Circle Conference of AIGETOA CNTX-North Delhi held on 26th Nov 2021

As per schedule, the Circle Conference of AIGETOA CNTX-North Delhi was held on 26th Nov 2021 in CTO Sabhagaar New Delhi. This Extravagant & magnificent event attended by CNTX-North Delhi Collegium members as well as Members of CNTX-North from NCR.

Following dignitaries have graced this grand event & addressed the open session on the topic of Businesses in present times Challenges and opportunities for BSNL.

  • CGM CNTX-North Delhi Shri K D Lakhmani
  • AIP AIGETOA CHQ Shri Ravishil Verma
  • GS AIGETOA CHQ Shri Wasi Ahmed
  • AGS AIGETOA CHQ Shri Sunil Gautam
  • PGM EB NCR-2 CNTX-North Delhi Shri Kausar Khan
  • Sr. GMM CNTX-North Delhi Smt. Anima Roy
  • GM NFS Shri Rajiv Srivastav
  • CP SEWA CNTX-North Delhi Shri Suresh Kumar Meena
  • CP AIGETOA CNTX-North Delhi Shri Vivek Bharti
  • CS AIGETOA CNTX-North Delhi Shri Rakesh Kumar Meena
  • CFS AIGETOA CNTX-North Delhi Smt. Deepti Verma

The election of the governing body of CNTX-North Delhi carried out as per the provisions in the presence of CHQ Observer AGS Sunil Gautam.The following Circle Body was elected for the next three years tenure of AIGETOA CNTX-North Delhi Shri Tarun Vyas, Shri Rakesh Kumar Meena, Smt. Diptee Verma was elected as Circle President, Circle Secretary and Circle Finance Secretary respectively.

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