Transfer and Posting order issued with respect to QA and Inspection circle in line with the currently set criteria of 26 years

The matter of streamlining the strength of QA and Inspection Circle in line with the approved strength was being considered by BSNL CO and accordingly all executives as per seniority in stay were being envisaged for transfer out of their current circles. The matter was brought to the notice of AIGETOA CHQ. The CHQ team took up the matter with BSNL CO and strongly emphasized that there should not be any discrimination between territorial circles and non territorial circles. The criteria adopted for out of circle transfer should remain uniform. After 2-3 round of discussions, the contention of AIGETOA for uniform treatment was accepted. We are happy to note that the orders have been issued in line with the current criteria of 26 years and none of the executives below 26 years circle stay have been transferred out of circle.

We extend our gratitude to PGM PERS BSNL CO for ensuring the judicious stand.

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