Restoration of pride of BSNL – ALTTC is back

The matter raised by AIGETOA at DoT and MoC has been taken into cognizance and the voice raised by AIGETOA has finally worked. Today Team AIGETOA with Ravi Shil Verma, Wasi Ahmad, Badri Mehta, Sunil Gautam and Vivek Kumar Singh met senior officers at DOT and precipitated the issue. It was informed to us the detailed submissions by AIGETOA with regard to ALTTC issue has been appreciated and acknowledged at the highest level. The protest through Twitter Campaign and by the AIGETOA ALLTC Circle Team has also been noticed by all concerned which has helped in quick resolution of the issue.

Thereafter we met Dir HR and CMD BSNL also where the matter was discussed at length. It was informed that the corrective action is underway.

The issue has been resolved and the letter directing BSNL and NTIPRIT to maintain status quo was received during the meeting itself.

We extend our heartiest thanks to the CMD BSNL and Director HR for immediate intervention on the issue at the highest level.

Congratulations to one and all for the support both organizationally as well as on Twitter. The united effort resulted into success. Still some issues are there which will be resolved in due course of time.

Click here for the directions to maintain status quo