Notification for 5th Circle Conference & AGM of AIGETOA Haryana Circle :

Notification for 5th Circle Conference & AGM of AIGETOA Haryana Circle :

The 5th Circle Conference and Annual General Meet of AIGETOA Haryana Circle as per provisions in the constitution of AIGETOA is scheduled to be held on 10th April, 2024, 10:00 am at Conference Hall, Tilyar Tourist Complex, Delhi Road, Rohtak, Haryana.

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Online nominations will be called for New Circle Governing Body of AIGETOA, Haryana Circle from 16th to 22th March 2024 through google form/link as made available in website

Any valid member of the association and member of AIGETOA Haryana Circle can file his/her nomination for any of the post.

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Launch of new website of AIGETOA CTD

Team AIGETOA CTD is delighted to launch its all new official website,

Today, on 10.02.2023, CGM CTD, Shri Debasis Sarkar inaugurated the website in presence of Circle leadership. AIGETOA CTD firmly believes in knowledge sharing and upliftment of all the BSNL employees. We hope, through this web platform, we all can achieve this. AIGETOA CTD is thankful to ACS Shri Datla Vijay Kumar & our veteran member Shri Sibadas Bag for designing the webpage. Team CTD also expect feedbacks from all of members to improve further regarding the appearance and contents of the website.

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Formation of new AIGETOA Circle body of Andaman and Nicobar Circle:

The new Circle branch of A&N Circle formed on 15th Jan 2021 in a meeting held at Portblair where nearly 40 members have attended the meeting through online/offline mode. The members joined the association with inspiration from its dedication, vibrant platform and approach of inclusive growth towards all with a care for the organisation. On this occasion, whole AIBSNLEA circle team got merged with AIGETOA along with their members. It is important to note that AIGETOA has won the referendum with the support from executives of all streams and accordingly executives have started showing faith in the platform and coming forward to join AIGETOA.

The online meeting was attended by Shri Wasi Ahmad, GS-AIGETOA, Shri Laxman Banoth, Chairman-CHQ, Shri Badri Kumar Mehta VP-CHQ, Shri Ashok Acharya, JS(E), Shri Sridharbabu, JS(S) and Shri Veerabhadra Rao, CS-Telangana.

GS AIGETOA welcome all members and cleared all apprehensions and briefed about various HR issues and viability of BSNL. The Chairman and other CHQ members also welcomed and congratulate the newly joined members of A&N Circle. After this, new Adhoc body of AIGETOA A&N Circle was unanimously elected and Shri Brijesh Kumar Pandey, Shri R. Krishnappa and Shri Manjit Kumar Thakur were elected as CS, CP and CFS respectively. All participants of the meeting congratulated the new team.

Earlier, AIGETOA was having nine members in the circle but under the leadership of GS AIGETOA, our warriors like Shri Laxman Banoth, Shri Veerabhadra Rao, Shri Ashok Acharya and especially Shri Vijay Kumar SDE worked hard and led to the formation of AIGETOA body at A&N Circle. AIGETOA CHQ appreciates the efforts made by them and all others who helped to motivate the executives to come under AIGETOA umbrella.

Our AIP, Shri Ravi Shil Verma & GS, Wasi Ahmad extended heartily congratulations and welcomed the decision of Andoman and Nicobar Executives to form AIGETOA Circle body and assured for all help from the CHQ. They congratulated the new Circle body led by Shri. Brijesh Kumar Pandey CS and Shri. R. Krishnappa CP.

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20 Years of Misrule and Misguidance AIGETOA will end this once for all.

20 Yearsof Misrule and Misguidance AIGETOA will end this once for all Your support will make All India Graduate Engineers & Telecom Officers Association as Majority Association Lie No. 1 of Proclaimed SENA Exposed Go through the below fact File to check who is Pro ITS

One Association who somedays before were accusing AIGETOA for Pro ITS approach are the ones who actually defended them when Secretary DoT repatriated them back to DoT. All the executives are requested to go through the attached letter and decide who is anti and who is pro. The letter is self-explanatory to expose their Lie no. 1 Click here for Letter –

When Government was ready to repatriate ITS, then the so called proclaimed corners agreed to stop this and helped them to be here. This letter is one of the foremost causes that all the BSNL Recruited issues were ignored and the proclaimed SENA continued to find favours.

Till date, by doing such type of compromises and backstabbing, these legacy associations have been derailing the issues of BSNL Recruits and extracting maximum for themselves. It was AIGETOA which created and raised voice of BSNL Recruits against this discrimination. The proclaimed SENA is trying to divide BSNL recruits just for their benefits. Proclaimed SENA’s only Mantra is to Do Everything for their peers and do nothing for BSNL Recruits and finally blame it on AIGETOA.

If they are accepting that AIGETOA is so strong and they are very weak for issues of BSNL Recruits, then also they should simply accept their defeat and leave the issues for AIGETOA. We will resolve all our issues.

All BSNL Recruits are going to teach the proclaimed SENA a lesson for their misdeeds of 20 years by choosing All India Graduate Engineers & Telecom Officers Association as their representative by voting at Number 3.