lead to injustice for all affected SDEs and shall not be in line with what RR states. Management assured that your right will be protected and justice will prevail .We expect a positive outcome on this issue soon.

BA Merger and Restructuring:

We highlighted discrepancies of the proposed structure especially with respect to Geographical Distance and Positional norms in various grades. We shared the feedback received from various circle members and OBs with management. We also shared our strong opposition on any reduction in the number promotional posts and categorically stated that any reduction in the number of posts beyond stipulated guidelines shall be strongly opposed. We clearly told that management should not consider existing executives as a liability and there should not be any dent to the promotional aspects of executives in the name of reorganisation. We requested for consideration of all pending promotions in all cadres before restructuring. It was decided a detailed meeting shall be further called on the issue to finalise the things in a manner which is beneficial for all. On the issue of shifting of BBNW HQs to Bangaluru, it was informed that the decision has been taken in view that major works of both NCNGN and BBNW are at Bangaluru. We said that such type of change of headquarters should be avoided. However it was assured that no executive will be disturbed from his present place of posting. We once again requested management to reconsider this decision.

The detailed agenda meeting to discuss the issues submitted by association shall be held on 16th Sept 2020.

Dear friends

Our team is on job. There are many who will try to misguide, deviate and befool all but we request all of you to exercise faith and patience and not to get the deterred by unnecessary utterances of other persons or groups. We are moving ahead with focused approach and if we face something which is setback or contrary to our interests, shall be informed to one and all with full transparency so that together we all can fight against any such injustices.

Updates on Meeting with PGM (Pers)

AIGETOA CHQ team yesterday met PGM Pers and had discussions on the issues of JTO To SDE DPC, SDE reversion case, Preparation of further seniority list in SDE cadres and consideration of request transfers which were put on hold before MV. It was apprised that things are in pipeline and management is working on the issues. With regard to SDE reversion cases, final meeting of the committee is scheduled to happen next week.

There is a strong objection from other associations on method of seniority fixation in list 9 which shows their biased attitude towards competitive quota people. However AIGETOA is firm in its opinion that Vacancy Year seniority should prevail and the list has been correctly prepared to some extent and in fact provision of Rota should also be inserted in the list. The work in JTO to SDE DPC will also be initiated soon. The request transfers shall be processed immediately.