Update on AGM Promotions :

Dear All,

Even though it’s little early to comment on the exact result, being the responsible association its our duty to update the correct picture on the same.

There are lot of speculation going around the corner wrt SDE to AGM Promotions. As we expected the negative forces are trying to scuttle the unity of executives and make divisive politics and the last mile credit mongering. As we have already cleared that AIGETOA is not for any politics but believe in the resolution of issues for the betterment of Executives.

We have been stating in all meetings/interactions about our approach on how to cover all eligible. We have also clearly submitted the same and we hope that our respected CMD/Dir HR/PGM Pers will take the cognizance, merit and need of the same. We are committed to push for considering all the 4500 strengths of AGM under DPC quota followed by counting LA/Adhoc DGMs as occupying the posts of regular DGMs and use the consequential vacancies of around 1000 also for DPC in AGM Grade. This will help not only in creation of more vacancies for AGMs but also will facilitate regular promotion for AGM to DGM and thus the inclusive approach for all can be achieved. Further there is scope for Stagnation Criteria and more number of posts in view of the proposed merger of BBNL.

AIGETOA is fully committed to ensure the justice to all and committed to ensure maximum possible promotions as detailed in our earlier submission on the matter. AIGETOA has always categorically demanded for increase of vacancies so as to accommodate all the eligible executives and hope we can achieve the goal with unified efforts.

Similarly, we are committed and pursuing for the promotion of AO to CAO grade also. Further our endeavour is to ensure the promotion in DGM Regular grade.

Here, we wish to inform all that till date we have been able to develop a broad consensus on the major show stopper and one more meeting is required to settle the same. It is once again reiterated that discussion on Vacancies has not achieved any finality and AIGETOA is pushing for achieving the maximum promotions for all in line with its earlier submissions.

In this continuity, we want to extend our heartiest thanks to the GS SEWA and their leaderships for extending cooperation in reaching to a broader consensus. We do hope that with their continued support and unified approach of all stake holders, we will be able to clinch the promotions in AGM, CAO and DGM grades also as we did in SDE Promotion.

We request all colleagues to be calm against the spread of rumours and trust the approach of association.