SAB Pending Contribution deposited to LIC upto Nov-2019

SAB Pending Contribution deposited to LIC upto Nov-2019

Flash News: The pending contribution of SAB payment upto Nov, 2019 has been deposited to LIC with the efforts of AIGETOA. This payment was pending since August-2019 but now cleared upto Nov-2019. It has been assured that the remaining payment will also be deposited in phased manner. We are working on it and we will get it upto date very soon.

Details of Meeting of Team AIGETOA with CMD BSNL and other Functional Directors of Board:

Team AIGETOA met CMD BSNL and extended its gratitude for conduction of MV process in free and fair manner. The team highlighted the pending issues in brief and sought speedy resolution of issues. We also informed CMD BSNL about the sad demise of JTO STR Shri Vengadeswaran R due to covid. We requested CMD BSNL that its high time that BSNL should immediately arrange for the cashless indoor treatment facility as the BSNL employees and its family are totally at risk. We also requested CMD BSNL to explore coverage of medical insurance scheme to all employees now. CMD BSNL was positive to the issue and he said management shall be exploring the options to provide medicalim coverage for all employees. He sought our cooperation on the matter. CMD BSNL emphasised that management is aware about the pending issues and said that all steps shall be taken to resolve them. He also emphised that he expects AIGETOA also to move ahead with a pragmatic approach. We assured that AIGETOA believes in a constructive approach and we will lend support to all steps taken by management for betterment of BSNL and its executives but at the same time we also expect a similar treatment from management on the issues of executives and let us all work together to make BSNL a better place for its executives. We also discussed the issues related to 4G implementation and issuance of Bonds.

The Team also met Director (HR) Shri Arvind Vadnerkar and extended its thanks and gratitude for conducting the MV process in fair and time bound manner as demanded by AIGETOA. We als requested Director HR for directing his team for immediate settlement of issues which have been pending for so long specially those related to Pay Loss and Promotions. We also requested for immediate directions to HR unit for JTO to SDE DPC,  reinstating the reverted SDEs back as SDEs and issuance of seniority list Vacancy Years 2007-8, 2008-9, 2009-10. Director HR extended his good wishes and assured for a positive action on the issues without any delay. We shall be shortly asking for a detailed agenda meetig with respect to the pending issues.

The team then Met Director (Finance ) Shri S.K. Gupta and Director Enterprise Shri V Ramesh. Both the Directors extended their good wishes for AIGETOA and hoped that association will move ahead with a constructive approach. They assured their support on genuine issues of BSNL Executives.

Thereafter team Met Director (CFA) Shri Vivek Banzal and Director (CM) Shri S. K. Mishra and both the dignitaries extended his good wishes to Team AIGETOA.

The team then met DGM (SR) and PGM (Pers) and apprised them about the result of the 2nd Membership Verification and also discussed the issue of JTO to SDE DPC, SDE Reversal issue and Issuance of seniority list of VY 2007-08, 2008-09 and 2009-10.

It is further surprising to learn that SNEA has submitted its objection on publication of list-9 for Vacancy Year basis and has in fact are trying to stop the publication of list of subsequent vacancy years. From their update on website, it is felt that they are still into MV mode and instead of trying to settle the issues; they are again into blame games and misleading campaigns. While AIGETOA has whole heartedly welcomed them with open arms for lending support on issues, they are still trying to prove their supremacy. We once again request them to come to ground, realise the truth and lend their construtive support to AIGETOA for resolution of all issues. They should understand that executives are a learned lot and it is very difficult to befool them always.

With regard to the verdict on the review petition filed by BSNL and SNEA & AIBSNLEA activists, it is learnt that Court has dismissed the Review Petition and has stated that the judgement is clear in its words and nothing needs to be changed. Hon’ble Court has stated that they have only given verdict on Inter-Se- Seniority and not on Intra Seniority which was never in challenge. Hence there was no ambiguity and confusion on the part of Training Centre Marks Seniority and SNEA is simply trying to create confusion in HR units just to derail the JTO to SDE DPC which is well in sight now after the win of AIGETOA in MV process.   It will be pertinent to mention that Hon’ble Court has directed for prepartion of list as per the existing rules and rules of rota quota and there is no ambiguity as such on training marks seniority. We will upload more details once the order copy is received.

AIGETOA has categorically made it clear again and again that seniority should be fixed in vacancy year basis by following the rules of ROTA-QUOTA in both JTO and SDE grades. It is the SNEA and AIBSNLEA, who demand opposite and keep varrying stands which is nothing but double speak on issues.

We once again request SNEA and their leaders to come the terms of reality and work commonly for the cause of executives instead of indulging into blame games and confusion tactics. The executives of BSNL have suffered a lot in all these years as well as MV has completed, so now let’s concentrate towards welfare of the executives instead of accusation. We only hope that better sense will prevail on them.

Sad demise of Shri Vengadeswaran R, JTO-STR due to COVID-19

Sad demise of our colleague Shri Vengadeswaran R JTO/STR on 23.08.20 due to COVID-19:

Our colleague Shri Vengadeswaran R (JTO STR/Virudunagar of LICE Batch 2016) a committed AIGETOAian passed away on 23.08.2020 due to COVID-19. We convey our deepest sorrow on the untimely death, which snatched away a wonderful person from us. He was a kind hearted human being. Though he was attached with STR OFC outdoor (Virudhunagar) unit, he use to extend help for cable protection and splicing work of nearby Tamilnadu SSA.

Whole BSNL family firmly stands besides the grieved family in this moment of grave sorrow and pray god to give them courage to face this very unfortunate situation

The untimely demise of our colleague due to this Pandemic has once again vindicated our earlier demand to CMD BSNL for the provision of Rs 10 Lakh compensation to the dependent of deceased employees from COVID-19 along with Insurance coverage of Rs 50 Lakh in line with Medical & Postal staff.

Click here for the letter

AIGETOA demands for immediate compensation to the grieved family and implementation of the scheme for all employees of BSNL, who are putting their life and family at risk to maintain the services.


Dear Colleagues,

Finally the process of 2nd MV has been completed and AIGETOA has emerged as the Recognized Majority Representative Association in BSNL. We congratulate all executives for their esteemed participation in the process and extend our heartfelt thanks for their overwhelming support to AIGETOA. We are satisfied with this performance as we have stood the test of time and worked tirelessly keeping faith on our beliefs. We remain composed and reiterate our commitment to work tirelessly and dedicate ourselves for building a more vibrant and inclusive BSNL 2.0.

Friends, winning the Membership Verification are not our destination but a step to move forward in the direction to make BSNL better and to make its executives feel that BSNL is a better place to work. It has given us an opportunity to serve you better with higher authority in front of management for the cause of BSNL and its executives and a step forward in settlement of long awaited issues related to BSNL and its executives.

All India Graduate Engineers & Telecom Officers Association (AIGETOA) has entered into this election fray not for coining itself as the “only Recognized Association in BSNL”. The intent for entering into this election fray was the resolution of all the long pending issues of all executives including the long pending issues of PPP pertaining to BSNL Recruits which has been kept pending for years now.

Henceforth, winning the MV and getting elected as Majority Recognized Association should not be considered as Victory, the actual win of AIGETOA will be the day when BSNL will be in profit, when its executives will get their long awaited dues related to Pay, Promotion and Pension. Accordingly, AIGETOA will celebrate its win only when our issues will start getting resolved, when our beloved company BSNL will again start flourishing, when we will be able to succeed in resolving the long pending promotions for all executives. YES AIGETOA WILL CELEBRATE! When our young friends will not face any pay loss and we will accomplish our 30% SAB in totality.

We once again extend our heartfelt thanks to each and every executive of BSNL, Members of AIGETOA, Each and Every CHQ, Circle and Districts Office Bearers of AIGETOA. We extend our heartiest thanks to SEWA BSNL across the country specially Shri N D Ram ji GS, Shri V K Paswanji NP, Shri P N Perumal NCA and all OBs to extend the active support and cooperation in favour of AIGETOA. We once again assure that AIGETOA is fully committed to protect the constitutional provisions and rights of SC/ST executives of BSNL. We further expect that AIGETOA and SEWA BSNL will work together to streamline all promotions in all grades and to clear all the roadblocks. We also extend thanks to Shri Rajesh Gupta GS, Shri G P Patel President and ABLE Team across BSNL for their support to AIGETOA.

We appeal that Just keep making the bonds of this unity stronger every day. We once again take this opportunity to call each and every executive to unite together. We reaffirm our commitment to work without any bias, to work without any prejudice, to work as an inclusive group for all.

We extend our sincere gratitude to management also for conducting the MV process in a free and fair manner and we want to assure that AIGETOA will act with constructive and cooperative approach on the steps taken by management for the betterment of BSNL and its executives. However, AIGETOA will not remain mute also to the actions, which will be in contravention to the interests of BSNL and BSNL executives, and those shall be firmly opposed. We assure our cooperation on all steps taken for betterment of company and expect the same from management’s approach towards executives to strengthen the bonds of mutual trust between employer and employees.

Last but not the least, we seek constructive alignment of designated support association SNEA and other sister associations to whom we have made appeal to come along with us for resolution of all pending issues and we want to reaffirm that AIGETOA will move forward with constructive approach without any one-up-man-ship. We understand and agree that ultimate aim of all associations should be the betterment of BSNL along with protecting the interests of BSNL executives and accordingly we are committed to work with an inclusive approach.

Thanking You all Once Again.

With Profound Regards


Flash news: Update of Pay Parity Case to secure 22820 initial basic for post 1.1.2007 JTOs/JAOs recruited in pre-revised scales of E1A:

The Pay Parity case filed by Team AIGETOA with respect to getting 22820 as initial basic for Post 1.1.2007 executives recruited in Pre-Revised E1A scales is listed for hearing on 15.09.2020. In this Pay Parity case, respondent BSNL’s reply has already been received. The first judicial hearing was scheduled to be held on 14/04/2020 but that was postponed due to Covid-19. Now the Pay Loss case has been LISTED ON 15.9.2020. The loss of Equal Work Equal Pay court case and Unreasonable demand by the ex-majority association has been one of the main causes of derailing this issue in committee constituted for looking into this matter. This case was left unattended by the earlier team handling the court cases. AIGETOA has now succeeded in getting this case re-opned at PCAT.

Analysis of Answers by Proclaimed SENA

Question – Is it true that the committee considered your submission for rejecting the 22820 benefit to the JTOs and JAOs of the 2007, 2008 and 2010 batch? Why U derailed the whole issue and never came back to management for the same. Was it planned?

Do you have any moral right to talk about 22820? You had accepted 22820 only for the 2005 batch JTOs in the meeting held on 25.02.2010 and the minutes issued on 09.03.2010? You accepted E1 pay scale for the post 2007 rects. Refresh your memory by reading the minutes of your meeting held on 25.02.2010.

Question – Why at the time of formation of BSNL, you legacy associations agreed to demote the cadre by accepting non-standard pay scale of E1A (9850-250-14600) instead of E2 (10750-300-16750) for JTO/JAO equivalent grade when MTNL Adopted Higher Pay Scale ?

Question – What is your stand on DPC for JTO to SDE? Why are You not pursuing it despite availability of sufficient vacancies. Why You did not pursue for implementation of CPSU Hierarchy all these two years and you sing this song only when JTO to SDE DPC is on track. Why have you not written a single letter for expediting the DPC process for JTO to SDE DPCs? Do you consider DPCs as illegal? What happened to your agitation notice for CPSU which you served in November 2019. What was the settlement that you never initiated this process ever again.

Why You ditched AIGETOA in 2017 also as well as earlier in 2007 when you agreed for Financial upgradations instead of Time Bound Functional Promotions.

Question – Why Your Association Left BSNL Executives in Lurch by compromising on provisional E1 & E2 as provisional scales instead of standard pay scales of E2 for JTOs/JAOs equivalent & E3 for SDE/AO/Equivalent at the time of implementation of second PRC ? Why Your Association did not even think of Superannuation Benefits for BSNL Recruits which was an essential Recommendation of 2nd PRC despite the fact that BSNL was in profit at that time ? Why did you spoil the future and Social Security of BSNL Recruits ?

Question – Why you never seriously persuaded or when it got negated, filed a case for Standard Pay Scales and 30% SAB ? Is it because you have given in written that you are OK with E1 as scales for JTOs (A fact Reiterated by you a few days back) ? Is it Because You have submitted to HLC, that pensionary benefits of BSNL Recruits are more than DoT absorbees ?

Question – What is your stand on PRMB for BSNL Recruits ? Whether You agree that PRMB should be in place in BSNL ? If Yes, why are you saying that BRs are getting 3.3 percent PRMB ? Are You aware of the difference between Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution ? Can U write a single letter for PRMB ? Can U Tell us, whether 5% SAB is pending to be implemented and or 7% ?

Question – You are saying that after winning Elections with 50 percent majority, you will ensure all promotions within 3 months. What stopped you from getting these promotions executed in all these 3.5 years? What magic stick you are having which stopped promotions for all these 3.5 years and which will ensure promotions in 3 months. Are you not aware of the rules of recognised and support association in REA-14 rules? And being in the recognised tag, what makes you to accept that you were a complete failure to meet BSNL recruits aspirations especially?

Question – Why pension benefits to BSNL Recruits were denied when Legacy Association didn’t take up the proposal of Gazette notification of Pension Rule-37A right from the day of inception of BSNL ? It was clearly written that “BSNL shall devise its own pension scheme and make arrangements for funding and disbursing pensionary benefits.” But since these legacy Associations were only concerned for the DoT absorbed employees and hence they fought for their government pension under Rule-37A but didn’t care for the pension of BRs, which was part of the same order, else we could have also had our pension scheme since inception of BSNL.

Question – Why are you confusing & bluffing the people in the name of a single association after enjoying the facility for two decades & that to after notification of MV..? One side you were asking for unity and on the other side you were writing nasty about the same associations on the website. What were the compulsive reasons for this double speak?

Question – Why did BSNL go to huge losses under your rule for the last 2 decades..? You failed to act on BSNL viability…if you claim yourself to be saviours of BSNL. Why U called off your so called valiant strikes even after achieving nothing. BSNL Conditions are still not improved.