Inter-Circle Transfer of Long Stay List of SDE(T)

Draft SDE RR issued for suggestions of the Association:

Draft RRs for SDE Telecom and Equivalent cadres has been issued for the comments and suggestion of the association. Draft RR contains 12 years criteria for stagnation beyond the sanctioned strength in line with the restructuring approval of the BSNL Board.

However, we wish to inform that these are draft RRs only and discussion/deliberation on the same with AIGETOA will start. We assure one and all that till the stagnation criteria is properly addressed and brought to the satisfaction level, Association will not allow the RRs to be finalized. This is just a beginning of the acceptance by management that there should be a provision of Time Bound Criteria in the existing RRs. We have to move forward much ahead in this to ensure that the new RRs rewrite a script which treats all equitably and everybody gets a chance to reach higher position with sufficient age profile on their side and to achieve this unparalleled faith and patience is required. We assure one and all that AIGETOA will not fail in its objective to ensure equitable justice for all not like previous history where BSNL Recruits were left behind like orphans.

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JTO to SDET Promotion Order issued in continuation of 31.12.2021:

Congratulations to all the Executives, who are promoted to the SDE !!!

As informed earlier, promotion orders from JTO(T) to SDE(T) issued for the unfilled vacancies in ST Quota issued today. Total 127 executives have been promoted. These were the cases left out in the SDET Order dated 30.12.2021 and the matter was immediately raised by us on 31st Dec, 2021 and it was apprised that this couldn’t be issued due to some wanting in the documents. AIGETOA has also written on 24.01.2022 for immediate issuance of the order.

We are thankful to the CMD, Dir(HR), PGM Pers and his Team for the release of the order. Further AIGETOA is taking all necessary efforts to ensure promotions of the other left out JTOs also and we will leave any stone unturned to achieve the goal. 

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Updates of Meeting with PGM Pers on 31.01.2022

All India President AIGETOA Shri Ravi Shil Verma, All India Vice President Shri Badri Kumar Mehta and AGS Shri Sunil Gautam met PGM Pers on 31.01.2022 and discussed the following issues:

Promotions from SDE/AO grade to AGM/CAO grade:

The team enquired about the managements next course of action in view of the Honble Supreme Court Judgement on reservation in promotions. It was informed by PGM Pers that his team is studying the judgement and the associated implications. We deliberated on the finer points of the judgement, complexities and the possible solutions. He said let the team study the judgement, then only they will be able to comment on the future course of action. We said all these things may go parallel and there is an imminent need to start the preparatory exercise as all the SDEs who have completed the required residency period are coming into the zone of consideration. PGM Pers assured to revert in next few days on this. PGM Pers also told that letter with regard to uploading of offline APARs gradings of all SDEs on ERP Portal has already been issued and circles must have been working on uploading of these gradings on the portal. We assured PGM Pers that our team shall be coordinating with various circles to get this exercise completed at the earliest.

He also informed that the work on RRs is also in advance stage and Pers Section shall be sharing their draft of few RRs in 2-3 days for comments from association . Thereafter, the deliberations on RRs will start. We sincerely hope that at the end of this exercise, the new RR is finalized in line with the career requirements of various executives and in an amicable and cohesive environment. Association will take all efforts to protect the interests of all executives from all grades and all streams.

Finalisation of Seniority List 10,11,12 and 13 :

AIGETOA Team informed PGM Pers that representations from all the circles have been forwarded to BSNL CO and now the lists should be finalised without any further delay. It was highlighted that there are certain issues with respect to correction in vacancy year of some executives and thereafter the lists can be finalised. We requested for an expeditious action on the same. PGM PERS assured to revert back in next few days.

Retention of newly promoted SDEs at their current circles :

PGM Pers told that they are examining the issue and after discussion with Director HR, necessary action shall be taken. It is expected that action on the same shall be taken in next 1-2 days.

Consideration of Left out cases and filling up of ST quota vacancies in the recently held JTO to SDE Promotions:

We enquired about the status on the DPC of the left out JTOs and filling up of the unfilled ST QUOTA posts. PGM Pers told that action for issuance of promotions for the unfilled vacancies in ST quota and the left out (unassessed, missing APAR etc) cases is under advance stage and hopefully promotion orders shall be issued soon. AIGETOA team requested for consideration of all the left out cases in OC and SC category also so that executives within the same batch should not be left out. We also requested for processing the pending LDCE notifications immediately as the same is pending for long now. An early action on the same is anticipated.

OTP Transfer Cases :

Team AIGETOA also highlighted to PGM Pers that some genuine Medical cases have been left out and they need to be considered urgently. We also highlighted certain discrepancies in processing of the OTP cases, specially many cases pertaining to Karnataka Circle have been left out. PGM Pers assured to discuss all those cases one by one and assured that genuine cases which has been left out shall definitely be considered. He however said that it may take sometime as his team is preoccupied in other DPC related works. The problem in OTP application arising out due to applying in test window was also highlighted.

Thereafter All India President and Vice President had a brief interaction with SDEs of BSNL CO belonging to List 8 and List 12. All India President explained the whole scenario to them and informed them about the possible roadblocks. All India President also explained the finer points of judgment as understood by him and his team and the associated complexities as well as the dependencies.

He also assured that AIGETOA team is on job and will not let management delay the AGM grade promotions both in Telecom as well as Finance Stream any more on account of untoward pretexts. He said association is taking all efforts to ensure the Promotion at the earliest. He further requested them to coordinate with circles and ensure that APAR grading of all the SDEs are uploaded on the ERP Portal. He further informed that this issue is there as an item for discussion in the next agenda meeting to be held with Recognised Association AIGETOA and there things shall be more clear and minutised in black and white. He requested all present to exercise faith and patience and to concentrate on completion of the preparatory works.

Together We will Achieve Everything.