Final All India Eligibility List No. 5 of JTO (T) for RY 2016

AIGETOA strong objection on one sided attitude of SR cell of BSNL CO in issuance of minutes which is misleading and not in line with the actual decisions and discussions taken place in the meeting – Letter to Director HR

AIGETOA writes to Director HR regarding Issuance of Minutes by modifying the actual decisions taken in the agenda meeting held in February 2023 with the Recognised Representative Association of BSNL i.e. AIGETOA – Our strong objections thereof on this one sided attitude of SR cell of BSNL CO in issuance of minutes which is misleading and not in line with the actual decisions and discussions taken place in the meeting.

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Annexure – Minutes of the meeting of Director (HR) with AIGETOA held on 08.02.2023 and 22.02.2023

Notification of Annual General Meet (AGM) of AIGETOA to be held from 20th to 23rd May 2023 at New Delhi :

The Annual General Meet (AGM) of AIGETOA CHQ is notified to held from 20th to 23rd May 2023 as per the provisions of the constitution. The annual general meet of the association will be conducted at New Delhi. All Collegium Members, Central Working Committee (Elected & Nominated) are requested to attend the meeting. The details for the meeting are as below :

Schedule of Annual General Meeting:

20th May 2023 (10.00am to 2.30pm) : Central Governing Body Meeting.

20th May 2023 (3.00pm to 8.00pm) : Annual General Body Meeting.

21st May 2023 (10.00am to 8.00pm) : Annual General Body Meeting.

22nd May 2023 (10.00am to 6.00pm) : Open Session

23rd May 2023 (10.00am to 20.00pm) : CS-CP-CHQ (Elected & Nominated) Meeting.

Venue of the Meeting : New Delhi. (Exact venue shall be informed through AIGETOA website).

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AIGETOA writes to Director HR – Issuance of reimbursement Policy for the purchase of Laptop/Notebooks to the all executives of BSNL :

AIGETOA writes to Director HR regarding issuance of reimbursement Policy for the purchase of Laptop/Notebooks to the all executives of BSNL.

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AIGETOA in it’s previous communication vide Letter No GS/AIGETOA/2022/112 dated 10.10.2022 have highlighted that reimbursement policy should not be restricted to senior officers only but it needs to extend to all the executives upto JTO/JAO level.

In our last agenda meeting held with management on dated 8th February and 22nd February 2023 we again drew the attention of the management for early implementation as the same was the need of the hour. The same if implemented will not only boost the morale of the executives but also increase productivity. Finally in the meeting it was agreed that a policy in this regard shall be explored by management side for implementation initially at BSNL CO and the concerned field units shall replicate the same thereafter.

AIGETOA writes to Dir HR – Implementation of DPE/DoPT Guidelines for Resignation under “Technical Formality Clause” for the BSNL Recruited Employees :

AIGETOA writes to Director HR with request to revise the BSNL guidelines and endorse the DPE/DoPT guidelines to allow the BSNL recruited employees to seek the resignations under ‘Technical Formality clause’ on their selection to another CPSE/Government organisation applied through proper channel.

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BSNL is not implementing the DPE guidelines cited with regards to the resignation falls under the “technical formality clause” only in case of BSNL recruited employees. If a BSNL recruited employee applies to another CPSE/Government organisation through proper channel on their selection, the BSNL recruited employees are not permitted to submit their resignation under technical formality basis. Whereas the DPE in its office memorandum dated 1st Feb 2017 clarifies that “… Resignations under ‘Technical Formality clause’ includes resignations in cases where a Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSE) employee has applied for a post in the same or other CPSE through proper channel and on selection to the said post, is required to resign the previous post for administrative reasons..”.

AIGETOA Affiliation with BMS :

Dear Members,

We take this opportunity to inform that as per the decision taken by CHQ after thorough deliberation with Circle Secretaries and Circle Presidents on the issue, AIGETOA has been granted provisional affiliation with BMS. There have been many queries received in this regard from members that what will be the future course of action and the benefits associated with this affiliation for the cadre and BSNL at large.

We wish to inform that AIGETOA’s affiliation with BMS has nothing to do with any political orientation and we as employees and executives of BSNL, are not party to any political agenda and we will never be part to any such agenda in future also.

We further wish to inform that BMS is also categorical in its statement that they are not associated with any political party and BMS ideology is based upon the concept of nationalism which advocates unity and the ideology of BMS do not subscribes to any differentiation based on caste, creed or religion. We as an association of executives also will never ever subscribe to any agenda of any organization which is based on differentiation on the basis of caste, creed or religion. Further contrary to the belief of many that BMS is an organization of unions only, we wish to inform that many big associations in other PSUs like ONGC, various Banks etc have been the affiliates of BMS.

The response on the queries received from members with respect to BMS is as stated below:

  • BMS was founded on 23rd July 1955.
  • BMS is not affiliated to any Political party.
  • BMS extends responsive cooperation whatever may be the composition of the Government i.e whether it is Congress, BJP or any other democratically elected Government.
  • Even during the regime of NDA 1 Government, in 2001 April, BMS protested against the economic policies of Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee Govt in a very vociferous way. Very recently i.e on 17.11.22 the BMS organized a save PSU campaign in Delhi where more than 25000 CPSU workers gathered and protested.
  • BMS does not subscribe to caste, creed or religion.
  • BMS is the largest central trade union in India whose verification was done by the then UPA government.
  • There is no worship of leaders in BMS. Slogans in favor of office bearers is not allowed.
  • There is a fixed 2 term norm for all office bearers.
  • In State Units the age of office bearers is restricted to 60 years of age.
  • No political person is allowed to sit on the Dias. Exception is concerned Minister of the Union or the union Labor minister. Any politician who attends the meetings are received with due care and made to sit in the audience only.

The foundation stone of AIGETOA is firmly laid on the revival, survival and wellbeing of BSNL, Resolution of the long pending HR issues and upliftment of cadre as a whole. Various strategies with respect to achieving these objectives have been exercised by AIGETOA and it is our firm belief that our affiliation with the largest trade union of India i.e. BMS and their guidance on various subjects will definitely give more strength to AIGETOA’s fight to ensure the revival of our beloved company, upliftment of the executive cadre of BSNL and resolution of various pending issues. We request one and all for cooperating and supporting AIGETOA’s endeavors which are solely intended to attain the vary basic objectives of unity in diversity, upliftment of nation, upliftment of company and upliftment of our executive fraternity. AIGETOA shall continue to function as it was functioning earlier with full autonomy on how to resolve the issues including the ways like conducting the meetings and organizational action programs.

AIGETOA firmly and non-ambiguously reiterates that association will never be a party to any political activity nor will it ever subscribe to any differentiation based on caste, creed or religion. All our activities will always remain restricted to the welfare of nation, welfare of our beloved organization BSNL and the resolution of long pending issues pertaining to the executives of BSNL. Let us all move ahead with the feeling of together we can and together we will.

EPFO extends date for filing applications regarding pension on Higher Wages to 26th June 2023 :

In order to enable all eligible persons to file their applications, EPFO on Tuesday extended the date for filing applications to opt for a higher pension till June 26, 2023. Members of the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) can apply jointly with their employers till the extended deadline, by choosing the option of higher pension (EPFO Higher Pension) on the Unified Members’ portal of the EPFO site.

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Update on EPF meeting held held with PGM (Corporate Account) :

We the CHQ team of AIGETOA has met with PGM (CA) and discussed the problems facing by the executives of BSNL while filing the wage data by the authorised signatories under EPFO and also submitted the AIGETOA representation in this regard.

We also requested him to write a letter to EPFO for the extension of the date of filing of the higher pension option on the EPFO portal so that all interested employees can opt in website.

PGM CA assured us that we will take up the issues as discussed and try to resolve the issues in timebound manner.