Transfer and Posting order issued with respect to QA and Inspection circle in line with the currently set criteria of 26 years

Transfer and Posting order issued with respect to QA and Inspection circle in line with the currently set criteria of 26 years

The matter of streamlining the strength of QA and Inspection Circle in line with the approved strength was being considered by BSNL CO and accordingly all executives as per seniority in stay were being envisaged for transfer out of their current circles. The matter was brought to the notice of AIGETOA CHQ. The CHQ team took up the matter with BSNL CO and strongly emphasized that there should not be any discrimination between territorial circles and non territorial circles. The criteria adopted for out of circle transfer should remain uniform. After 2-3 round of discussions, the contention of AIGETOA for uniform treatment was accepted. We are happy to note that the orders have been issued in line with the current criteria of 26 years and none of the executives below 26 years circle stay have been transferred out of circle.

We extend our gratitude to PGM PERS BSNL CO for ensuring the judicious stand.

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Update on BSNL SLP

Today on 24th Feb, 2022, the much awaited BSNL SLPs along with other separate SLPs came up for hearing before the Hon’ble Supreme Court. After hearing the matter in detail all the SLPs are listed for further arguments on 31.03.2022.

Restoration of pride of BSNL – ALTTC is back

The matter raised by AIGETOA at DoT and MoC has been taken into cognizance and the voice raised by AIGETOA has finally worked. Today Team AIGETOA with Ravi Shil Verma, Wasi Ahmad, Badri Mehta, Sunil Gautam and Vivek Kumar Singh met senior officers at DOT and precipitated the issue. It was informed to us the detailed submissions by AIGETOA with regard to ALTTC issue has been appreciated and acknowledged at the highest level. The protest through Twitter Campaign and by the AIGETOA ALLTC Circle Team has also been noticed by all concerned which has helped in quick resolution of the issue.

Thereafter we met Dir HR and CMD BSNL also where the matter was discussed at length. It was informed that the corrective action is underway.

The issue has been resolved and the letter directing BSNL and NTIPRIT to maintain status quo was received during the meeting itself.

We extend our heartiest thanks to the CMD BSNL and Director HR for immediate intervention on the issue at the highest level.

Congratulations to one and all for the support both organizationally as well as on Twitter. The united effort resulted into success. Still some issues are there which will be resolved in due course of time.

Click here for the directions to maintain status quo

Twitter Campaign – Save ALTTC BSNL

AIGETOA decided to launch Twitter Campaign today, 24.02.2022 between 12.00 Hrs to 14.00 Hrs with the following Hashtag for roll back of acquisition orders of ALTTC, Ghaziabad issued by the Department of Telecom through Presidential Order dated 21/02/2022.

All BSNL Executives and Employees of BSNL are requested to mobilize each and every one to come out in large numbers and Tweet/Retweet the message in support.









AIGETOA Demands Roll Back of the PO of the DOT for Acquisition of ALTTC

AIGETOA strongly protest against the unilateral decision of the Department of Telecom of the Presidential Order for acquisition of one of the most prized asset of BSNL i.e. Advance Level Telecom Training Centre Campus (ALTTC), Ghaziabad though its order dated 21.02.2022. AIGETOA has taken up the matter with CMD BSNL and demanded his immediate intervention for continuance of State of Art Training Centre ALTTC with BSNL. AIGETOA Team Ghaziabad with other Executives of ALTTC also protested in Lunch Hour against the biased order.

Today, AIGETOA has written to the Hon’ble Minister of Communication for his kind intervention for continuation of the glorious ALTTC with BSNL considering its vital importance in Telecom Sector within as well as outside the Country. AIGETOA demanded roll back of the acquisition orders of ALTTC, Ghaziabad issued by the Department of Telecom through Presidential Order dated 21-02-2022. In case the order is not rolled back, we will be constrained to launch all out organisational action program and social media campaign to ensure that the interest of BSNL and its Employees is not compromised.

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Online Nominations for New Governing Body of AIGETOA CHQ (20th Feb 2022 to 25th Feb 2022)

As per the provision of constitution of AIGETOA and resolutions of CEC, AGM of the association notified to be held on 12th, 13th & 14th March 2022 at Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

Online nomination are called for New Governing Body of AIGETOA CHQ from 20th Feb 2022 to 25th Feb 2022. Any valid member of the association can file his nomination. Any person filing nomination for one post is eligible to contest for all the posts provided he is not elected till that time for any other post. The schedule of the election shall be decided by the returning officer.

Online Nominations will be open from 20th Feb, 2022 to 25th Feb, 2022.

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