GS AIGETOA writes to CMD BSNL regarding discrepancy observed in various executives in First Time bound promotion between 4-6 years and request to consider implementing the proposal of uniform 1st Time Bound Promotion in 4 years to all executives :

GS AIGETOA writes to CMD BSNL regarding discrepancy observed in various executives in First Time bound promotion between 4-6 years and request to consider implementing the proposal of uniform 1st Time Bound Promotion in 4 years to all executives :

GS AIGETOA writes to CMD BSNL regarding discrepancy observed in various executives in First Time bound promotion between 4-6 years and request to consider implementing the proposal of uniform 1st Time Bound Promotion in 4 years to all executives.

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This disparity has resulted into heart burn and disparity in Pay amongst many of the JTOs recruited by BSNL/Absorbed from DoT. This disparity in first time bound promotion shall be affecting the newly Recruited/Promoted JTOs/JAOs as they will be getting their First Time Bound Up-gradation in 6 years owing to their initial basic scale being fixed in E1 scale. They are already demotivated and disappointed owing to the extremely meagre salary and less initial basic which is largely visible in the form of extremely high percentage of churn out from the newly recruited batches, now extending first TBP in 6 years will be like sprinkling salt on already inflicted injuries.

GS Writes to CMD BSNL for promotion in the grade of PPS by creation of additional Posts :

GS AIGETOA writes to CMD BSNL with request for promotion in the grade of PPS by creation of additional posts.

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AIGETOA has proposed the following suggestions for the career progression and timely promotion of the PS to PPS –

  • As the Merger of BBNL is already taking place and Merger of MTNL is being envisaged, we feel it prudent to submit that there will be change in the managerial posts including that of the BOD position which is bound to increase post-merger. Hence the earlier level of PPS grade posts need to be restored to take care of the increased requirements of PPS posts for manning the crucial positions which will arise after the increase in the number of senior managerial positions.
  • Consequent to Restructuring of HR in BSNL, 37 posts of PPS have been earmarked for all field units. Recently Circles were requested to furnish data of eligible candidates from feeder grade for promotion to the grade of PPS. It is learnt that approximate 15 circles have not submitted any information so far as no candidates are eligible for promotion to the grade of PPS. Whereas, 4 candidates in PS Grade in Corporate Office are eligible for promotion to the post of PPS. Hence, these eligible candidates may be considered for promotion to the grade of PPS by utilizing the available posts of field units and diverting the same to the strength of BSNL CO.
  • Stenographers (Grade-“D”) in the Corporate Office are only 2 and the working strength of posts of PA Grade are 12. Hence, it is suggested that 10 PAs with 12 yrs of service may be promoted as PS (as followed in promotions done in 2018) and to surrender vacant posts in the grade of PA for creating a matching savings for upgrading some PA posts to Sr.PPS/PPS Grade as a one-time measure (Matching Saving) without altering the total number of sanctioned posts for Corporate Office. By doing this, all will get a justifiable opportunity to get a seniority-cum-fitness promotion before his/her superannuation.
  • The Restructuring Review is already in Progress and we sincerely feel that there is ample scope of increasing the number of Sr PPS and PPS posts which will enable suitable career progression to the PSs who will otherwise stagnate in their current positions for next many years. Hence Management must consider creating at least 3 more posts in Sr. PPS i.e. total 6 posts and 4 more in the PPS grade i.e. Total 7 PPS posts for taking care of the responsibility associated with manning the secretarial works of Board Level Positions, CVO and Senior Managerial Posts.

GS AIGETOA writes to CMD BSNL regarding Promotions of all eligible executives who have fulfilled the attendant conditions of eligibility as prescribed in MS RRs :

GS AIGETOA writes to CMD BSNL regarding Promotions of all eligible executives who have fulfilled the attendant conditions of eligibility as prescribed in MS RRs.

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Around 150 odd numbers of officers are working on DGM (Adhoc) basis and are yet to be promoted to DGM on regular basis despite serving in the grade for many years.  Management has not been able to promote these officers to regular DGM by citing the reasons of pending court cases.  Further, around 1350 AGMs have also completed their requisite residency period in the grade. Many of them are working in the grade for last as DGM (L/A) in BSNL for the last two years with the total posts of 1116 JAG posts.  These officers are not even promoted to DGM on ad-hoc basis, despite all vacancies remaining unfilled in the grade. These officers are still working as DGM (L/A) after fulfilling the eligibility conditions as prescribed in the governing RRs.  

AIGETOA strongly demand that all those officers who are working under DGM (LA) having fulfilled the attendant conditions of eligibility as prescribed in MS RRs may be immediately given entrustment charge as DGM on regular basis such that the sagging morale of seniors can be boosted and management can also do away with the repetitive and perennial exercise of carrying out DGM (LA) promotions. Further all consequential benefits attached to the DGM posts must be extended to them as being done in other cases. AIGETOA feel that this is the only feasible and pragmatic way to impart justice to these officers. This will not only provide respite to these officers but it will also result in further promotions in other grades.

The scenario of consequential vacancies in various grades arising out of such entrustment shall be as stated below:

  • Total No. of AGM vacancies arising out of DGM entrustments : 1116
  • AGM vacancies unfilled as on date from internal quota : 650
  • Total Number of Vacancies envisaged for external quota be diverted to internal quota : 300
  • Hence total number of vacancies which can be made available for AGM promotions from existing strength : 2066

Hence Total 2066 SDEs can be promoted to AGM grade. This will further give opportunity to near about 2066 promotions from JTO to SDE along with 600 already available vacancies and further more so many vacancies will be created in JTO grade also.

This means by one decision, around 5900 promotions can be executed as per the below mentioned breakup:

  • AGM to DGM : 1116
  • SDE to AGM : 2066
  • JTO to SDE : 2066 plus 600 vacant posts ie total 2666

Similarly the same methodology may be applied in Finance Grade also wherein the AOs having fulfilled the attendant conditions of eligibility as prescribed in MS RRs may be immediately given entrustment charge as CAO on regular basis. The scenario of consequential vacancies in various grades arising out of such entrustment shall be as stated below:

  • AO to CAO : 712 plus 84 vacancies of SET quota ie 796
  • JAO to AO: 796 Posts

Hence just by one out of box and technically feasible decision, around 7500 promotions can easily be executed. This will give a huge respite to the executives having fulfilled the eligibility conditions for promotions to next grade.

Much Awaited Promotions in JTO to SDE Cadre Issued with Consistent, Perseverant & result oriented approach of AIGETOA :

Congratulations to all the Executives, who are promoted to the SDE !!!

Contrary to the update by the other association and other groups who have ruled out promotions, and in line with the updates shared by AIGETOA wherein we said it will definitely come, the much awaited promotion orders for 228 JTOs has been issued. AIGETOA has been pursuing the orders and finally succeeded in getting it issued.

AIGETOA has always been pragmatic in approach. We sincerely believe in perseverance and getting the results instead of crying over the hurdles and obstacles. Our Team Intervened in the case, got a clarification issued and thereafter the DPC process was set in motion and finally today orders were issued.

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Today AIGETOA has once again proved that what others called as IMPOSSIBLE, AIGETOA believe in making it as I M Possible.

Had the stay would not have been obtained by the back end team of one particular group, more 300 SDEs from AIEL3 would have got promoted followed by all others in the List. We once again request them to reconsider their approach and instead try for getting the things resolved within the organization. AIGETOA assures that all eligible JTOs shall be promoted very soon.

Keep supporting us.

The only substitute for AIGETOA is Even More Strong AIGETOA.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Hon’ble CMD BSNL, Hon’ble Director HR, PGM Pers, PGM SR, Joint GM (Pers), DGM (Pers) and all other team members involved in the process.

We once again congratulate all those who have been promoted and reassure others that very soon we will get your orders also issued.

Similarly we will ensure resolution of other pending issues also.

Update of JTO to SDE DPC and LDCE :

Team AIGETOA met concerned officers in Pers Section and requested for executing the DPC at the earliest to avoid any last minute hitch. Details from two circles is pending which is being pursued. Though many executives will be promoted in ongoing exercise but still many within the same batch may be left out which is not good specially taking into cognizance of the fact that training centers marking pattern differed from circle to circle. Team AIGETOA is aware of this frustrating situation and shall be taking all efforts to convince management to execute the DPC for next lot also at the earliest. In the current DPC of JTO to SDE (T), all available vacancies upto 31st December 2022 shall be filled up. We request all the affected executives to exercise patience and wait for their turn. Association shall be taking all efforts to ensure that no body remains left behind in Promotions.

Team AIGETOA also met authorities in recruitment section and expressed disappointment on the delay in notification of the LDCE exam for JTO to SDE (T). We highlighted that despite go ahead from higher management, the LDCE has yet not been notified. We requested them for immediate notification of LDCE exams for vacancies upto 31st December 2022. It is understood that Recruitment Section is working on the notification and shall take all efforts to issue the notification without any further delay.

Screening Committee Report and Vigilance Clearance for JTO(T) for promotion to SDE(T) under 67% SQ :

Pers Cell, BSNL CO writes to all Circle heads for furnishing of Screening Committee Report & Vigilance Clearance for JTO (T) for Promotion to SDE (T) under 67% SQ.

The following information has been furnish with respect to JTO (T) :

A] The SCR consisting of APAR grading for the period (2015-16 to 2019-20) in the prescribed format as per enclosed Annexure-1. The details of JTOs in respect of whom the SCR is to be furnished are as under :

B] Vigilance Clearance for all the JTOs (T) as above.

C] If any name is left in the final eligibility lists circulated, their SCR & VC status may also be furnished.

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Result for LICE from JE to JTO declared :

AIGETOA CHQ Congratulates all successful candidates. It was our endeavour from day one to maximize the promotions and the first step was kept on the day when AIGETOA suggested utilization of complete vacancies available as evident from our minutes of February 2022. We have been pursuing the matter and accordingly after vigorous follow ups, last week we informed that results are ready to be declared shortly.

This has been the biggest achievement of AIGETOA that we have been able to get the system streamlined and transparent. Our efforts for the cadre will continue to achieve all the resolutions.

We once again congratulate everyone.

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Flash News: Update on notification of SDE RRs and JTO to SDE Promotions :

As assured to AIGETOA by Hon’ble CMD BSNL in the meeting dated 21st March 2023, it is understood that the modified SDE RRs are being placed for approval in BSNL Board Meeting to be held tentatively this week. With this approval, path for the Promotions of the left out JTOs of 2008 batch will be cleared and hopefully the promotions will be issued soon. In the meeting, Team AIGETOA has emphasized upon starting the exercise for subsequent batches also and we will ensure that the DPC promotion process for the subsequent batches and LDCE notification for the eligible batches are also completed immediately thereafter.

Issuance of AGM Promotion today and reversal issue

The matter of Reversal issue was taken up with Hon’ble CMD BSNL by GS AIGETOA during his visit to Delhi. GS elaborately explained all the details of the reversal issue to CMD BSNL and tried to explain the real cause behind this injustice. GS emphasized that it will be a huge injustice to these candidates if they are left out in promotion orders. The fault was always on the part of BSNL which couldn’t clarify in time about the eligibility and kept on issuing ambiguous letters. In fact BSNL has accepted in documents issued by them and in noting obtained through RTI that relaxation by virtue of Junior Senior clause is applicable in LDCE also. Hence now denying the applicability of clause 12.5 of SDE RR to LDCE candidates is simply uncalled for. It was also explained that the court case which BSNL is taking as alibi to deny justice is based on Clause 12.3 ie pertaining to date of exam and not on 12.5 which deals with the Junior Senior clause.

GS also presented the bulleted points to CMD BSNL along with supporting documents. He listened all details carefully and apprised that he has been explained by his team also on that matter, which is subjudiced. On GS insistence, he agreed to look into it afresh and read the submitted documents once again to ensure right decision and justice. The hitch on BSNL part was that matter is subjudice and many cases are pending at various courts on which GS Stated that already BSNL has agreed for an out of court settlement which is well captured in the minutes issued by BSNL to AIGETOA. It is very clear that still there is reluctancy on the part of management on this issue however association is fully committed to ensure that no wrong happens with these candidates and there 14 years of service in SDE cadre do not go waste Association will take all efforts to ensure justice to all these candidates.

Click here for the bulleted points of the issue and supporting documents

The orders for first lot of promotions is expected today. AIGETOA Team is constantly monitoring the situation and has taken all efforts to put everything in line.

The matter of transfer and posting was also taken up at the level of Director HR and CMD BSNL. Association demand to make long stay as criteria of posting outside was also taken up and management has shown it’s positive inclination towards making long stay the criteria instead of sending Juniors in the list outside. Juniors going outside has never been accepted by AIGETOA and accordingly it has vouched for transfer posting on the basis of long stay only. AIGETOA also requested to keep the transfer posting at minimum required level and to allow all promoted executives to join on as is where is basis to avoid any last minute hitch. Required transfer posting if any can be done in next one week or 15 days. But for the time being candidates should be allowed to join in their current places of posting only.

It is understood that there will be Minimum displacement of the candidates and only surplus circles will be touched as done in the case of JTO to SDE promotions. Those displaced shall also be tried to be accommodated in the immediate nearby deficit circles. We also requested that specialized circles like ITPC etc should be spared as after lot of efforts, this specialized experience is gained. We sincerely hope management understands the complexity and considers the requests.

Friends, after much efforts and pursuance by AIGETOA, the promotions are going to take place anytime now. Yes definitely, our aspirations will be fulfilled only when last eligible candidate is promoted in the list. But starting the process of long struck promotions was an imminent necessity and accordingly this call has been taken. Those left out in the list should not get demotivated as management has assured for considering them in second lot.

We assure one and all that AIGETOA is going to ensure that the process for second lot starts soon and completed well in time so that all gets their due promotions without any delay. We are pursuing for promotions in AO to CAO cadre and AGM/CAO to DGM promotions. It’s our firm endeavor to ensure that promotions happen in all grades and streams without any delay.

If all goes well, we can hope for promotion today as per discussions with management.