Congratulations to one and all…Promotion from SDE(T) to AGM issued

Congratulations to one and all…Promotion from SDE(T) to AGM issued

Congratulations to all the Executives, who are promoted to the AGM !!!

As informed earlier, promotion orders from SDE(T) to AGM issued issued today. Total 1891 executives have been promoted.

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We are thankful to the CMD, Dir(HR), GM Pers, GM Recruitment, Members of DPC Team, Pers DPC Team, DGMs of Pers Team and his Team for the release of the order. We are also thankful to all others who are involved in this mammoth exercise.

This is the result of firm perseverance, determination and grit shown by our AIGETOA team that we have been able to achieve the impossible task of arranging the VCs in just one day. Without collective efforts and support of all, it was not possible. We once again congratulate all those who have been promoted to the AGM grade.

Further AIGETOA is taking all necessary efforts to ensure promotions of the other left out SDEs also and we will not leave any stone unturned to achieve the goal. We have already intiated the actions

Further, Team AIGETOA already initiated all necessary efforts to ensure the promotions for other left out SDEs and we are very sure that with same grit, same determination and same perseverance, we will be able to accomplish this task well in time. We are very much aware of our next responsibility to ensure the promotion of all eligible SDEs to AGM grade and promotions of all eligible AOs to CAO grade. Also clearance of left out JTOs for SDE promotions.

Friends, this success is incomplete without achieving the other left out SDEs promotions and we Firmly affirm we will not leave group, executive or grade in lurch. We stand firmly for progress and we mean it.

Together We CAN, Together We Have and Together We Will Definitely Achieve Success.

Team AIGETOA Meeting with Member Services, Director (Estt) and Deputy Secretary PSU-1, DoT on 22.09.2022:

Team AIGETOA comprising of Shri Veerbhadra Rao, President, Shri Wasi Ahmad GS, Shri Vivek Kumar Singh AGS, and Shri Rakesh Meena CS NTR held detailed meeting with Member Services, Director Estt and Deputy Director (PSU-1) regarding the approval of SDE RR and implementation of standard scale in BSNL which is long pending HR matter in BSNL for the settlement of intermediary pay scale by replacing the E1A scale to E2 and E2A scale by E3 for the JTOs and SDEs equivalents. We again lodged our strong protest in front of Member Services on the letter issued by DoT on dated 29/04/2022 and its disagreement on account of cascading, which is in complete contravention of the proposal of BSNL. The statement of Dot that the earlier PO of Dot dated 28.03.2017 for standard Scale has endorsement of DPE does not hold merits.

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We apprised about our multiple meetings in recent times which were held in the DoT with the other seniors officers of DoT on the above matter and the concerns raised by the association. We informed Member Services that the order issued by DoT has created a serious ruckus among the Executives fraternity of BSNL and it may disturb the peace of the organization if not rolled back immediately as DPE has never given concurrence on the intermediate scale proposal of DoT. We demanded from the DoT officials that, Is there any letter had been issued by DPE regarding the intermediate scale approval, it need to shared with the majority recognized association of the BSNL i.e AIGETOA and if it is not issued, DoT must role back its order issued on 29/04/2022. After the detailed deliberation for the half an hour, Members Services finally marked the letter to the concerned cell for putting up the case again with the fresh inputs provided by the AIGETOA.

Later association held discussion with Director (Estt) and DS (PSU-1) regarding the approval of SDE RR which is pending for the approval from DoT. Association informed to the DoT officers that the query placed by their office on the SDE RR has again reverted back by the BSNL and the same need to be processed for the early approval from the DoT finance wing after receiving the inputs from the BSNL. And association is hopeful that the inputs provided by the AIGETOA have been incorporated for the final approval of the SDE RR at the earliest. And we finally requested DoT to kindly approve the SDE RR at the earliest as this doesn`t have any financial implication.

Team AIGETOA Meeting with Dr. Mahesh Shukla, Member Services GOI

On 6th Aug 2022, AIGETOA MP team Shri Devendra Saini CS, Shri Vinit Sinha CFS, Shri Anil Khosle ACS and Shri K G Garhpandey DFS met Dr. Mahesh Shukla, Member Services to GOI on his visit to Bhopal and had a very healthy discussion on various issues pertaining to BSNL and telecom as a whole. He elaborated about the vision of government and the revival package provided. He stated that planning for 4G should start now only w.r.t. space, transmission etc. He also apprised that BSNL is doing good in FTTH segment.

Further, the team highlighted the issue of E2-E3 Standard Pay Scale, which is pending at the level of the DOT. He shown positive gesture regarding this and had assured that he will do the best possible and invited the leaders once again with all documents after a week time as he has joined the position of Member (Services) very recently and needs some time to settle.

AIGETOA meeting with Hon’ble Minister of State, Ministry of Agriculture Shri Kailash Ji Choudhary & Hon’ble MP Shri Manoj Tiwari Ji

Today on behalf of AIGETOA, met personally with Hon’ble Minister of State, Ministry of Agriculture Shri Kailash Ji Choudhary, Hon’ble MP Shri Manoj Tiwari Ji (MP of North East Delhi and Ex- President BJP Delhi) and Hon’ble MP of Bulandshahar (UP) Dr. Bhola Singh Ji and submitted the AIGETOA memorandum at Delhi.

During the meeting, I have discussed about the BSNL HR issues and submit the AIGETOA association stand in this regard.

Later on , I have informed Hon’ble Minister/MP’s about the upcoming AIGETOA agitation Program, scheduled on 25.07.2022 onwards.

The Hon’ble Minister/MP’s has listen about the program, carefully and shown a positive response to discuss the same with the concerned Ministry.