BSNL CO Issues Promotions from SDE (T) to AGM (T) Grade :

BSNL CO Issues Promotions from SDE (T) to AGM (T) Grade :

BSNL CO issues promotions of executives as from SDE (Telecom) to DE/AGM (Regular) of Telecom Operation stream against 67% seniority quota.

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AIGETOA congratulates all the promoted executives and conveys its best wishes.

At the same time, we consider it paramount on the part of management to extend justice to remaining SDEs who have completed their residency and are eligible to be promoted. AIGETOA’s fight for extending justice to the deprived lot will continue. We are not going to stop till we achieve our rightful due. We request management to ensure the promotion of all the eligible SDEs. We have already requested management for increasing the posts, diverting the posts from SET quota and introduction of stagnation criteria so as to ensure that all the eligible SDEs gets their promotion. Our pursuance for the same will continue till we achieve the rightful promotions for all the eligible ones

AIGETOA urge BSNL to address grievances with respect to LICE & expedite promotion process – GS writes to Director HR :

GS AIGETOA writes to Director (HR), BSNL Board with a request to settle the grievances and concerns raised by LICE candidates regarding Question Paper and to expediting the process for declaration of results and promotions thereof.

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Concerns and Proposed Remedies:

Improperly framed questions and incorrect answers:

Proposed Remedy:

Discard wrong questions and reduce the total score, or award marks to all candidates, regardless of whether they attempted the question or not, due to negative marking.

Alternative Remedy:

For questions with multiple probable answers, marks should be given to all candidates.

Immediate display of the answer key and attempted question paper:

The answer key and attempted question paper should be made accessible to candidates through their login portals, as mentioned in the process.

No objection fee for answer/question corrections:

As an internal departmental examination, there should be no fee charged for correcting answers or questions. Associations representing (both majority and support) should be permitted to raise objections on their behalf.

Expedited process with maximum available vacancies:

The request to expedite the promotion process, maximizing available vacancies, and enhancing the LICE quota as a one-time measure.

Timely display of results and promotion orders:

The process of displaying results, addressing objections, and issuing revised answer keys should be completed by April 30, 2024, to facilitate the prompt issuance of promotion orders.

AIGETOA seek Promotions to all Eligible Executives, put an end to demotivation – GS writes to CMD BSNL Shri P K Purwar Ji :

GS AIGETOA writes to CMD BSNL Shri P K Purwar Ji raising the concern about the demotivation and unrest among BSNL executives due to a lack of career progression opportunities. GS highlighted the need for promoting all eligible SDEs, Account Officers who have completed their residency period through the DPC route, as assured by the Hon’ble MoC and management during various meetings.

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AIGETOA highlighted the gross injustice faced by BSNL executives regarding promotional avenues. Despite suggestions and appreciation from the Hon’ble MoC and management, the resolution of promotional issues has not been prioritized, even though it bears no financial implication for BSNL.

AIGETOA emphasizes the need for justice for executives who cleared the LDCE in 2012 and have been working in the SDE grade for over 10 years, with their seniority pushed down through no fault of their own. AIGETOA suggests that promoting all eligible SDEs to the AGM grade can resolve this issue. Additionally, the association proposes the implementation of an upper cap on the residency period for promotions across various streams, including Telecom, Finance, CSS, Civil, Electrical, and Architecture, through personal upgradation of incumbent posts.

Criticizing the current HR policy, AIGETOA argues that executives should not be forced to appear in LICEs at every level, unlike ideal PSUs that offer time-bound promotions to entry-level executives. They attribute the majority of court cases to the introduction of competitive exams in BSNL, leading to disillusionment and frustration among executives.

The letter also highlights the ongoing legal challenges to the recruitment of MT (Management Trainees). AIGETOA demands the management to scrap the arbitrary MT Recruitment Process and divert the seats to the DPC Quota.

Association urges the BSNL management to ensure a minimum career progression up to the AGM level through personal upgradation and the creation of promotional posts without increasing the total sanctioned strength. We also request the utilization of vacant posts in the Telecom, Accounts, and Finance cadres for DPC promotions and the diversion of SETs and DR DGM posts for DPCs to create additional opportunities.

The association hope that the BSNL management will recognize the demotivation among executives and direct the HR unit to complete the promotions of all eligible executives through the seniority cum fitness mode, providing expeditious relief.

GS AIGETOA raises concerns over unfair cancellation of Punjab Circle LICE, Urges Director HR to address disparity and initiate training for JE to JTO Promotions – Letter to Dir HR:

GS AIGETOA writes to Director HR BSNL Board regarding unfair cancellation of Punjab Circle Limited Internal Competitive Examination (LICE) for VY’s 2015-16, 2016-17 & 2017-18 in JTO (T) Cadre. GS AIGETOA submits its strong objection to the differential treatment given to different groups under similarly placed circumstances and requests to initiate the training for JE to JTO promotions.

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Flash News: Convening of CPCs for promotions from PA to PS Grade

In the agenda meeting held on 9th February 2024 between AIGETOA and management, one of the issues raised was convening of pending CPCs in PA/PS/PPS cadre. Today management issues reminder circles for completing the process and furnishing the CPC report to BSNL CO for further necessary action.

Friends, slowly and steadily, progress is visible and AIGETOA remains duty bound to fulfill the commitments made at the time of MV. One by one, progress on all issues as per the discussions held in agenda meeting and the commitments made shall be visible to all.

We seek your support in ensuring the resolution of all the issues pertaining to executives.

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AIGETOA writes to CMD BSNL with request for Implementation of PwBD Reservation in Promotions, Urgent Release of SDE to AGM Promotion Orders :

GS AIGETOA writes to CMD BSNL with a request to implement Reservation in promotion to Persons with Benchmark Disabilities (PwBD) and issue the promotion orders in respect of SDE to AGM immediately. The DPCs for all the eligible candidates have already been completed and there is no point in keeping the promotions orders on hold any more in view of the recent DOP&T orders and decision from Hon’ble Supreme Court. GS extends an earnest request for issuance of promotion orders with copy to Hon’ble Secretary DoT and Director HR. Earlier CHQ team has discussed the matters at DOT with concerned officers and Member Services and extended the request for endorsement of the DoP&T orders by Department of Communications so as to direct all the administrative ministries and department under DoT to implement the DOP&T OM dated 28.12.2023 w.r.t PWD reservation guidelines.

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Unjustifiable delay in the promotion process over the past six months, in CSS Cadre (DM to AGM Regular & AGM to DGM Regular) – GS AIGETOA writes to CMD BSNL :

GS AIGETOA Sh Ravi Shil Verma writes to CMD BSNL Sh P K Purwar Ji with request for expedited Promotion Process and Timely Promotion in CSS Cadre (DM to AGM Regular & AGM to DGM Regular).

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It is our understanding that regular vacancies have existed in the CSS cadre for promotions from DM to AGM Regular & AGM to DGM, Regular and eligible employees have been eagerly awaiting their promotions in accordance with the established rules and regulations. However, the inexplicable delay in these promotions is causing anxiety and uncertainty among deserving officers.

Notional Promotions of the AGMs whose DPC was done in 2018 issued:

Congratulations !! As a first step, notional Promotions of those AGMs whose DPC was done in 2018 have been issued.

This case has been exclusively taken by our Association. We have brought into the knowledge of the BSNL management by writing the necessary correspondence and pursuing the matter at the highest level i.e. CMD & DIR HR. This was one of the pending roadblocks for finalization of seniority of the AGMs promoted in 2018 for consideration of them for DGM Promotions and utilization of these vacancies for promotion in SDE to AGM grade and JTO to SDE grade.

We extend our thanks to CMD, director HR & PGM Pers for issuing these promotions as per their words in the last meetings. Now we look for further promotions across various grades as per the discussions and methodology suggested by AIGETOA.

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Click here for the GS Letter dated 25.09.2023 Letter on Promotions of all eligible

AIGETOA always believes in the policy for all the BSNL executives. The list consist of 41 officers and they have been given Notional promotion from 2018.

This was the first step towards achieving the goal towards consideration of AGMs promoted in 2018 for promotion to DGM (Adhoc/Regular) and counting of these vacancies towards SDE to AGM Promotions and subsequently to JTO to SDE Promotions. For details refer to the AIGETOA letter dated 25th September 2023.

AIGETOA endeavours to promotion of all eligible will continue till we achieve the objective.