Reservations/Observation & Suggestions from Forum of Associations of BSNL on Proposal of Operational Merger of MTNL with BSNL – Letter to CMD BSNL :

Reservations/Observation & Suggestions from Forum of Associations of BSNL on Proposal of Operational Merger of MTNL with BSNL – Letter to CMD BSNL :

Forum of Associations of BSNL consisting of AIGETOA, SNEA, SEWA, AIBSNLEA, TOA and AIBSNLOA submits it’s feedback and necessary suggestions to CMD BSNL on the issue of merger of MTNL into BSNL. Forum has strongly conveyed that without resolution of the pending HR issues, without settling Pay Scale and Pay Loss Issue, Without extending one promotions to all eligible and without extending 30 percent SAB, without extending 3Rd PRC to BSNL Executives, no such merger shall be accepted by executives of BSNL.

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Forum of Associations of BSNL writes to CMD BSNL for issuance of long pending AO to CAO promotion Orders :

Forum of Associations of BSNL Comprising AIGETOA, SNEA, SEWA, AIBSNLEA and TOA writes to CMD BSNL requesting for the issuance of long pending AO to CAO promotion Orders, which has been hit for frustratingly long time of more than 4 years due to the inordinate delay in vacating the Status Quo from the Hon’ble CAT Chandigarh on the issue of reservation in promotion, by adopting the applied DOPT guidelines same as in all other cadres.

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Forum letter to Director HR – Fixing again maximum ceiling limit for reimbursement of Out Door Medical Treatment :

Forum of Associations of BSNL has written a letter on 18th Jan 2023 to Shri Arvind Vadnerkar Director (HR) BSNL Board requesting for fixing again maximum ceiling limit for reimbursement of Out Door Medical Treatment taking Basic Pay and DA as on 1st April of every financial year. During covid-19 period in 2020 the limit was fixed by freezing the DA.

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Deferment of the Agitation Program by AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA

An Organisation Action Program started under the banner of the Forum of BSNL Executives’ Associations by serving notice on 30.11.2021 for the charter of demands. In the meantime, two meetings of the leaders of the Forum were held under the Chairmanship of the Director (HR) on 14.12.2021 and 28.12.2021, which was attended by the PGM (Pers) and Sr GM SR also. All the issues were discussed in detail by the leaders and concerns were raised to the management with regard to the items in the Charter of Demands. Director HR listened to all issues patiently and assured that the issues are being taken up on priority for resolution. He further assured that the promotions which are lingering on due to pending court cases shall be pursued and possibilities will be explored through legal advice for its early resolution. It was categorically informed by Director HR that management is not in a position to implement earlier approved CPSU Proposal due to various complexities associated with it. However, Director HR assured that a Time Bound Promotion Mechanism will be introduced by addressing the stagnation criteria in the JTO/JAO and equivalent Grades and SDE/AO Equivalent Grades beyond the stipulated sanctioned strength. It was told that management will ensure that stagnation issue as raised by association shall be taken up as part of Recruitment Rule Modification Exercise.

It was also assured that the standard Pay Scale issue of E2 for JTO/JAO equivalent grade and E3 for SDE/AO equivalent grade will be pursued aggressively with the DoTand the ongoing exercise with respect to MTNL/BSNL will smoothen it further.

With respect to scrapping of MT RR and DR DGM RR, it was assured that the these RRs are being revisited and matter shall be discussed with association for scrapping the existing RRs and implementation of Internal Fast Track mechanism for meritorious executives. Management assured a positive and firm Consideration of this issue also.

The SDE Reversal Issue has once again been acknowledged by the Director HR and PGM Pers also agreed to resolve it at the earliest. Finally, An Appeal was issued by the Management on 29.12.2021 to consider for the withdrawal of the call.  

Thereafter an internal meeting was held and all the aspects were discussed in detail. It was acknowledged that the most crucial thing will be to remain on discussion table when RRs (JTO/SDE/MT/MSRR etc) are being revisited and modified.Letting management go escort free at this crucial time will not be prudent decision and that too when the thing which we are vouching for has been categorically denied and appears very distant to be implemented. BSNL Recruits have already faced an irreparable loss at the time of EPP policy framing and MS RR issuance just because of absence of our voice during that exercise. We don’t want any further loss to our cadre hence to remain present on discussion board when future is being written should be primary duty and when management is agreeing to address our concern through amicable discussions, it becomes furthermore important.Time Bound Criteria through Stagnation for JTO/JAO/Equivalent to AGM/CAO equivalent Grades has to be incorporated through these Recruitment Rules only and keeping away at this crucial juncture may jeopardize the interest of the Executives Fraternity. The approval of Scale for E2 and E3 is an important task where management has shown positive gesture for keenly pursuing the approval of the scale.

It was also agreed that the issuance of the upcoming JTO to SDE Promotion should be the primary duty of association so that the gates for next batches and executives can also be opened. Stopping any exercise in the name of some new thing should not be thought about at all. 

The status was discussed among three constituent Associations of the Forum i.e. AIGETOA, AIBSNLEA and SNEA for taking a common decision. After detailed deliberation of 5-6 Hrs among these associations, AIGETOA an AIBSNLEA decided to defer the program and to give a space for issuance of the long awaited  SDE Telecom Promotion and exploring the possibilities for AGM/CAO and DGM equivalent Promotions by seeking legal opinions as assured by the Director HR as well as participate in the discussion process in the framing and modifications of Recruitment Rules to represent the aspirations of the Executives fraternity and don’t allow the management walk over in deciding the all important activities of RRModifications. It has also been demanded that management should settle the absent period through admissible leave. Sister Association SNEA however decided to continue and we respect their decision. At the end success by any means will finally benefit the cadre only.

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Day Long Dharna observed successfully across BSNL:

Congratulations to one and all for making the first program of Dharna on 22.12.2021 a huge success.

In many places, the participation was overwhelming, ignoring the adverse climate condition in North India, showing the anger against the management for denying the rightful Promotions and Pay scales. The message is very clear, management cannot suppress the Executives further and their demands for Time Bound Promotions, E2 and E3 pay scales for JAO/JTO and AO/SDE equivalent grades, DGM and AGM Regular Promotions in all streams cannot be delayed further. The Executives are united, determined now and the peaceful agitation launched by the Forum will continue till all our demands are met.

The Dharna program becomes a big success due to the determination and commitment of the Executives and the united efforts of Forum of BSNL Executives Associations.

Gear up for the next program of Hunger Fast from 28th-30th December and Mass Casual Leave on 03.01.2022 and Non Co-Operation.

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Congratulations to all the BSNL Executive’s

The Twitter campaign on 16.12.2021 becomes a big success with more than 1.2 lakhsTweet/Retweet. By this, we have conveyed our clear message to the Management and the Govt in unambiguous terms.

It again proved that we can do Miracles, if we are UNITED. Let us remain United till all our demands are settled to our satisfaction.

Let us gear up for the MASS DHARNA on 22.12.2021 with huge participation

Twitter campaign on 16th Dec 2021

Dear Friends, 

Forum of BSNL executives comprising AIGETOA, SNEA and AIBSNEA decided to launch Twitter Campaign today, 16.12.2021 between 12.00 Hrs to 15.00 Hrs with the following Hashtag. All BSNL Executives and Employees of BSNL are requested to mobilize each and every one to come out in large numbers and Tweet/Retweet the message in support of career progression, standard pay scales and other demands in the Notice with proper language with the following Hashtag to raise our voice for Justice. 


Twitter accounts to be tagged:















Update on Meeting with Director HR with Forum of BSNL EA

Director (HR) invited Forum of Executives Associations for discussions on the agenda points of the agitation notice served on 30.11.2021. We explained the demands with full justifications. The meeting conducted on 14.12.2021 and detailed discussions held for two hours and finally DIR(HR) informed that management will revert back in few days.

Forum representatives categorically told that unless and until the issues raised in the agitation notice are resolved in totality, Forum will continue with the agitation program and in fact it will be intensified further.

Hence all the rank and file of all the constituents of Forum of Executives Associations is requested to start mobilizing for intensifying the agitation programs further.

Continue the Twitter program on 16.12.2021 with full intensity.