Unfortunate incident of Barrack pore (BKP) Division of CTD Kolkata on 19.01.2021:

Unfortunate incident of Barrack pore (BKP) Division of CTD Kolkata on 19.01.2021:

An unfortunate incident has taken place with one of our colleague at Barrack pore (BKP) Division of CTD Kolkata on 19.01.2021, which has shaken all of us. We strongly condemn the brutal attack on our executive and demand immediate action against the culprits and other suitable measures else the association will be forced to give a call to abstain from field works.

AIGETOA has reached out the CMD and Director (HR) BSNL and requested that if local authorities are not able to control the situation, they should intervene and ensure protection through Central Para military forces as BSNL is a Central PSU. We have apprised that in the absence of suitable confidence building measures and security arrangements, the association shall be constrained to give a call to all the cluster heads to work from home till suitable arrangements are made. It will not be possible to discharge duty in the field units in these life threatening circumstances.

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Clarification/Amendment for the implementation of BSNLMRS

Clarification/amendment issued in BSNL MRS Policy:

In our agenda meeting with Director (HR), we have raised the discriminatory provision of BSNL MRS Policy, which were allowing the medical facility to the dependents of deceased employees only to those, who were earning family pension. This provision was creating hurdle in getting medical facilities to the dependents of deceased BSNL Recruited Employees as they are not governed by Govt Pension Scheme. We extend our thank to the Director(HR) and Sr GM(Admin) Shri A M Gupta Ji for issuing the clarification, which has brought uniformity for all employees in BSNL MRS Scheme applicability in case of demise of the employee.

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BSNL CO New Delhi issued letter for non-posting OBs of Executive Association as BA Head:

Today, BSNL Corporate Office issued instruction regarding non-posting of the office bearers of Executive Association as BA/Unit Head. GS AIGETOA has taken up this issue in Dec-2020 after getting various complaints from Circle Chapter of Kerala, MP, HP, Rajasthan, UP West and other Circles that the OBs of Executives Associations’ are being given charge of the BA and Unit in contravention to the guidelines issued by the BSNL CO and CVP New Delhi. Accordingly CHQ has pursued the matter with BSNL CO and these guidelines are issued . Circle Secretaries are requested to ensure that these guidelines are implemented in totality.

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JTO to SDE DPC Case at Jabalpur

The case at Jabalpur was heard today and arguments were held. Detailed arguments took place and counsel from BSNL side as well as association side, both pleaded strongly for the vacation of Stay, however Honble tribunal posted the case for final hearing on 13th January 2021, stating that since we are placing it for a very short date and accordingly final hearing shall be held on 13th January 2021.

The opposite side also objected on the presence of AIGETOA and four individual applications as Intervenor and said that association side should not be made party. However, individual intervention applications have been accepted as party to the case and accordingly our senior counsel shall continue to argue in the case. Though the thought process and inclination of the whole arguments appeared tilted towards vacating the stay but since the case was posted for a very short date for Final orders on 13th January 2021, the interim relief remains continued.

However, the applicants who are representing mostly one particular association and are working duly under the supervision of one of their prime CHQ office bearers have submitted their rejoinder yesterday in the late evening which was received by us around 11:45 PM. However we managed to send the counter matter to our counsel well in time by 3:30 AM for arguments. Since the stay has not been vacated from Jabalpur yet and the case has been posted for final arguments on 13th January 2021, we need to wait a little more despite completion of all preparatory exercises and all preparedness for issuance of orders. Association shall be holding its emergency meeting tomorrow as decided earlier to discuss and decide on the next alternative course of action in view of the developments at Jabalpur.

We know and we can understand the anxiety on the part of suffering executives but sometimes destiny tests our patience and during these testing times, we need to be more composed, calm, focused and more perseverant.

Accordingly we request all to have faith and we will surely be overcoming this obstacle also very soon.

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GS-AIGETOA writes once again for online conduction of training

GS AIGETOA once again writes to the GM(Training for conduction of all online trrainign including the upcoming JTO Ph-II training to conduct through ONLINE MODE till March-2021 in view of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is not over yet. He requested for giving a direction to the CGM ALTTC Ghaziabad for conduction of all training through online till the fresh directive is not issued by BSNL CO New Delhi.

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Team AIGETOA Meeting with Director (HR), PGM(Pers), Sr GM(SR),GM(Training) and GM(Rstg) on 06.01.2021:

All India President Shri Ravi Shil Verma, Vice President Shri Badri Kumar Mehta, AGSs Shri Yogendra Kumar and Shri Sunil Gautam met GM-Restructuring and discussed once again on the restructuring exercise in view of the misleading update given by one corner.

It was once again re-emphasized that Restructuring Exercise is still not finalized. Even circle structure has not been finalized yet. Moreover, as per new decision, details have been sought from the CFA team on the number of clusters, their revenue etc so that placement of appropriate man power shall be calculated and finalized. Further, the operational norms have also not been finalized yet.

AIGETOA team expressed that the restructuring exercise is going too slow and it’s time that things should be finalized under discussion with the majority recognised representative association i.e. AIGETOA, which is the only association authorized to formally discuss with the management. We also conveyed firmly that any reduction beyond stipulated norms shall be opposed vehemently and there should not be any dent in promotional Avenues of executives.

AIGETOA Team met GM(Training) and raised our apprehension and requested for holding of JTO Phase-II and other trainings through ONLINE MODE till Covid-19 vaccination is not started or pandemic in not faded. The GM(Training) appreciated the concerns and informed that the department has taken cognizance of the concern raised by the association earlier and again it will take all necessary action in this regard.

AIGETOA Team also met PGM Pers and Sr GM SR and discussed upon the readiness of the JTO to SDE DPC exercise. We requested for immediate issuance of promotion orders after Friday. We also firmly conveyed that any further delay will result into strong organizational action as the executive cadre is already frustrated and the minds are in complete state of unrest due to continued negligence of the issues pertaining to executives. We also requested for issuance of LDCE Notification simultaneously. It was assured that work on that process has also been initiated and notification shall be issued.

Thereafter the team met Director HR and had discussion on the above two issues. Director HR firmly assured that there won’t be any delay in issuance of promotion orders and his team is dedicatedly working for the same.

With regard to the misleading update that number of posts being frozen in various grades, Director HR categorically told that nothing has been finalized yet and calculations are going on. Director HR further assured that without discussing with Majority Recognised Representative Association, restructuring shall not be finalized. We thanked Director HR and conveyed that while finalizing the restructuring exercise, the promotional Avenues should be taken care of and any reduction beyond the stipulated norms should not be done.

Dear Friends,

We once again request you all to not to get panicky due to misleading information given by few corners. They may know the reasons why they are doing this. As far as calculation circulated by them, we wish to clarify that this is the old calculation which was done during their tenure on which perhaps they may have given acceptance. They may be accepting this but we would like to assure you all that we will never ever accept any drastic reduction in promotional posts and all necessary actions shall be taken to ensure the interest of our fraternity and cadre.

We are totally committed for our cadre and nothing shall be left untouched and or unguarded. All these four months of our recognition, we have been doing the firm ground work in the best interest of the cadre and also to undo the wrongs which has been done in last 20 years. Yes results are not visible now but very soon you will start witnessing the results also and not only results, you will also feel that future path has also been smoothened. Remember, Rome was not built in a day and especially when you have to start afresh. Many will come to demoralize, demean and demotivate you but don’t lose your faith and perseverance. We request you all to have patience and faith. Association shall be taking all actions necessary to ensure the benefits of PPP and to undo all the injustices which have been meted to us in all these twenty years.

Together We Have, Together We will.

AIGETOA Calendar 2021 – Inauguration by CMD BSNL on 1st Jan 2021:

AIGETOA Calendar-2021 formally inaugurated on 1st Jan-2021 by CMD BSNL:

AIGETOA CHQ Calendar-2021 was inaugurated at Corporate Office New Delhi by the Hon’ble CMD BSNL and Board of Directors in a small function attended by Shri Ravi Shil Verma AIP, Shri Badri Kumar Mehta VP, Shri Sunil Gautam AGS, Shri Rajeev Kumar Meena CS/Delhi, Shri Subrat Kumar Mohakud CFS/Delhi and Shri Vishal Gautam ACS/NTR on 1st January, 2021. The AIGETOA Team met CMD BSNL, Board of Directors and other senior functionaries at Corporate Office and exchanged pleasantry and extended greetings on the occasion of New Year and shared the views for well being of the BSNL and its Executives and employees.

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In another function at Patna CGM BSNL Bihar Shri G. C. Shrivastava and Shri Wasi Ahmad General Secretary AIGETOA jointly inaugurated the AIGETOA Calender-2021 in the presence of Shri Mukesh Kumar CP, Shri Kumar Amit CS, Shri Prashant Gaurav CFS, CEC Members and large gathering of our OBs and Members. The General Secretary exchanged pleasantry and new year greetings and discussed about BSNL performance in the outgoing year and new challenges ahead with CGM/Bihar and thereafter met other senior officers and all our OBs and Members on the occasion. In another event, Shri Surinder Razak CS SEWA and his Bihar Team welcomed the General Secretary, Shri Wasi Ahmad GS AIGETOA with a flower bouquet and greeted him on the New Year.

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On the occasion of New Year, all Circle Teams of AIGETOA met to their respective CGMs and other senior functionaries in their Circle and exchanged pleasantry and discuss the issues of BSNL and Executives. Many of the Circles also got the Calendar and diaries inaugurated on the occasion to distribute among the members. 

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Update on Restructuring

In all the meetings, AIGETOA Team has been pressing hard with management that the huge reduction in posts is simply uncalled for as none of the outsourcing activities has resulted into any reduction in roles and responsibilities of executives as the activities which are being outsourced pertain mostly to non executive work.

Finally we have succeeded in convincing management on this important aspect and it is learnt that the directions have been issued that restructuring exercise should consider this aspect also. Accordingly, it is further learnt that the number of posts in various cadres are being reworked. We sincerely hope that good sense will prevail and it will be ensured that the career prospects of various executives do not suffer. AIGETOA team will continue to monitor this exercise and is committed to ensure that promotional aspects of none of the executive are affected adversely.

Wishing all a very Happy New Year 2021.