Notice for Organizational Actions demanding immediate Roll Back of the Provisions of Restructuring Proposal which are diminishing the career growth of Executives, issuance of Promotion to all Eligible Executives on Time Bound Basis

Forum of Executive Associations consisting of AIGETOA, SNEA and AIBSNLEA serves notice for organisational action programs demanding immediate roll back of restructuring order, replacement of stagnation criteria of 12 years in JTO//JAO/Equivalent cadre for promotion to SDE/AO/Equivalent cadre with that in line with earlier approved time-bound promotion policy of BSNL, introduction of stagnation criteria of 8 years in SDE/AO/Equivalent Cadre for promotion to AGM/CAO/Equivalent Cadre, Implementation of Time Bound Promotion Policy, Introduction if E2 and E3 scales for JTO/JAO/Equivalent and SDE/AO/Equivalent grades, Scrapping of MT/DR DGM RRs and introduction of internal fast track policy, Promotion to DGM Regular grade by extending suitable relaxations, Promotion to CAO grade by extending suitable relaxations, Settlement of SDE Reversal issue, No Adhoc/Look After promotions anymore.

These changes are utmost required for ensuring a smooth career progression for all Executives. The current restructuring proposal will lay down the careers of all executives of BSNL to permanent rest and Executives shall be constrained to retire in the SDE/AO/Equivalent grades. All our attempts to reach to an amicable solution with management has failed and now there is only path that remains is the path of United Struggle and force management to take corrective actions. We request all the Executives to come forward and support the programs en-masse.

The Forum of BSNL Executives’ Associations comprising of AIGETOA, SNEA and AIBSNLEA outrightly rejects the Restructuring and Manpower Planning proposal which has been announced unilaterally by management ignoring the submissions and suggestions of the Associations. The current restructuring proposal is not only detrimental to the career progression of the Executives but also a serious obstacle to fulfill the actual requirement of running the organization in a smooth and efficient manner. We have already requested to issue the Promotion orders of all Eligible Executives in a Time Bound Manner vide our above referred letters before any restructuring proposal. However, management has preferred to move ahead with the pen-paper exercise of post reduction in the name of Restructuring, ignoring all the objections and submissions by us. This has created a serious unrest amongst the Executive fraternity who were patiently waiting for their much-awaited promotions for last so many years. Our several attempts to attract the attention of the management towards the burning issue have gone totally futile without any appreciable efforts to address our genuine concerns by the management.

It’s quite surprising that management has preferred to override its own decision taken by the BSNL Board in May 2018 which envisaged a JTO/JAO equivalent Executive reaching to AGM/CAO equivalent grade in 15 years of service. In complete contravention to the earlier decision of BSNL Board taken in May 2018, current management has decided that stagnation of the Executive in JTO/JAO/Equivalent cadre itself should be 12 years for their first promotion to the post of SDEs/AO/Equivalent, which is nothing but an attempt to instigate and push BSNL Executives to go for the extreme.

It is quite evident that management is not only disregarding the career prospects of Executives but also ignoring the interests of our beloved organization BSNL. Accordingly, the Forum of BSNL Executives’ Associations has unanimously decided to immediately launch the organizational actions

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