Flash News : Update on 4G Rollout in BSNL

Flash News : Update on 4G Rollout in BSNL

Today first Indigenous 4G e-Node-B which has been developed as a part of Atmanirbhar Bharat in Telecom has been powered on at Ferozepur BA of Punjab Circle. This is the first BTS working on home grown technology

We congratulate all those involved in this exercise. We congratulate BSNL as well as TCS+CDOT+Tejas Consortium team for achieving this feat. It’s a proud moment for AIGETOA also as many of our members were also involved in this exercise. We sincerely hope and believe that with this start, definitely dream of Atmanirbhar Bharat in Telecom will be achieved soon.

Our CS Shri Yogesh Chhabra Ji and CP Punjab Shri Vikas Gupta ji attending the inaugural function on behalf of AIGETOA.

Today is definitely a big day and a firm step towards realizing the dream of 4G rollout in BSNL on home grown technology. We extend our sincere thanks to Government of India also for providing the much needed support to BSNL. Things were tough all these days but finally the light can be seen at the end of tunnel.

Made first call over Indian 4G network of BSNL – BSNL 4G Finally Rolling Out

Hon’ble MOC Sh Ashwini Vaishnaw on Sunday made the first call over the Indian 4G network of BSNL and took to Twitter expressing happiness that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of Aatmanirbhar Bharat is taking shape.

Hon’ble Communications Minister Shri Ashwini Vaishnaw on Sunday made the first call over the Indian 4G network of BSNL and took to Twitter expressing happiness that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of Aatmanirbhar Bharat is taking shape.

BSNL 4G is live in many areas in India and the company is now offering free 4G SIM to its customers till December 31. This is India’s first indigenous 4G network, though its rollout was not smooth. Reports said Tata Consultancy Services may emerge as a partner aiding the later phases of the rollout.

BSNL has been working on the 4G network with the help of Indian technology for quite some time. In January this year, BSNL floated the Expression of Interest for proof of concept from Indian Companies interested in participating in BSNL’s upcoming 4G tender. In July, the letter of intent was issued to five eligible bidders, according to department information.

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Secretary DOT, CMD BSNL & Director CM visit to Chandigarh to check the status of 4G POC by TCS & C-DOT

Today Hon’ble Secretary (Telecom) Sh. K. Rajaraman, CMD BSNL Sh. P K Purwar and Director(CM) Sh. S K Mishra visited chandigarh to see the progress of 4G POC. Team AIGETOA comprising Sh. Ajit Singh JS North, Sh. Yogesh Chhabra CS, Sh. Vikas Gupta CP and Sh. Vishal Chanana OS welcomed all on behalf of AIGETOA Punjab. Inspite of their busy schedule CMD BSNL allow us for one to one meeting for a short duration. We raise our concern about future of BSNL as we are the majority stake holders having long service. CMD clearly stated that I can only say that we are on right path as of now. No need to worry. Let’s work hard together for our beloved company. He also informed that we are closely monitoring the progress of 4G POC as it is the only way for BSNL to launch 4G services soon. Secondly, FTTH services are very much important for growth of BSNL as well as for revenue point of view. We are working on improvement in stability of FTTH services.

We assured our full support for any kind of work which will improve financial condition of BSNL and also for the welfare of employees. We also conveyed that all BR’s are not having pensionary supports. Hundred of employees lost their lives during this pandemic. 30% SAB should be immediately given and regularise too. CMD assured to look into the matter.

We also demand one promotion to all eligible before restructuring. It was told to us that matter is under discussion.

We extended our thanks to CGM Punjab Sh. Sandeep Diwan for arranging a meeting in a very tight schedule. We also thanked Sh. Ajay Karara PGM (CMTS), Sh. M C Singh GMTD Chandigarh, Sh. Deepak Garg PGM Nodal Center.

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BSNL 4G tender hits fresh hurdles: Barring TCS, other players report technical glitches with their core partner

Telecom News: The rollout of 4G network by state-owned Bharat Sanchar Nigam (BSNL) will get delayed further as domestic firms, which have been mandated to conduct trials for the project, have hit a fresh hurdle. Shortlisted firms such as Tech Mahindra, HFCL and L&T are facing challenges with their Indian partner, Pertsol, which is offering the core solution for the network.

Sources said these firms have communicated to BSNL that conducting trials with Pertsol won’t be feasible and chances of failure are high as several technical glitches were unearthed during technical discussions. These firms have, therefore, suggested that they be allowed to conduct the trials with state-owned, C-DoT’s core solution. However, so far they have not been accorded permission as C-DoT has a tie-up with TCS for conducting the trials.

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Media Report (The Economics Times) : BSNL says deviations proposed by TCS for 4G network to jeopardize business, customer experience

The state-run telco reportedly said the deviations include a few critical issues that cannot be compromised for testing the equipment under Proof of Concept (PoC) or trials considering the same equipment will be commercially deployed for rolling out 4G services after the trials. State-run Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL)’s 4G trials has hit yet another roadblock as a Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)-led consortium has proposed 128 deviations in 4G equipment specifications, with the highest deviations proposed in radio network (71), Financial Express reported. Other specifications where TCS has reportedly proposed deviations include core (18), interworking (6), deferred core (13), and deferred radio (20).

BSNL, though said accepting these deviations could jeopardize its business prospects and customer experience. It has written to the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) asking whether to accept the deviations or not. The state-run telco reportedly said the deviations include a few critical issues that cannot be compromised for testing the equipment under Proof of Concept (PoC) or trials considering the same equipment will be commercially deployed for rolling out 4G services after the trials.

“According to this office, acceptance of such deviations will cost BSNL in future once the rollout happens and it will not only jeopardise the interests of BSNL’s business prospects but also adversely impact the customer experience as well as BSNL’s competitive strength,” BSNL CMD Sh P K Purwar was quoted as saying by the publication.

It should be noted that ITI and TCS have submitted their bid with state-run C-DoT for core technology and Tejas Networks for radio, and will conduct trials at Chandigarh.

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GS AIGETOA writes to the Hon’ble MoC for the immediate roll out of 4G service by BSNL

GS AIGETOA writes to Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad Ji, Hon’ble Minister of Communication, Govt of India with a copy to the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India and senior functionaries of the government for consideration of our request for protecting the long term sustainability of BSNL by allowing it to upgrade its network for the launch of 4G Services through existing Proven Technologies and at the same time process for development of indigenous 4G/5G technology should also be undertaken in parallel.

We have mentioned that while we welcome the idea of current initiative of Government of India to develop indigenous technologies as part of “Atma Nirbhar Bharat” in Telecom Field also but at the same BSNL should be protected from getting obsolete and redundant due to absence of full-fledged 4G services for a very long period of time in the cut-throat competitive era. We have highlighted that there is no company in India at present, which can provide Made in India core for 4G Technology. This whole technology needs to be developed indigenously and is definitely going to take minimum 1-2 years to ensure a firm and rugged technology in place and another few years after full-fledged rollout to ensure its efficacy and proven-ness in a go-live environment. Till that time, BSNL 4G services cannot be allowed to be affected by virtue of this experiment as it has the potential to ruin the business prospects of the company in totality and will affect the livelihood of around 65000 employees working in BSNL. Accordingly  AIGETOA has requested to allow BSNL to upgrade/expand the network for 4G services through existing proven technologies and as an interim measure 50,000 odd BTSs may be allowed to be upgraded through the add on orders which will enable BSNL to rollout 4G services within minimum possible time.

At the same time, AIGETOA understands and also supports the significance of ATMA NIRBHAR BHARAT in the Telecom field which has an important strategic advantage not only for taking Indian Technologies to the next generation but also is critical for the security of our mother nation. Accordingly, we have suggested that instead of holding the full fledged roll out of 4G Services for the want of indigenous technology, BSNL may be allowed to upgrade the infra through existing available and proven technologies and at the same time, a parallel exercise to develop the indigenous 4G/5G core by reserving some locations and allocating a separate spectrum for testing should be done. Once the technology is in place and its efficacy and proven-nessis ascertained, all the operators should be asked to migrate to the indigenous technology as mandatory condition to rollout 5G services. Since the development of this technology will be in the best interests of the country and will create a new chapter in the Indian Telecom era, Government of India should bear the expenditure for rolling out this Project along with expenses for AMC for five years. Association has also requested for ensuring monetary compensation to BSNL for the delay in roll out of 4G services because of all these issues. Association has further requested that all the Central and State Government Departments, Institutions and PSUs should be asked to mandatorily utilize BSNL mobile services also in line with the recent directive to use BSNL/MTNL lease line/landline/broadband to add revenue potential of BSNL. As doing away with 2G services will be next to impossible for BSNL for next few years and also the fact that these services are still required for many Indian citizens, especially for those below poverty line, AIGETOA has requested for extending the 2G spectrum allotment for next few years and also that the new developed core should not be a 4G only model but should support 2G/3G/4G technologies on the same core. Running two parallel networks for 2G/3G will not only be economically unviable but also will degrade the quality of service also. 

Association has also requested that as BSNL has been totally engaged in carrying forward the telecom vision of government and also Atma Nirbhar Bharat Showcase Model for the Nation, BSNL should be exempted from profitability clause and the company and its employees should be compensated irrespective of Profit/Loss theory and the employees should get all the benefits of employees of BSNL at par with other Grade-A CPSE including that of extending Standard Pay Scales, Superannuation Benefits, Career Progression and other benefits. We have also requested that BSNL should be exempted from the profitability clause and the 3rd PRC should be implemented in BSNL without linking it to the profitability of the company and the additional fund on these counts should be borne out by the Government of India.

Friends, changing the thought process of government are herculean task and we all need to remain united. Association has decided to start a social media campaign also for the same so that government can ensure the long term survival of BSNL by considering the request of its employees.

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