Meeting of Three Associations (AIGETOA, SNEA & SEWA) with CMD BSNL on promotion on reservation strategy to be followed in Promotions :

Meeting of all the three associations i.e. AIGETOA, SNEA and SEWA was held with CMD BSNL in his chamber at 18:40 Hrs on the issue of Promotions in all wings and grades/cadres and lasted for about 45 minutes.

The Association side was represented by Shri Ravi Shil Verma , Shri Veerabhadra Rao, Shri Wasi Ahmad & Shri Badri Mehta from AIGETOA, Shri M. S. Adasul, Shri Vimal Raghunath & Shri Padmanabha Rao from SNEA and Shri R. A. Meena and Shri Mukesh Ahlawat from SEWA.

All associations apprised CMD BSNL about the necessacity to include all eligible SDEs for promotion to AGM so as to avoid any future litigations on the same but CMD didn’t agreed on the proposal citing the legal complexities. Associations also apprised CMD BSNL about the ways to increase the vacancies to maximise the promotions to include maximum eligible executives in Telecom and other streams and wings also.

It was informed that all associations are agreeable about the methodology going to be adopted by management on reservations but the issue is of signature.

CMD responded positively about three association came together on issue of reservations in promotions and appreciated the approach but categorically told that he may not be able to move forward without signature of the agreement by the associations considering the pending legality.

CMD BSNL also informed that number of vacancies for which SDE to AGM promotions has been decided is strictly on the basis of available vacancies by deducting 1500 working AGM/ DGM Adhoc from the DPC Quota of 3600 vacancies i.e. about 2100 vacancies. CMD BSNL stated that as of now, he can’t agree to the proposal for increasing of vacancies for accommodating all eligible SDEs by way of diversion or other mechanism considering the legal complexities. He will move in step wise only in this promotion. He said, first he will go for promotion to this many vacancies and after 2-3 months, he can review it as suggested by associations. If things goes on smoothly, he is not averse to making more promotion in due course of time same year.

CMD BSNL categorically stated that he will go ahead with SDE to AGM Promotions only if all three associations are agreeing to the proposal and methodology adopted by management regarding reservations in promotions by signing the undertaking by all three associations to move forward. As BSNL SLP is still pending and legal finality has not reached finality. In case of non agreement with signature, he will wait for the Hon’ble Supreme Court Judgement on BSNL SLP.

He told that he is not compelling associations to sign and accept methodology of promotions in BSNL, but firmly shared that promotions are not possible without written consent by all three Associations as he doesn’t want litigations and complexities in future. Discussion on promotions in other streams were also held but CMD said that these things can be discussed later once SDE to AGM discussion concluded positively.

Promotion regardimg AO to CAO was also discussed and CMD has been once again requested to extend relaxation of 15/16 days to end the stalemate and promote most of the AO to CAO to motivate all of them as well as it will be in the interest of BSNL. It was apprised that it will also give way for clearance of legal hurdles. CMD assured to look into this aspect.

The three associations had meeting before meeting CMD BSNL and after the meeting also and decided to discuss these issues further before reverting to CMD BSNL and taking a final call on the matter.

Finally, we apprised CMD about growing resentment and once again requested to reconsider our submission.

Thus as on today there is no change in status of AGM promotions and visible progress in SDE to AGM. The only appreciable progress lies in the fact that matter has been explained and discussed in detail with CMD BSNL. We will revert back in next 2-3 days once a decision is taken in this regard.s