AIGETOA writes to the Dir HR BSNL for immediate intervention in the matter of Ludhiana Punjab

AIGETOA has reached out to Dir HR BSNL demanding his immediate intervention to reinstate our District Secretary on previous position and recall of the BA Head Ludhiana to bring peace, growth and prosperity to BSNL in the Unit. We have further highlighted the high handiness of the BA Head and demanded suitable direction to CGM Punjab to ensure sanctity and professionalism in the BA.

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IDA Freezing Case at Hon’ble High Court, Guwahati

The case filed on revoking the freezing of IDA of dated 01.10.2020, 01.01.2021 and 01.04.2021 vide DPE Order dated 19.11.2020 at Hon’ble High Court, Guwahati will come up for hearing today. AIGETOA is intervener in the case filed by NCOA at Hon’ble High Court Guwahati. Although DPE has submitted that the increase has been subsumed in the increased IDA Rate of 170.5% w.e.f 01.07.2021 from the previous freezed rate of 150.9% standing on 01.07.2020. The association is pressing that the lost IDA of the intervening period is a permanent loss and hence the DPE order dated 19.11.2020 should be revoked to revise the IDA of slated period as the situation has improved considerably after Covid and Hon’ble High Court Ernakulam has also directed BSNL to extend the benefits of Dearness Allowance Revision to the Non Executives of BSNL.

The case at Guwahati is listed for today.

AIGETOA writes to CMD BSNL for immediately introduction of the Sabbatical Leave in BSNL as practiced in other CPSEs and assured to the association by him last month

AIGETOA has reached out to CMD BSNL demanding immediate introduction of the Sabbatical leave in BSNL as assured to the association last month. It is prevalent rule in many CPSEs and beneficial for the Employees as well as Organization both. It’s a best tool for the employees to enhance its capacity through new opportunity with minimum risk and good for the organization to skilled their employees without compromising the interest to the department.

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AIGETOA writes to CMD BSNL for immediate withdrawal of the letter curtailing immunity to OBs and requested to initiate dialogue towards Single Association Concept in BSNL

AIGETOA has reached out to CMD BSNL demanding immediate withdrawal of the letter dated 14.10.2022 curtailing immunity to OBs of the Majority and Support Associations and putting new restrictions for claiming the immunity against the very basic ethos of the BSNL REA Rule and existing practice. The changes has been made unilaterally ignoring all submission of the AIGETOA. This will only give scope of harassment of the OBS, working in field units and defeat the very purpose of the immunity definition. AIGETOA has also suggested the management to hold discussion on constructive approach like single association concept in BSNL instead of creating uproar in the field units by such type of suppressive measures.

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Team AIGETOA Meeting with senior officers in DoT on 21.10.2022 and PS to MOC:

Team AIGETOA comprising of Shri Badri Kumar Mehta, Shri Vivek Kumar Singh and Shri Wasi Ahmad met senior officers in DoT i.e. Dr Mahesh Shukla Member Services, Shri S K Verma JS Admin, Smt. Roshni Madam DDG Estab, Shri Raiti Madava Rao Director PSU and held discussion in continuity of our earlier submission on E2-E3 Scale and discussed about the status of our representation on E2-E3 scale, which is to be approved by the DoT.

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We taken up the matter of our representation with supporting documents on standard scale E2-E3, which was submitted on 23rd Sep’2022. It was apprised to us that the representation given by us has been processed as per request of the association to re-examine the case for approval of E2-E3 scale meant for JTO/JAO and SDE/AO Equivalent grades in BSNL. It is important to note that with the consistent and aggressive follow up meeting of AIGETOA on the matter of E2-E3 Scale in DoT has resulted in reopening of the case. The case has been reopened after a gap of almost 4-5 years by the DoT and it is going to be vital in coming days towards the permanent settlement of E2-E3 case for BSNL Executives. The file related to standard Pay Scale is currently with establishment Section in the DoT.

In the meeting with Member Services and JS Admin, we appraised the merit of the case once again and replied the queries raised to us. Both the senior officers have assured to examine the issue positively and see the best possibilities in the matter. Earlier we met the Director PSU and DDG Estab also on the matter and spoken in detail on the issue. Here onwards a regular follow up meeting will be held in the DoT towards every movement on the subject matter till final approval of E2-E3 scale is not accorded by the DoT to BSNL.

Later the Team AIGETOA met with DDG Estab and enquired about the SDE RR concurrence by the DoT as assured to us in last visit. She told that the file is with the section and it is being examined and very soon, the necessary consent will be sent to the BSNL after approval from the competent authority in the DoT.

We are highly thankful to the Member Services, JS Admin and Director PSU for accepting our request to reopen the case, an important step towards approval of E2-E3 Scale for JTO/JAO and SDE/AO in BSNL. Team AIGETOA extended Deepawali Greetings to all senior officers.

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Earlier, Team AIGETOA also met to PS to the Hon’ble MOC, Shri Ashwini Vaishnaw ji for seeking meeting with the Hon’ble Minister in continuity of our previous meeting held on 29.07.2022. He was kind enough to discuss the matter and assured to appraise the request to the Hon’ble Minister and meeting will be schedule soon at his convenience.