Notice for Organizational Actions demanding immediate Roll Back of the Provisions of Restructuring Proposal which are diminishing the career growth of Executives, issuance of Promotion to all Eligible Executives on Time Bound Basis

Notice for Organizational Actions demanding immediate Roll Back of the Provisions of Restructuring Proposal which are diminishing the career growth of Executives, issuance of Promotion to all Eligible Executives on Time Bound Basis

Forum of Executive Associations consisting of AIGETOA, SNEA and AIBSNLEA serves notice for organisational action programs demanding immediate roll back of restructuring order, replacement of stagnation criteria of 12 years in JTO//JAO/Equivalent cadre for promotion to SDE/AO/Equivalent cadre with that in line with earlier approved time-bound promotion policy of BSNL, introduction of stagnation criteria of 8 years in SDE/AO/Equivalent Cadre for promotion to AGM/CAO/Equivalent Cadre, Implementation of Time Bound Promotion Policy, Introduction if E2 and E3 scales for JTO/JAO/Equivalent and SDE/AO/Equivalent grades, Scrapping of MT/DR DGM RRs and introduction of internal fast track policy, Promotion to DGM Regular grade by extending suitable relaxations, Promotion to CAO grade by extending suitable relaxations, Settlement of SDE Reversal issue, No Adhoc/Look After promotions anymore.

These changes are utmost required for ensuring a smooth career progression for all Executives. The current restructuring proposal will lay down the careers of all executives of BSNL to permanent rest and Executives shall be constrained to retire in the SDE/AO/Equivalent grades. All our attempts to reach to an amicable solution with management has failed and now there is only path that remains is the path of United Struggle and force management to take corrective actions. We request all the Executives to come forward and support the programs en-masse.

The Forum of BSNL Executives’ Associations comprising of AIGETOA, SNEA and AIBSNLEA outrightly rejects the Restructuring and Manpower Planning proposal which has been announced unilaterally by management ignoring the submissions and suggestions of the Associations. The current restructuring proposal is not only detrimental to the career progression of the Executives but also a serious obstacle to fulfill the actual requirement of running the organization in a smooth and efficient manner. We have already requested to issue the Promotion orders of all Eligible Executives in a Time Bound Manner vide our above referred letters before any restructuring proposal. However, management has preferred to move ahead with the pen-paper exercise of post reduction in the name of Restructuring, ignoring all the objections and submissions by us. This has created a serious unrest amongst the Executive fraternity who were patiently waiting for their much-awaited promotions for last so many years. Our several attempts to attract the attention of the management towards the burning issue have gone totally futile without any appreciable efforts to address our genuine concerns by the management.

It’s quite surprising that management has preferred to override its own decision taken by the BSNL Board in May 2018 which envisaged a JTO/JAO equivalent Executive reaching to AGM/CAO equivalent grade in 15 years of service. In complete contravention to the earlier decision of BSNL Board taken in May 2018, current management has decided that stagnation of the Executive in JTO/JAO/Equivalent cadre itself should be 12 years for their first promotion to the post of SDEs/AO/Equivalent, which is nothing but an attempt to instigate and push BSNL Executives to go for the extreme.

It is quite evident that management is not only disregarding the career prospects of Executives but also ignoring the interests of our beloved organization BSNL. Accordingly, the Forum of BSNL Executives’ Associations has unanimously decided to immediately launch the organizational actions

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GS AIGETOA writes to CMD BSNL – Submits its strong objection against Reduction in promotional posts by negating the Association submissions

GS AIGETOA Submits its strong objection against Reduction in promotional posts by negating the Association submissions in this regard, provision of unreasonably high 12 Years stagnation in JTO/JAO grade for promotion through personal up-gradation, provisions of External MT and DR DGM in the notified Restructuring and Manpower Planning. We demand complete roll back of the restructuring proposal notified vide letters dated 17.11.2021 onwards and immediate extension of Promotion to all eligible Executives.

The severe curtailment of Promotional Posts, unreasonable period of 12 Yrs for JTO to SDE Promotions on Personal Up-gradation Basis, Provisions of External MT and DR DGM are some of the key elements, which have created serious uproar and resentment across the executive fraternity. The current provisions are not only agitating the employees but the field requirements have also been completely ignored while deciding the restructuring strength in various grades and streams. The management seems to be more engaged in shrinking the career opportunities to the executives than expansion of the business for BSNL.

Accordingly Association has decided to launch strong protest actions in this regard in coordination with other associations under the banner of Forum of BSNL Executive Association’s.

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Circle Conference of AIGETOA CNTX-North Delhi held on 26th Nov 2021

As per schedule, the Circle Conference of AIGETOA CNTX-North Delhi was held on 26th Nov 2021 in CTO Sabhagaar New Delhi. This Extravagant & magnificent event attended by CNTX-North Delhi Collegium members as well as Members of CNTX-North from NCR.

Following dignitaries have graced this grand event & addressed the open session on the topic of Businesses in present times Challenges and opportunities for BSNL.

  • CGM CNTX-North Delhi Shri K D Lakhmani
  • AIP AIGETOA CHQ Shri Ravishil Verma
  • GS AIGETOA CHQ Shri Wasi Ahmed
  • AGS AIGETOA CHQ Shri Sunil Gautam
  • PGM EB NCR-2 CNTX-North Delhi Shri Kausar Khan
  • Sr. GMM CNTX-North Delhi Smt. Anima Roy
  • GM NFS Shri Rajiv Srivastav
  • CP SEWA CNTX-North Delhi Shri Suresh Kumar Meena
  • CP AIGETOA CNTX-North Delhi Shri Vivek Bharti
  • CS AIGETOA CNTX-North Delhi Shri Rakesh Kumar Meena
  • CFS AIGETOA CNTX-North Delhi Smt. Deepti Verma

The election of the governing body of CNTX-North Delhi carried out as per the provisions in the presence of CHQ Observer AGS Sunil Gautam.The following Circle Body was elected for the next three years tenure of AIGETOA CNTX-North Delhi Shri Tarun Vyas, Shri Rakesh Kumar Meena, Smt. Diptee Verma was elected as Circle President, Circle Secretary and Circle Finance Secretary respectively.

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Successful Protest Demonstration under the banner of Joint Forum against the restructuring notification

The protest demonstration under the banner of Joint Forum against the restructuring notification was organised successfully with full participation from all the Executives across the country. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the executives for lending the support to the program. We once again reaffirm our commitment to ensure promotions in a time bound manner for all the Executive and that we are prepared to go to any extent to ensure the same.

Today AIP Shri Ravi Shil Verma and GS Shri Wasi Ahmad also met PGM Pers BSNL CO and enquired about the discussion with respect to handling the promotional aspects including that of stagnation. We reminded that Honble CMD BSNL Committed for initiating the discussion with respect to the promotional avenues and stagnation after 15th November 2021. However no action has been initiated yet despite his assurance including diversion of MT Quota vacancies to DPC despite approval from BSNL Board.

PGM Pers informed that committee for amending various RRs have been constituted which will look into all the aspects. Committee for amending BSNL MSRR will also be notified within this week only.

We registered our strong resentment on keeping stagnation of 12 years for promotion to JTO to SDE despite categorical rejection by association. We once again reiterated that management should look into making the promotion time-bound in line with the earlier approved CPSU proposal. We said that erstwhile BSNL Board has approved a timeline of 15 years for reaching to the post of AGM and same should be honoured.

PGM Pers advised us to exercise patience and assured that committee will look into all the aspects hampering the promotional avenues of executives including revisiting the 12 years stagnation clause in JTO Cadre and discussion with Associations shall be initiated soon. We also requested PGM Pers for immediately notifying the diversion of MT Quota Posts to DPC Quota as approved by BSNL Board. We also said since there is moratorium on external recruitment, hence all the posts should be filled up from internal candidates through DPC Route.

PGM Pers again reiterated that committee constituted for amending the RRs will look into all the aspects and said that very soon developments will be seen. We said that in the absence of an early action, association shall be forced to resort to intense orgnasitational actions and hence immediate necessary action should be initiated to avoid industrial unrest.

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Letter for BSNL MS RR shall also be issued within this week.

Meeting of leaders of AUAB with the officials of DoT on 24.11.2021

A meeting of the General secretaries and representatives of Unions and Associations of BSNL (AUAB) held today (24.11.2021) with the officials of the Dept of Telecom at Sanchar Bhawan, New Delhi on call of the DoT, where Sr GM(SR) Smt Anita Johri also participated from the BSNL side. The department of Telecom side was lead by the DDG (PM), who is also in charge of the JS(Admin) with DDG (PSU) and other officials. The AUAB was represented by General Secretaries of Associations and Unions in which AIGETOA was represented through General Secretary, Shri Wasi Ahmad. The meeting of Associations and Unions with the DoT officials held after a long time due to Covid Pandemic. The meeting deliberated on all agenda points submitted by AUAB including 4G roll out, 3rd PRC, Standard Pay Scale of E2-E3 and SAB to BSNL Recruits.

In the meeting, it was apprised that indigenous 4G Technology is the rout to be deployed in BSNL and government is ready to extend all possible support. The PoC with Indian Core through the consortium of TCS, C-Dot and Tejas has already been deployed and testing is going on in advance stage and it is expected to be completed by 31st Dec, 2021. The commercial supply and actual roll out of 4G in BSNL through the indigenous technology may start by July-August, 2022.

It was apprised that BSNL is unable to improve its financial health due to non availability of the most important services of the 4G, which is resulting in serious stagnant cash inflow and no major investment in CAPEX in aging network resulting in serious constraint in expansion of various services and finally the employees are the end sufferer in all terms. The debt on BSNL is also standing rock high and not settling in the absence of much talked Land Monetization and the payable by the DoT is also unaddressed. Similarly, other pending dues and support from the government as assured at the time of Revival Package. The employees are paying the price for the government policies.

It was apprised to us that the government is fully aware of the situation and committed to extend all due supports to BSNL, which is supporting country’s First Indigenous 4G deployment and so the government will very soon come up with a very good package for BSNL to sustain in the market. There were various items deliberated in the meeting including CAPEX of the 4G, Supported Transmission Network, Spectrum for 2G, AGR dues of BSNL, PS redemption etc. A decision in this regard is expected within December, 2021 itself, which will be helpful to BSNL. Further. The land monetization process has been started, which will pave the way to expedite it.

Discussion on 3rd PRC and Wage Revision also held but no assurance could be achieved in that direction and further dialogue will continue.

The issue of approval of standard scale of E2 for E1A for JAO/JTO equivalent and E3 for E2A for AO/SDE equivalent executives have still not been approved by the DoT as per the proposal sent by the BSNL on 06.06.2016 after its approval by the Management Committee of BSNL Board. Is a residual due of the 2nd PRC and resulting in the huge loss and demotivation to the initial grades of the executives? It was apprised that the PO released by DoT on 28.03.2017 was not implemented in BSNL on the ground that it was violating the DPE guidelines and degrading the scale of the executives. Hence it was requested to approve these two pending scales by the DoT at the earliest as 3rd PRC discussion is already going on, whereas our due of 2nd PRC are pending.

Thereafter the issue of Superannuation Benefit Fund (SAB) was raised to the DDG (PM) and apprised that against the 30% of SAB value, the BSNL recruited employees (executives as well as non executives) are getting just 21.8% (EPF-12%, Gratuity-4.5% & SAB Pension Fund-5%), which is a shortfall of 8.2%. Further it was started very late i.e. 3% wef 04.05.2016 and then 5% wef 01.04.2017. Whereas it was directed by the government at the time of formation of BSNL to make a mechanism of Pension for the employees being recruited by BSNL also as the employees absorbed from the DoT was protected Govt Pension through Rule 37A.

On these two issues of standard scale of E2-E3 and SAB enhancement, AIGETOA also submitted detail presentation and supporting documents to the DDG(PM) for consideration. The DDG(PM) was kind enough to deliberate it and further agreed to provide time to discuss on these two issues separately with the Recognized Association, AIGETOA. It will definably pave the way to start these two old issues, which is residual due of the 2nd PRC before implantation of 3rd PRC.

The meeting lasted for about One and half hours in a very positive atmosphere and started the dialogue process once again with the DoT. Although, no concrete could come out in the meeting but it has started the ball rolling once again for the various issues of the BSNL Sustainability as well as Employees matters.

Thereafter, GS AIGETOA requested for a separate meeting with the DDG(PSU) Shri Ravindra Prasad ji in his chamber to apprise the E2-E3 Scale issue, which he agrees and we discussed for about an hour on the issue and its journey from beginning till date. He is the officer dealing the subject from the DoT side. The meeting was very fruitful and further dialogue will continue with more submissions on the issue.

Immediate & Strong protest on 24.11.2021 by burning the copy of order and staging Lunch Hour Demonstration against the Man Power Planning Order announced today

Dear All,

It has been decided to lodge our immediate and strong protest on 24.11.2021 by burning the copy of order and staging Lunch Hour Demonstration against the Man Power Planning Order announced today with introduction of stagnation period of long 12 Years for SDE Promotion (beyond the sanctioned strength), introduction of Ext MT and Not Meeting of our Demand for Time Bound Promotion OR Required Number of Posts in promotional grades for promotion of all eligible Executives as demanded by the Associations.

All CHQ, Circle and District / SSA OBs are requested to make arrangements of the protest immediately by reaching out to all Associations.

All Unions and Associations of BSNL submitted Agendas for Discussion with DoT

All Unions and Associations of BSNL (AUAB) submitted agenda for the discussion to be held on 24.11.2021 between the leaders and DoT side at Sanchar Bhawan, New Delhi. The much awaited pan India roll out of 4G, Pending payable by DoT, Non monetization of Core Asset, off-set of BSNL Debt are prime agenda of the departments. Whereas 3rd PRC, approval of E2-E3 scale for JTO/JAO and SDE/AO equivalent grades, Pension contribution on actual basic are the prime issues of the employees have been included in the letter.

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extreme injustice and letdown of competitive Quota Executives in finalizing Seniority list of SDE(T) cadre – Letter to CMD BSNL

GS AIGETOA writes to CMD BSNL regarding extreme injustice and letdown of competitive Quota Executives in finalizing Seniority list of SDE(T) cadre by considering sole criterion of date of Joining for seniority (Discarding VY), which is even against the SDE(T) Recruitment rules and GOI/DoPT guidelines and not keeping up the given assurance and own speaking order issued on 20.04.2011.

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