Meeting with Hon’ble Minister of State for Finance Dr Bhagwat Kishanrao Karad Ji on 3rd PRC & Residual Issues of 2nd PRC :

Meeting with Hon’ble Minister of State for Finance Dr Bhagwat Kishanrao Karad Ji on 3rd PRC & Residual Issues of 2nd PRC :

Team AIGETOA consisting of Sh Rajendra Kolapkar CHQ Advisor, Sh Prashant Kolhare DP Aurangabad, Sh Amit Kuril DS Aurangabad, ADS Sh Sagar Pardhe & BTEU consisting of Sh Shiwaji Wagh ACS & Sh K B Bagal VP BTEU meets Hon’ble Minister of State for Finance Dr Bhagwat Kishanrao Karad Ji & had a detailed discussion on the long pending HR issues of BSNL employees.

Need for waiver of affordability clause for BSNL in respect of implementation of 3rd PRC was discussed on which Hon’ble Minister extended his positive assurance.

We are hopeful of a breakthrough on the issues of 3rd PRC & Residual issues of 2nd PRC through this meeting.

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AIGETOA’s Response to Recognition Period Extension – One PSU, One Association :

In response to the management’s move of increasing the recognition period to 4 years, AIGETOA submitted its comment as stated below:

If management is sincere in its approach on saving the expenditure of MV, it’s high time to consider One PSU One Association concept meaning that there should be a single association in the PSU and executives should not be allowed to be divided into groups. This will not only save the expenditure of BSNL but also a lot of expenditure will be saved by the respective associations also.

We request management to call the association for a constructive discussion and participative approach.

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Delhi Declaration at G20 Summit Adopts Six Key Points from L20 Summit, Recognizing BMS’s Pivotal Role:

In a significant development for the employees across the globe, today at G20 Summit, Delhi Declaration adopted 6 major points raised by Joint statement in L20 Summit which is being chaired by Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh. This echoes the significance of the voice of BMS which has played the pivotal role in getting these points being adopted by the Apex G20 group of the world. AIGETOA feels pride in its association with BMS as an affiliate association.

Earlier, Shri S Mallesham, All India VP & Sector In-charge (PSU), BMS has written to GS, AIGETOA wishing the association success in the forthcoming MV and assuring their whole hearted support for resolution of various HR issues which persists in BSNL as listed in the memorandum submitted to Hon’ble MoC by AIGETOA.

BMS has extended its firm commitment to AIGETOA for the Resolution of the long Pending HR issues of Pay, Promotions, Pension and 3rd PRC at the highest level and to take up the matters directly with Hon’ble MoC and council of Ministers.

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AIGETOA filed an OA for restoration of seniority of Competitive-Quota at Hon’ble CAT Kolkata :

On 8th Sept 2023, AIGETOA filed an OA for restoration of seniority of Competitive-Quota (List-12 & List-13) at Hon’ble CAT Kolkata. As the present seniority List 9 to List-13 was prepared by BSNL in non-compliance of DoPT OM dated 13.08.2021 which protects the seniority of Competitive/Direct Recruit quota as per Rota/Quota Rule as defined in DoPT OM dated 07/02/1986 and 03.07.1986. The OA has been admitted.

AIGETOA is committed for struggle at all levels and protecting the due rights of all executives in BSNL. Further this is also to mention that all the relief sought by our members in earlier OA on similar issue at Hon’ble CAT Kolkata has also been taken care.

Details follow.

AIGETOA proudly unveil it’s commitment for the future, dedication to transparency, a cornerstone of the Manifesto 2023 – Shapath Patra 2023 :

Dear Executives of BSNL,

We extend our heartfelt gratitude, representing AIGETOA, for your pivotal role in establishing our association as the Majority Representative Executive Association during the 2nd Membership Verification. As we stand on the brink of a new era for Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), we take immense pride and honour in presenting ourselves for the upcoming Membership Verification (3rd MV) of BSNL executives, with the aim of being elected as the recognized Majority Representative Association for the next term.

AIGETOA embarked its journey 18 years ago, characterized by its inclusive, democratic, fair and transparent approach in representing various pertinent issues. Throughout its recognition period over last 3 years, it has diligently endeavoured to rectify the substantial repercussions that the legacy establishment and associations that preceded it have inflicted upon the internal systems of BSNL and the biased practices that existed over the past two decades. It’s our firm conviction that AIGETOA has been at the forefront of driving positive change and progress for all of us and our beloved organization – BSNL, over the last recognition period.

In the past three years, our combined efforts and unwavering dedication have yielded a multitude of achievements. AIGETOA has been successful in advocating for numerous promotions by clearing the hurdles, ensuring the career growth and recognition of deserving executives. We have also diligently worked to instil transparency and equity in policies, cultivating a supportive and thriving work environment. We have sincerely tried to make a difference within the system and we believe that we made a positive impact in all spheres related with employees and the Organization. The professional way of approaching issues, our trustworthiness, sincere and honest working style, etc. have made applauds from all.

Nonetheless, we acknowledge that some commitments made during the previous MV could not be fully realized, primarily due to severe financial constraints that plagued BSNL. Additionally, the unprecedented challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns significantly impacted our capacity to actively pursue certain demands for a substantial part of the recognition period. We wholeheartedly embrace acknowledging our limitations in this aspect before the BSNL fraternity, as we firmly believe that this practice only serves to enhance our resolve and resilience. Rest assured that our determination remains steadfast in overcoming these hurdles and relentlessly advocating for your rights and well-being.

Furthermore, we have added a new dimension to our efforts in pursuing the promises by affiliating with the largest umbrella organization of trade unions in India, BMS (Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh). BMS possesses a significant voice that resonates in both the highest echelons of Government as well as political corridors. Through this affiliation, we anticipate regular and systematic interactions with government authorities at the highest levels to address various issues in the coming days, especially those issues which have financial liability and need clearance from government. Immediately within one month of affiliation, GS BMS has raised the issues of Pay Scale, Pay Loss, 30% SAB, Promotions, Revision in Allowances and Perks and the 3rd PRC implementation for BSNL employees with Hon’ble Minister Shri Ashwini Vaishnav Ji and has assured us of their fullest support. Thus, now the situation is getting different as BSNL came to Operation profit in last two FYs and we are able to reach to Ministry level and now with the involvement and presence of AIGETOA in lead position, considerable progress will be made.

The result of this affiliation is automatically visible with a series of meetings with the dignitaries at the highest level including two times meeting with Hon’ble MoC Shri Ashwini Vaishnav ji, Two Times Meeting with Hon’ble MoSC Shri Devusinh Chauhan Ji, One Meeting with Hon’ble Minister of Defense and Member of the GoM Shri Rajnath Singh Ji and many other Hon’ble dignitaries and MPs who all have assured to take the voice pertaining to our issues at the highest level and our issues of Pay Scales, Pay Loss and 3rd PRC are being precipitated at the highest level.

Please refer the appended evaluation or Assessment of Shapath Patra 2020 for more details. As you peruse this section, it is our aspiration that you will find our Assessment of Shapath Patra 2020 to be exceptionally informative and an essential tool in evaluating our performance over the preceding years. Nevertheless, as we have admitted earlier, we do agree that some of the promises made previously, remain unrealized so far due to reasons beyond our control. We assure that will continue to persist with our genuine and dedicated efforts to navigate these challenges with a clear and insightful understanding of the issues at hand.

However, we wish to underscore our unwavering resolve to actualize those promises which we passionately pursued in our current recognition period, but remain unfulfilled due to the formidable financial challenges faced by BSNL despite certain aspects making considerable progress. With this context in mind, we proudly unveil our commitment for the future, which forms the bedrock of our candidacy in the forthcoming 3rd MV. We are embarking on a journey of transparency and commitment and we present a comprehensive catalogue of the promises we intend to fulfil. Our dedication to transparency is the cornerstone of this manifesto, ensuring you are well-informed about the aspirations we hold for our shared future.

We remain confident that everyone will recognize our sincere and honest approach in pursuing our promises despite the multiple challenges that we encountered. And at this crucial juncture, we rely on your unwavering support to continue our journey towards a brighter future for BSNL. Your vote in the impending MV will shape our organization’s path for the next three years.

Together, we can conquer challenges, uphold integrity, and forge a stronger, united BSNL. We implore upon you to join us in our quest for a more prosperous and fulfilling career at BSNL.

Hence we earnestly invite your participation in the upcoming Membership Verification scheduled for 12-09-2023 and urge you to cast your vote in favour of AIGETOA at Serial No 3 and together, let’s illuminate the path for a brighter tomorrow.

Click here for the Shapath Patra 2023

Click here for the Update on Achievements and Progress Made by AIGETOA in last 3 years vis-à-vis the targets set in Shapath Patra 2020

One Increment Case Won by AIGETOA, Notice Served to BSNL Management for Implementation of Order by Hon’ble PCAT Delhi :

Dear Friends,

As you are aware two cases have been filed by Team AIGETOA to defend the one increment in promotion which could not be extended due to delay in promotions. Though one case was dismissed but the other case was kept running by AIGETOA. In January 2023, though Hon’ble PCAT gave a favorable order but the typed order copy couldn’t capture the exact direction due to some clerical mistakes. Team AIGETOA again filed a correction Petition which was allowed by Hon’ble PCAT and corrected orders were issued with a direction to the registry to correct the original orders. The same was duly issued with a positive direction in favour of applicants as below:

If similarly placed persons of earlier batch have already been granted the benefits as claimed, the respondents should consider the case of applicants also.

As per the mandate of aforesaid order of Hon’ble Tribunal, the claim of applicants belonging to Team AIGETOA was required to be considered for grant of one increment as given to other similar batches promoted on the basis of LDCE to the post of SDE (T).

However BSNL rejected the claim of the applicants vide order dated 09.05.2023 by referring to the judgment of Hon’ble Supreme Court dated 12.08.2014 & 02.04.2019 in Civil Appeal No. 14967/2017 filed by Vinod Verma Vs. BSNL.

The order passed by Hon’ble Tribunal on 18.01.2023 as modified / clarified subsequently in OA No. 3500/2016 attained finality for want of challenge, therefore the same was required to be implemented in true letter and spirit.

Still BSNL Issued a wrongful speaking order in contravention and overriding the PCAT orders.

Accordingly, today our advocate has served a legal notice today, the dated 6th September 2023 to BSNL for correction of the speaking orders issued in May 2023 failing which BSNL is liable to face a contempt action.

Further necessary legal action to get it uniformly implemented for all executives has already been taken by AIGETOA.

Friends, this is how Team AIGETOA works. If we wanted, we could have gained some advantage in terms of membership by announcing this correction during the Membership Change Window. But we waited for the orders to attain finality. Now when the orders attained finality, we have taken up with BSNL to ensure one increment in Promotion for those who have missed it.

Click here for the Original Orders

Click here for the Correction issued by Hon’ble PCAT

Click Here for the wrongful speaking orders issued by BSNL

Click here for the Legal Notice

Click here for the Receipt of Legal Notice

GS AIGETOA writes to PGM Establishment with copy to CMD BSNL & Secretary DoT regarding issuing presidential orders to the employees, recruited through recruitment notification initiated by DoT, prior to 01.10.2000 and who joined duty after formation of BSNL, requesting to treat them as DoT Recruited, based on the criterion laid down by the Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare :

GS AIGETOA Sh Ravi Shil Verma writes to PGM Establishment Sh Saurabh Tyagi Ji with copy to CMD BSNL Sh P K Purwar Ji & Secretary DoT Sh Apurva Chandra Ji regarding issuing presidential orders to the employees, recruited through recruitment notification initiated by DoT, prior to 01.10.2000 and who joined duty after formation of BSNL, requesting to treat them as DoT Recruited, based on the criterion laid down by the Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare.

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GS AIGETOA Shri Ravi Shil Verma writes to Director HR BSNL Shri Arvind Vadnerkar Ji with protest & objection regarding Notification for Limited Internal Competitive Examination (LICE) for AGM/EE (E) :

GS AIGETOA Shri Ravi Shil Verma writes to Director HR BSNL Board Shri Arvind Vadnerkar Ji with protest & objection regarding Notification for Limited Internal Competitive Examination (LICE) for AGM/EE (E).

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The Examination Notification which pertains to the Limited Internal Competitive Examination (LICE) for promotion to the grade of AGM/EE (Elect.) for the vacancy year 2023 under the 33% Competitive Quota. AIGETOA wish to express our strong protest and objection on the unilateral action by the management in this regard.

The hidden agenda of hasty issuance is very much clear as the notification lack the clarity on the starting date of online registration, the last date of online registration, editing/modification in application data by the candidate, and the date of the online examination etc. This lack of clarity regarding essential dates creates an atmosphere of uncertainty and ambiguity on initiating such an important process where virtually the recognized executive association of executives are yet to be done as per REA rules and the MV is scheduled for 12-09-2023. The notification does not provide a concrete roadmap or timeline for the entire process, which prompts us to question the necessity of issuing this notification at this juncture.

The timing of this notification is also a matter of concern. Actions of this nature, which potentially have significant implications for the mind of BSNL executives, raises questions about the management’s intentions. This gives rise to concerns about whether the chosen timing for this notification is designed to favor or disfavor any particular association, thereby eroding trust and confidence in the membership verification process.

Team AIGETOA along with leaders of BMS Met Hon’ble Minister of Communication, Shri Ashwini Vaishnaw Ji – September 1st & 2nd, 2023 :

We are pleased to share that Team AIGETOA had a productive meeting with the Hon’ble Minister of Communication, Shri Ashwini Vaishnaw Ji, on September 2, 2023. We are deeply appreciative of the Hon’ble MoC for sparing his valuable time despite his hectic schedule. We also extend our heartfelt thanks to National Secretary BMS Shri Ramnath Ganeshe Ji and Treasurer BMS MP Circle Shri Umesh Sharma Ji for taking all efforts and ensuring the meeting for us. GS AIGETOA was on scheduled campaign Meeting at Nagpur, but upon receiving a call from the leaders in Bhopal, he promptly cancelled the Nagpur meeting to attend this crucial discussion. Due to the extremely busy schedule of Hon’ble MoC, the initial meeting on September 1, 2023, was very brief. Due to Paucity Honb’le Minister asked us to continue the meeting the next day. We were fortunate to have a detailed meeting with the Hon’ble MoC on the following day today also.

During our meeting, we discussed various issues, including the ongoing membership verification. Hon’ble MoC extended his good wishes and encouraged us to give our best in the MV. He assured us of the government’s support and emphasized their awareness of the challenges faced by BSNL executives. The Hon’ble MoC told that a detailed meeting will be held after conclusion of G20 Meeting. He told us that feedback on our Memorandum has been sought from the concerned departments.

GS of BMS Shri Ravindra Himte Ji is actively pursuing a Tripartite meeting involving the DoT, BSNL Management and leaders from AIGETOA and BMS. We are grateful to the Hon’ble MoC for accommodating us in his busy schedule. The issues pending in BSNL, such as the 3rd PRC, 2nd PRC pay losses, Standard pay scale issue, E1 plus Five Increments for new recruits as interim measure, uniform first time bound Upgradation, 30 percent Superannuation benefits, old pension issues of DoT-notified recruitments, rights of PWD candidates etc require the highest-level intervention which were briefly discussed today once again. We are confident that with the support of BMS leadership, these issues will be addressed effectively within very short span of time.

Shri Umesh Sharma Ji, Treasurer of BMS MP Circle also joined us during these discussions today. They have pledged their full support and assured us of their commitment to resolve long-pending issues once the MV concludes.

In conclusion, we reaffirm our unwavering commitment to go to any extent and make every effort to achieve our objectives of fair pay, promotion, and pension, while also ensuring the profitability of BSNL.

We express our gratitude to the Hon’ble MoC for the government’s support through various revival packages. We emphasized that every BSNL employee is dedicated to making India a leader in telecom technologies and self-reliant in the telecom sector. We hope that the government will also consider our due benefits as we continue to contribute our best to this noble cause.

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Group Health Insurance Scheme (GHIS) powered by National Insurance Company (NIC) Launched by AIGETOA CTD!

AIGETOA CTD is delighted to launch Group Health Insurance policy powered by National Insurance Company for all the executives of BSNL and their family members. The sum assured value of the policy is 5 lakhs. One can apply for the policy at AIGETOA CTD website upto 4th September 2023. The policy will be effective from 5th September 2023.

Details of the Policy :

Sum Assured: 5 lakhs.

Application Deadline: September 4th, 2023.

Policy Start-off: September 5th, 2023.

Visit AIGETOA CTD website and secure your spot. It’s super easy!

Policy Terms & Conditions. Click here

Premium Breakup Table: (18% GST applicable on total Premium). Click here

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