Publishing of Final of Seniority List -9, 10, 11 & 12 Soon :

Publishing of Final of Seniority List -9, 10, 11 & 12 Soon :

Flash News: As assured to AIGETOA in the agenda meeting dated 09.02.2022, it is learnt that the case for finalisation of Seniority List 9, 10,11,12 and 13 is under process and it is expected that final lists shall be published by next week- Much before the target date given to us. Further the letter with regard to certification by circles for successful capturing of APAR gradings is also expected to be released next week.

Things are slowly and steadily getting in line towards the resolution.

Updates on E2-E3 Scales :

Flash News: As assured in Agenda Meeting of AIGETOA on 9th February 2022, Meeting of Director HR and Sr GM Estt and BSNL HR team was held this week with senior officers at DOT to discuss the issue of Pay Scales where in BSNL has put forward it’s inputs and justification with respect to their proposal of E2 scales for JTO/JAO/Equivalent and E3 scales for SDE/AO/Equivalent. Since Director HR is out of station, further details shall be informed after meeting him next week.

Group Term Insurance Renewal for Executives – Guidelines

Group Term Insurance Renewal for BSNL Executives – Guidelines for annual renewal of the scheme w.e.f. 01.03.2022.

Highlights :

Age Criteria/SlabSum AssuredRevised Annual Renewal (including GST)
Born on or after 15.09.1971 50 Lakhs 16815
Born before 15.09.1971 50 Lakhs 47200
20 Lakhs 18800
  • There will not be any auto renewal of the scheme.
  • All existing members, as well as new entrants will have to compulsorily exercise their option to avail the GTI scheme through ERP/ESS Portal during the online window.
  • In case the employee, including existing member, does not exercise any option, he/she will be considered to have not opted for the GTI scheme.
  • The online window for existing members, new entrants, and withdrawal option for existing members, will be open from 18.02.2022 to 22.02.2022.
  • Only the new entrants will be allowed to withdraw their option, if they so desire, during separate online window form 23.02.2022 to 24.02.2022.

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Meeting with Committee formed for modification of SDE RRs

Meeting of AIGETOA held with the committee constituted for modification of SDE and other equivalent RRs. The AIGETOA team was led by All India President Shri Ravi Shil Verma, Vice President – Shri Badri Kumar Mehta, AGSs Shri Sunil Gautam and Shri Yogendra Kumar. We strongly put forth our submissions and the points submitted by AIGETOA vide our formal inputs. The response of the committee members appeared positive towards the submissions. Further persuasion will be there and details shall be shared. After finalisation by committee, the RRs will be placed before BSNL Board for approval.

Settlement of Claims through SAB Pension Scheme

Even though late, the changes of AIGETOA as Recognised Representative Executive Association is visible on each and every front. On Continuous persuasion and various efforts , finally the SAB pension settlement started to run for the eligible employees. Click here for the list circulated to circles on the same. The dues of SAB contribution affected the lower emoluments. if the Scheme got started as per Clause 23 Rule-37A from date of joining of each BSNL recruit employee, at the time BSNL was in profit conditions the contribution and emoluments would have been different. Anyway AIGETOA believe practical results and once the same started rolling, further improvements and additions are possible. We thank our respected CMD, Dir HR and entire management for starting the same as committed in various meetings with AIGETOA.

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AIGETOA meeting with CMD BSNL on 11.02.2022

Team AIGETOA comprising of Shri Ravi Shil Verma AIP, Shri Wasi Ahmad GS and Shri Badri Kumar Mehta VP met CMD BSNL on 11.02.2022. We invited CMD BSNL for the upcoming event of All India Conference at Bhopal and requested to grace the occasion as Chief Guest in the Open Session to be held on 13th March, 2022.

We also had discussions on career progression issues with CMD BSNL and he has shown his positivity towards ensuring proper career progression and creating polices for taking in house talent to the highest levels in BSNL. In this direction, he assured that thorough discussions shall be held with AIGETOA on our inputs and aspirations while modifying the MSRRs and he also assured to create a pathway for internal executives to reach the highest echelons of the management. It is a major change in thought process of the management when they have shifted their focus from external recruitment to giving proper avenues to deserving internal pool for higher posts. On Promotions in AGM and DGM Cadres, he informed that DoP&T has sought certain inputs from BSNL and it seems DoP&T is also keen to end the stalemate at the earliest. It seems that we can expect firm and positive momentum from DoP&T after the next hearing at Hon’ble Supreme Court in 24th February. In the meantime, Circle Secretaries are requested to ensure uploading of APAR grading for all eligible SDEs at the earliest.

We also held discussion on the ongoing support of the government to BSNL for the second revival package, 4G roll out, transmission backbone strengthening and CAPEX infusion. The process is moving in very positive direction and government is seen positive for sustainability and positive trajectory for BSNL. The announcement made by Hon’ble Finance Minister has to be rolled out and it is expected to be the major booster for BSNL in coming days.

The Team also met other Directors of BSNL Board and invited them to our All India conference at Bhopal and they assured positively. Thereafter we had detailed meeting with PGM Pers where discussions were held on various issues including the SDE RR, OTP, SDE Transfer on Promotion Cases and Inspection Circle issue. It was agreed that the inputs of the association will be judged on merit and thorough discussions shall be held with association on the issues of contention.  For other issues also the PGM Pers assured to look into the concern raised by the association and assured to address as per the provisions of defined rule.

Friends, we need to keep our focus on the current progress and specially the RR part as our future is being rewritten and no point should be let loose. We also request all to not to get demoralized or demotivated by the vicious campaign by the lie master and one of the proclaimed legacy association of BSNL. He may only know the reasons! Why he is indulging into such mischievous campaigns when his focus should have been on the new RRs which are being rewritten. We all know how the best talents were recruited by BSNL as JTO/JAO Grades and how these proclaimed corners left no stone unturned to ruin the careers of all the Executives in last 20 years in their era. Now after devastating everything like Pay, Promotion and Pension of the Employees recruited by BSNL, they are giving sermon to AIGETOA. Whether 20 years were not sufficient to the so called mighty association that now they are doing Karun Krandan. From their utterances on their lie machine, it is very clear that the heart of these proclaimed corners are burning by seeing the BSNL Recruited youngsters and other executives on the path of growth.  So now all they are is to tell lies and indulge into mischievous information campaign to mislead all executives. Anyways, AIGETOA is committed to ensure that all executives get their long awaited dues in all respect.

We observed some new allegations from the lie machine of the Lie Master-

Before we delve deep into their allegations, the first which we want to make them remember is – Till August 2020, SNEA was the recognised Association – Till November 2016, occupying the recognition illegally by virtue of being legacy association from DoT, From December 2016 to November 2019 as recognised Association, then from DECEMBER 2019 to AUGUST 2020- again illegitimately occupying the recognised Tag through manipulation in the name of VRS. Thereafter they were thrown out by Public.

Now let’s come to Promotions Part-

Shameless.. isn’t it.. the proclaimed SENA of BSNL.. all these while they were in chair till 2020 and are blaming AIGETOA for their failures.. spineless as they can’t own even their failures.. and successes, they can’t enumerate because it always came at the cost of Youngsters, Competitive Quota people and thereafter BSNL Recruits.

Status from 2011 till February 2015 in JTO to SDE DPC – Only Directions from court was that prepare the list on the basis of 1:1 and remove the discrepancies and supernumerary candidates from the list and execute the promotions. But that was not acceptable to these legacy masters ..They never submitted the list and finally in February 2015 , taking strong cognizance to such blatant defiance of Directions, Hon’ble CAT granted stay. So the only cause for non promotion was the hatred of the proclaimed corners against the promotions of BSNL Recruits.

And honestly speaking, we are grateful to SNEA that they didn’t claimed that battle of Panipat was won by them.

May be that they may not be knowing the count before 1990. Any how it’s their look out, how they learn counting.

As far as the sincere efforts are concerned, all the promotions which they are counting are for their own peers and whenever it came to BSNL Recruits or competitive quota, they always ditched.

Proof In JTO to SDE Promotions of June 2018, even the ST quota was not allowed to be executed by them because all were BSNL Recruits. File which was moved for promotions of remaining List 8 candidates in AGM Cadre was scuttled by the proclaimed legacy corners by going to management and showing the fear of giving one extra increments to these List 8 Executives.. and even in List 8, promotion was stopped where competitive quota and BSNL Recruits started. So their so called love for BSNL Recruits and Competitive Quota People is proved beyond doubt and visible to all.

And isn’t it the shameless show of their weakness – While they could manage the promotions of their peers even by doing Contempt (At Ernakulam in case of JTO to SDE and At Chandigarh for SDE to AGM). And they became so weak in case of promotions to BSNL Recruits and Competitive Quota People that they left everything on the responsibility of AIGETOA.

Any Sane person can neither believe this nor can write this.. but being insane has become a trademark now of the lie master and his followers.

As far as sincerity of AIGETOA is concerned, still they tried to arrange an amicable solution in 2017 and called all the petitioners before management. Even the petitioners gave their undertaking for no objection if all BSNL Recruits are covered as sufficient vacancies were there but again the lie master was at his notorious best. With the help of their cronies in HR, they derailed that exercise also else all who got promoted now would have got promoted in 2017 itself.

However SNEA forgot to tell why ST quota was not executed in DPC in 2018 promotion of JTO to SDE.. and why only half of the list 8 was covered in AGM promotions.. only one reason – Both Contained BSNL Recruits and Competitive Quota people.

SNEA also forgot to tell us – Why they worked against Vacancy Year based Seniority and pushed competitive quota people from list 9 to list 12 and 13 leading to a huge loss for LDCE 2012 candidates.

SNEA also forgot to tell us how they got LDCE stayed from Chandigarh and Guwahati and they never impleaded in a case which was for the benefit of BSNL Recruits and Competitive Quota people – None for Pay Scales, None for SAB, None for Promotions.

Why SNEA always impleaded in the cases which were against the benefit of BSNL Recruits and Competitive Quota people – JTO RR, SDE RR, SDE Seniority, 147 group.

When AIGETOA came in majority, promotions were visible and what the proclaimed corners did, they again derailed the exercise by getting stay from Jabalpur. When that stay got vacated, they tried to get stay from Chandigarh (All these documents are in public domain where they sought stoppage of all promotions in court). Even that was not sufficient then they made complaint to various corners and cited promotion as well as AIEL 2 and AIEL 3 as illegal.

Still since AIGETOA was in the helm of the affairs, instead of crying, we searched for solutions and got successful in executing the promotions.

End Result is visible to all-

Today promotions happened in all streams and even LICE 2013 JTOs are SDE’s only because AIGETOA stands for all.

But the cry mongers are still not happy. Their webupdates itself are open proof of their hatred against BRs and competitive quota people… It always looked like some sad news update when BRs got Promoted Don’t worry, we will make u further cry by getting further promotions executed in all grades as well as streams very soon.

And for the short lived memories of the lie master and his followers we want to remind them-

Reservation complexity still not resolved

Contempt Case still on

But promotions happened and are happening because AIGETOA concentrated on promotións not like you who worked for few groups leaving BRs and competitive quota in lurch.

And by blaming AIGETOA for scuttling CPSU CH despite the fact that all these 20 years, SNEA was in majority, they are openly admitting their lack of sincerity towards a particular group because promotions were stopped for a particular group only and you got the promotions of your peers and contemporaries despite contempt and stay.

How much more you will get down dear proclaimed corner of BSNL, how much more.

And perhaps your blind eyes and dumb brain is unable to read the updates of AIGETOA properly. Very soon LDCE will also be announced and further DPC will also happen so that our SRD Batch, LICE 2014 Batch, LICE 2016 Batch and GATE JTOs of 2017 batch will also be promoted to SDE Cadre and which will open path for more and more JEs to be promoted to JTO cadre and aspire high. We will also ensure promotions in AGM Cadre for all streams very soon. Very soon, all JAOs will also get chance to be promoted to AO cadre.

We are not like You. AIGETOA is for all and will achieve everything together for all.

And as far as your future updates are concerned, all we can say is that:

AIGETOA Focus is on all and hence all will grow

Since your focus is on nonsense, for you .. only nonsense will grow.

Waiting for another fairy tell from the Lie Machine of the Lie Master.

Sincerely Yours

We the AIGETOAans…We the BSNL Recruits…We the competitive quota People