Protest lodged by Team AIGETOA in front of BSNL BoD in a unique manner on 23rd June 2022:

The continued stalemate of the SDE to AGM and AO to CAO Promotion despite the pronouncement of judgment by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India and Executive Instruction by DOP&T on the matter of Reservation in Promotion has fuelled the anger to its peak. The matter was deliberated in the recently concluded CEC of the AIGEOTA CHQ on 22.06.2022 at New Delhi. The management is not trying to understand the woes of executives, who are waiting for promotions since years together in absence of any Promotion in the grades of AGM/CAO since 2018. These grades are in acute shortage after VRS in January ‘2020 but still management is not ready to break the deadlock and depriving the much awaited promotion, which is not only the need of the Executives but for the organization equally. A unique protest was organized by AIGETOA to highlight the cause of the SDEs/AOs waiting for the AGM/CAO Promotions. We call upon all Executives to lend your support to AIGETOA to raise and fight for each and every issue of executive genuinely.

Team AIGETOA comprising of CHQ Body and some OBs/Members of BSNL Corporate Office displayed play card and offered rose to Hon’ble CMD and other functional Directors of BSNL Board on 23.06.2022 before the Management Committee Meet to convey the severe resentment and anguish prevailing in the field on the continued impasse on AGM/ CAO Promotion. After conveying the anger and sufferings of people to the CMD BSNL, the gathering went to the chamber of the Director HR and handed over the rose to him also and appraised continued standoff on the matter. This is causing serious demotivation, despair and pain in the minds of the executives, who is not leaving any stone unturned for the welfare of the organization and whose best example is that no degradation of service felt despite the curtailment of more than 50% on roll employees through VRS and stiff financial embargo in 2020 and 2021, where even the fund for maintenance were not available and salary was delayed by 1 to 1.5 months. It was also highlighted that how the seniority of SDEs have been lowered by changing its own decision by the BSNL management putting the meritorious LDCE qualified Executives most disadvantageous position and this must be addressed by executing promotions to all SDEs completed their residency period by readjusting the vacancies.

Director HR gave a patient hearing to the gathering and agreed with the concerns raised by association and assured to expedite the efforts to break the deadlock on the AGM/CAO Promotion. Association clearly appraised that the patience is running out and the management should take necessary action to issue Promotions else the continued neglect may result in serious breach of peace of the organization.

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