GS AIGETOA writes to CMD BSNL – Request Review of Upgradation Training and Exam Structure :

GS AIGETOA writes to CMD BSNL – Request Review of Upgradation Training and Exam Structure :

GS AIGETOA writes to CMD BSNL regarding review of the structure of Upgradation Training and Exam.

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AIGETOA highlighted issues faced by BSNL executives regarding the Upgradation Training and Exam process. As per the Executive Promotion Policy (EPP), BSNL executives are required to pass an online examination within two years of receiving a pay scale upgrade. However, a large number of executives are currently awaiting their turn to appear for the exam due to limited seats and training slots at ALTTC and other training centers. The time slots fill up quickly, causing delays and frustration for many executives.

To address this concern, AIGETOA proposed the following suggestions:

Revert to a single-day exam without mandatory classroom training: Previously, executives took the exam without classroom training, expediting the process. Online training can be offered as an option, accommodating more executives.

Make classroom training optional: With course content available online, executives can study independently and appear for a single-day exam, reducing the backlog within 2 months and saving BSNL lakhs of rupees in TA/DA expenses.

Address hostel accommodation issues: Recently, hostel allotment refusals by NITPRIT authorities have caused accommodation problems for executives. A single-day exam pattern can mitigate this challenge to a large extent.

Accommodate administrative delays: In some cases, upgradation orders are issued 8-12 months late, leaving executives with less time to clear the exam. A single-day exam pattern allows them to appear for the exam sooner.

Revamp the training vertical: BSNL’s training centers can be reorganized to offer market-oriented courses to the general public, generating revenue and making it a profitable initiative.

Message from GS AIGETOA : Empowering Executives, Shaping the Future – “A Call to Action for BSNL Executives”

Dear Friends,

Greetings for the day. First of all, on Behalf of AIGETOA, I convey my wholehearted gratitude for the faith and support which you all have extended to our beloved association AIGETOA. As you are aware that the membership change window is on and it gives all of you an opportunity to explore and introspect the relevance of your support to the respective associations to which you have extended support till date. At the same time, it gives the opportunity to the office bearers of the respective associations also to reaffirm their commitment and explain the way forward to achieve and fulfill the aspirations of the executive community.

I as the general secretary of AIGETOA, once again reaffirm the commitment to keep trying till we achieve the dreams of our fellow executives. Yes, the issues are many and the path is really tough given the ecosystem in which we are placed in where the HR issues hold the least priority for the management as well as the other associated offices. However, when the path is tough, only the tough gets going. We have been moving forward with the agenda of PPP. We have tried all the years when we were in majority and were able to resolve a few of our long pending issues. Post Membership Verification in September 2023, AIGETOA without thinking about who is MA and Who is SA have been moving forward with the same zeal, same energy and in fact a greater commitment to achieve the things. We have been able to make inroads on the very important issues of Pay, Promotions and Pension. The issues have been recognised at the highest level with the support of our umbrella organisation BMS and intervention of the Hon’ble MoC. The results are for everyone to see. First time in the history of associations, a tripartite meeting was held between DOT, BSNL and the BMS affiliated associations and Unions to discuss the pending issues of Pay, Promotions and Pensions pertaining to BSNL Executives. The subsequent development on standard pay scales which is now on record open and under discussion is the result of our hard work. We are very sure to achieve the desired results very soon on the issue of standard pay scales of E2 for JTO/JAO equivalent and replacement of E7 as the SG JAG scale instead of E6. This will go a long way in extending a long term future benefit in terms of pay for our young brothers and Sisters. This will also be a key in ending the stagnation for our seniors who have reached maximum of their scales. It was AIGETOA which provided the answer to the objections of DoT and gave a full fledged solution to end the Pay Scale Stalemate without cascading effect and the same was very well appreciated by DoT and BSNL. Similarly on the 22820 also, we have moved forward at high court and are very sure of achieving the desired results. On the issue of JE Period Pay Loss, our team at Kerala is moving at a good pace and we are very sure that we will win. The issue of E1 plus five increments is also on the priority list of AIGETOA. Our efforts which resulted in increase of mobile reimbursement (Though it needs further increase), Laptop to all executives, Revision in Perks and Allowances, all such issues have moved forward. AIGETOA is also pursuing for the Pay issues of PA/PS/Civil/Electrical and Architecture.

On the issue of Promotions, many issues have been resolved by AIGETOA but at the same time many more issues are still pending to be resolved. Our Focused approach has taken this issues quite forward and the adamant approach of management is a big show stopper but AIGETOA is committed to end that adamancy and ensure the promotions of all the eligible executives. Promotions in JTO to SDE, SDE to AGM, JAO to AO, AO to CAO, AGM to DGM, PA to PS, PS to PPS and other pending Promotions are to be executed and as General Secretary of AIGETOA, I convey my firm resolve to achieve these objectives in shortest possible time.

The management has inflicted a big disrespect to the contributions of our youngest lot of GATE JTOs who despite clearing the GATE exam and securing good percentage, are being tried to be made Junior to the candidates with Similar Qualification through SET. I on behalf of AIGETOA, put our firm opposition on record and would like to ensure one and all that come what may, this SET recruitment is not going to happen in BSNL. If management tries to demean the qualifications of our fellow brothers and Sisters across all cadres and streams, we will not hesitate in going to any extent. AIGETOA would like to firmly assure that no more fiddling with careers of executives shall be allowed.

Similarly, We would like to assure one and all that the pensionary benefits which have been kept pending all these years will have to be compensated to all the executives. We are going to achieve the objectives very soon.

And the issue of 3rd PRC, we all know how it is going to be resolved and who can waive the affordability clause. We need to achieve the issue of 3rd PRC without any further delay and AIGETOA and BMS are equipped enough to take all efforts to convince the highest echelons to extend the same.

I also take this opportunity to state that AIGETOA is the only association which has been pursuing the issues on the multimodal aspects (Legal, Organizational and with Authorities). We have pursued with Hon’ble MoC and MoSC, We have pursued with Hon’ble Ministers and MPs. We have followed at DOT, We have followed at BSNL. Added to that AIGETOA is the only association which has taken all the issues related to Pay, Pension and Promotions on the legal platform also.

Our ground work of last 9 months through various meetings with Hon’ble MoC, Hon’ble MoSC, Different Ministers, MPs and leaders and at various hierarchical levels at the administrative ministry has put the things in motion. After the tripartite meeting, because of code of conduct, further follow-ups could not be achieved but now with new government in place, our efforts will again come into full pace now. Our team has already met Hon’ble MoC Shri Jyotiraditya Sindhiya Ji and have requested a detailed meeting. We are hopeful of a meeting very soon. Our Umbrella Organization BMS has assured us of all possible actions to achieve the resolution of the issues including the path of Agitation. If through pursuance, things do not materialize, AIGETOA and BMS will not hesitate in giving the organizational action calls also. The roadmap to achieve the objectives have been discussed with our umbrella organization and the activities will be visible at full throttle from here.

Even on the individual issues like transparent implementation of Transfer Policy, corrections in tenure policy and the recent fiasco of settling the pending rule 8 cases have been taken up aggressively by AIGETOA and we will definitely resolve the same.

But as you are aware that without being together, without your support, no leader, no association can do anything. Hence your unparalleled support is the need of the hour.

We won’t say that extend your blind support. But we definitely request you all to introspect that who is working for you, who is raising your voice, who is confronting management or any authority against the adverse actions and also who is taking care of even your individual issues.

Being MA or being SA, it never mattered for AIGETOA and we kept on moving with same pace. However now when we are at this critical time when the issues of Pay, Promotions and Pension is at most critical stage, each and every executive should come forward to support the cause.

You all will have to analyse – What is good for you. The results of MV and subsequent activities of the concerned association which won the MV should and must be introspected by all. A stronger AIGETOA with your support and under the guidance of BMS is the answer to the resolution of all the pending issues of the executive fraternity.

Hence in the best interest of the executives, I on behalf of AIGETOA, make a humble appeal to all the executives of BSNL to come, Join and Strengthen the AIGETOA, the only association in BSNL which is raising the voice of executives at all levels including that of highest echelons. Your support today will shape and decide the future.

Together We Will Definitely Achieve Everything.

Join AIGETOA, Strengthen AIGETOA, Empower Yourself.

With Best Regards

Ravi Shil Verma GS AIGETOA

Greetings on Eid-Ul-Adha

On this blessed occasion of Eid-Ul-Adha, AIGETOA extends its heartfelt greetings to one and all. May this day of sacrifice and thanks giving bring about unity, peace, and prosperity to everyone’s lives. Let us all reflect on the values of empathy and generosity that this festival embodies. Wishing you and your families a joyous Eid filled with warmth and togetherness.