Condolence Meeting & Submission of Memorandum

Dear Friends,

Sad Demise of one more BR Colleague. It’s indeed a sorry state of affair in BSNL that a BSNL Recruitee employee, despite being recruited in a Govt PSU, is not providing proper social security benefits to its employees.

With the death of the BSNL Recruit bread winner, their family comes on road and faces an uncertain journey ahead. We should stand firmly to highlight this precarious situation of BSNL Recruits at all forums.

It’s high time that this burning issue should be noticed by BSNL Management and they should impart full social security benefits to the BSNL Recruited employees at par with their DoT absorbed counterparts.

AIGETOA has decided to organise a श्रद्धांजली सभा for all those colleagues of BSNL who have left us midway for their eternal journey owing to unfortunate circumstances.

All the CHQ/Circle OBs/District OBs of AIGETOA are requested to organise a condolence meeting during lunch hours today (6th May 2022) and submit a memorandum to Corporate Admin, Circle Admin and District Admins. Other Unions and Associations should also be asked to come forward and participate in this noble cause for the better future of dependents of our departed colleagues.

Deferment of ongoing Agitation on the Appeal of Director HR

Dear All,

BSNL Management has issued one more appeal to defer the ongoing call of the AIGETOA in line with the discussion held with the Director HR on 22.07.2021. Although few major points have been left in the record of discussion issued and these have been raised to the Sr GM SR as per the discussion held on which she has assured to bring to the knowledge of Director HR BSNL. In the meantime, the restructuring meeting is also scheduled to start with AIGETOA on its submissions from 28.07.2021.

CHQ governing body in the meeting held yesterday night unanimously decided to consider the request of the Director (HR) to enable the discussion in an amicable environment and defer the ongoing agitation program with a believe that resolution of issues will happen in 2-3 months time as assured in the letter. Further, we believe that the management will cease the opportunity and consider our request to ensure sufficient number of promotional post in restructuring as submitted by AIGETOA and one promotion to all eligible executives before implementation of restructuring.

The decision to defer the appeal has been taken in view of the discussions held on 22.07.2021 wherein Director HR categorically told that management is considerate on all the issues and they shall be taking positive action on all the genuine issues related to executives. Director HR also told that management has already shown it’s positive intent by moving forward on JTO to SDE DPC despite many criticalities. He reaffirmed his commitment for taking care of left out JTOs and also promotions in other streams and grades. With respect to Restructuring issues, he said that management is considerate on the subject of promotional avenues, stagnation and number of posts and discussion on these aspects should be given a chance before moving on to extreme steps. Director HR also told that within next 2-3 months, things will be visible on ground and results of the efforts will definitely be seen. Association side also expressed that while we also believe that amicable resolution should be given a priority, but time and again, changing stand by management on issues forces us to do so. However, as per the request of management, AIGETOA can consider deferring the program but any change in the stand of management may force us to resume the action programs and that too with more vigor.

Accordingly, we have decided to defer the programs as of now. However this deferment is subject to be launched immediately in case we feel that there is deviation from the assured path. Despite the deferment, whole rank and file of AIGETOA should be ready to react immediately in case things do not settle as per discussion and satisfaction of AIGETOA especially that with respect to covering the left out Candidates for JTO to SDE DPC and ensuring sufficient number of posts in various streams and grades.

We extend our heartiest thanks to our esteemed members and supporters to make the organisational call successful by quitting WhatsApp groups to lodge their strong resentment by Ten Thousand Executives approximately. Now we request all of them to resume the previous position on account of deferment of the call and devote to improve position of BSNL despite of all challenges to bring back our beloved organisation to the path of growth.



AIGETOA speak honestly and work dedicatedly for all streams and all grades as we have shown in earlier. It’s a time to shape up your voice and channelize your energy by strengthening the hands of AIGETOA through subscribing its membership. Every member of the association makes an impact in the decision making and focusing the strategy for resolution of the issues. So, your joining will give us more vigor to fight for all your legitimate rights as well as it will further embolden our voice in front of management with your support and work towards sustainability of the organisation also.

We have delivered some results in last one fortnight including the JTO to SDE Promotion, which were shown as impossible task by previous majority association despite of the fact that no situation has changed except that AIGETOA is now working as Majority Association with honest intent. We have categorically assured that all left out cases of 2008 batch will be covered through supplementary DPC by recalculating the vacancies of the period taken into account i.e. Dec 2018. We also hereby assure all other batches JTOs that still vacancies of subsequent years will cater our needs for promotion in SDE grades. The promotion of existing SDEs to the next grade will further provide the opportunities. Now, we will be focusing on AIEL-3 and finish it at the earliest by making it a defined task by ensuring collection of the data in a time bound manner and preparation of the list. We have also met the Director (HR) and held detailed discussion for notification of LDCE for SDE for all pending vacancy years in a short interval. Similarly, we have also demanded for notification for LICE for JTO to fill up the space created by the SDE Promotion. The Dir(HR) has agreed to notify both LDCE and LICE in a short notice. So, your support will definitely give us a reason to work more for the all cadres.

Promotion in the grade of AGM/CAO equivalent is now one of the other neglected area, where our executives are stagnating in the same grade from last 8-17 years and it’s a high time that we all should unit to overcome the situation and ensure promotion to all of colleagues who have already completed the requisite residency. In 2018, the post up-gradation was carried out by BSNL to ensure promotion to bulk of the executives to overcome the legal hurdles. In similar fashion, now the management should realize to promote our people to AGM Grade by utilizing all vacancies to overcome the current legal hurdle. The executives working in AGM grade will automatically vacant the position by moving upward in the channel by occupying the DGM posts. So, management should find a way to ensure one promotion to all SDEs/AOs, who have completed their residency period before restructuring finalization and may take the works as per the need of the organisation. This will give much needed respite to these executives, in the current time where our employees are suffering with delayed salary, no pay revision, no timely medical facilities, no suitable Pensionary mechanism to BSNL recruited employees and no other entitled benefits from the company.

Similarly our colleagues in Civil, Electrical, Architecture, CSS, CSSS, Telecom Factory is stagnating for much more than the requisite residency period and must be promoted to next higher grade to keep them motivated for the progress of the organisation in one of the most difficult time.

The issues of E2 Pay Scale for JAO/JTOs are affecting our youngest lot of executives who are suffering with severe pay loss on account of the E1 scale and their sagging moral needs to be upgraded by extending E2 Scale to all JAO/JTO for addressing their one of the most awaited issue. Similarly, other issues are also haunting the executives and their settlement is also our priority as already discussed in the agenda meetings. We are confident to settle them with our rigorous persuasion and determination and with the help from all our members as well executive’s fraternity.

In the last, one again, we appeal all my executives to subscribe the membership of AIGETOA if not done till date, as today is the last day to give up more power and support to fight for your cause as well as for the sustainability of the organisation.

An Earnest Appeal to BSNL Fraternity

Dear Colleagues,

As our Country is going through a highly unprecedented situation on account of second wave of Covid-19 pandemic which has ravaged the nation, we would like to make an earnest appeal to all to be extra careful and cautious in our daily activities. In these trying times, we do understand that delivering and discharging our responsibilities is definitely our job but at the same time wherewithal to protect the health of ourselves and family is also a necessity. Telecom being an essential service and being a vital medium that helps people remain indoors and get connected, it becomes necessary to discharge our responsibilities to maintain the network and serve the public at large but we should not forget the fact that well being of our self and that of our dependant family is also our responsibility. Please note that it is imperative that we and our family keep good health, and then only we can do our job faithfully.

It is also a fact that many of our colleagues, kith and kin have succumbed to the pandemic. Governments have been telling to the public that going out is almost equivalent to value of our lives in these times. Already 16 states have declared lock downs restricting the movement of people which should not be lost sight in the din. Further hospital facilities are crowded and strained across the nation due to the sudden surge of patients. Hence it is our humble suggestion that as far as possible, avoid travel and contact for the next few weeks, till the situation is under control. Let’s hope that the days are not far when the mankind will be successful in keeping a pandemic – which has wreaked havoc, under control.

While Association is leaving no stones unturned in communicating the situation at ground level to management, we also exhort all individuals to turn to their inner self and consult their self conscious in these trying times to find a right balance between the twin functions of discharging their duty and protecting themselves and family. We are confident that every individual is capable of the same and would have resorted to such things in difficult times. However should any one find any difficulty in finding a right balance between these contrasting needs, they are requested get in touch with our office bearers and seek assistance. Our office bearers are also being sensitized about the need to reach out to the fraternity and promote harmony and brotherhood among the masses because people can have diverse needs in such times and it is only with unity that we can tide over such difficult times.

We are also trying our level best to get the vaccination done for all our Employees and have reached out to the highest authorities to get it done at the earliest. We request all to remain calm and composed and not to lose their self confidence. Keep the emergency contacts readily available and have Plans charted out before hand for emergency.

As far as Salary is concerned, it’s indeed regretful that even at this time of pandemic and so much chaos, management could not prioritise the salary disbursement, inspite of raising the matter with highest authority of Director HR and CMD BSNL. It seems the sorrow and hardships of Employees are of no matter to the management. Though We do appreciate the moves like creation of benevolent fund, granting of medical advances but perhaps management is forgetting the fact many people now are fighting with this dreaded disease and are in dire need of Salary.

Management tells every one that BSNL Services is essential services, Hence Management is duty bound to ensure the salary for keeping the essential services up and running. It’s high time that BSNL Management ensures timely salary to Employees or be ready to face the repercussions.

Management has been exercising the option of No Work No Pay time and again, now it’s high time for the Employees to exercise NO PAY – NO WORK. We hereby give warning bell to management that if they do not disburse the Salary now, we will be forced to call upon the Employees to exercise NO PAY- NO WORK.

We hereby call upon all the employees to prepare themselves to react on short notice.

We assure that we will not run away from responsibilities and shall not fail in our endeavour and duties in providing a platform which can be relied upon to in times of crisis.

Together we can … and Together we will…

Overwhelming response of executives and employees -GHIS

Dear All,

We humbly place our sincere gratitude to one and all who helped to successfully visualize the concept of Group Health Insurance Policy by AIGETOA from one of the largest Insurer (which is a PSU) i.e. New India Assurance and Industry’s Best TPA i.e. M/S Medi Assist.

It was a mammoth task and overwhelming response of executives and employees further multi-folded the responsibilities. But we are happy to intimate that under matured, composed and dynamic leadership of Shri Ravi Shil Verma AIP and Shri Wasi Ahmad General Secretary, the unbeatable Team AIGETOA once again proved its worthiness and professionalism to handle the responsibilities successfully. Here, we would also like to name few heroes who worked tirelessly behind the curtain to make it possible and they are Shri Pavan Akhand AGS, Shri Yogendra Jharwal FS, Shri Amit Roy Advisor, Shri B Laxman, Chairman, GHI Team Members, all CHQ Members alongwith Circle Team.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all Employees of BSNL, who have shown faith and opted the policy in the just concluded window by crossing the position, cadre, stream irrespective of the association affiliations. This is one of the basic ethos of United efforts and we stand by this unity.

Hereafter, our responsibilities have increased many fold to scrutiny the data and handover the errorless information to the New India Assurance alongwith the corresponding fund to start the policy at the earliest and ensure a hassle free service.

We assure once again that one more extension window shall be opened for all those, who couldn’t make it due to multiple reasons after start of the Policy. Policy Coverage of all those who were within the threshold window shall start from the first week and for remaining those who got themselves registered and made payment by Midnight of 30th April 2021, the policy Coverage will start from the Second week’ of May 2021.

Further, we once again reaffirm our commitment that providing health services to Employees is the responsibility of the employer (BSNL) and it will be ensured by association. We have already initiated discussion in this regard with the management and they have also shown positive response and assessing the proposal to start Health Insurance for the employees instead of complete dependency on BSNL MRS.

We thank one and all who contributed directly or indirectly in this noble cause.


World Equality Day – “Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar Jayanti”

Dear Colleagues and Seniors,

On this day of 14 th April, we should not only remember the great personality of most respected “Baba Saheb Bhimrao Ambedkar” and pay our tributes to him but we should also take a pledge to save the constitution of our country then it will be real tribute to the great Baba Saheb.

The constitution provides equal rights to all citizens of the country and it is soul of the Nation. We should also remember the lesson of Baba Saheb about educate, unite and struggle to uplift the social dignity of downtrodden people and always keep trying to fulfill his dreams.

On behalf of our entire members in particular and all people in general, We pay my respectful tribute to Baba saheb and salute him on his 130th birthday.

Jai Bhim, Jai Bharat!



Dear colleagues,

First of all, we would like to wish you and your family a very warm, happy, healthy prosperous and safe new year 2021. We have just completed one of the toughest calendar year 2020 with a completely different aspect of life in last nine months. The challenges were not only about changed living conditions and new normal but safety of human being across the world due to pandemic of covid-19 but it was also about growth and viability of our beloved organisation, BSNL. AIGETOA pursued, struggled and reached out to every platform for a government backed revival package for BSNL to safeguard it from its dwindling future, which is at its lowest due to policy decision and predatory pricing in Telecom Sector.  Fortunately, Government introduced BSNL Revival Package to get it implemented in 2020 and it became a hope to all employees that the organisation will again be a safe, secure and flourished company in future through various arms of the program. But unfortunately, except VRS and Sovereign Guaranteed Bond of Rs 8500 Cr, no other arms could get much headway and specially much hyped 4G couldn’t be roll out in 2020 in spite of all efforts by the CMD and BSNL Board of Directors, which seriously inflicted damage to the financial health of BSNL. The tender for procurement of equipment for 50K 4G sites was canceled on the direction of the DoT and altogether a new concept of home grown core taken the centre stage in 2020, giving serious blow to early and industry standard roll out of the premium wireless data service by BSNL in near future. After a series of meetings between the BSNL management and various functionaries of the government, the PoC roll of 4G is being contemplated with indigenous equipment, raising serious question mark about the future growth in revenue and expansion in one of the core business of wireless segment by BSNL. But we will have to fight in this situation for early rollout of the 4G Service or Government should suitably compensate the company and its employees by extending the related benefits including implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNL, full 30% SAB for BSNL Recruited Employees and standard pay scale of E2 and E3 for JTO/JAO and SDE/AO equivalent grade irrespective of the financial health of the organisation.

As far as the association is concerned, it was a year of growth and accomplishment for the platform of AIGETOA (All India Gradate Engineers & Telecom Officers Association), which rises to its tremendous glory with the blessing of all executives by securing first position in recently concluded 2nd Membership Verification of Executives Association leaving behind legacy associations SNEA and AIBSNLEA.  The AIGETOA became Majority Recognised Representative Association of Executives of BSNL in its first ever election contested in BSNL and we will use this opportunity for the welfare of the executives honestly. We once again extend our deep gratitude to all executives for showing faith and believe in the platform, which we will nurture forever and use for the betterment and inclusive growth of executive fraternity always.

On the other side, Year 2020 was another year of setback, frustration and depression to executive’s fraternity due to non-settlement of their long pending issues of Pay, Promotion, Pension and Prosperity. BSNL Management has completely failed to rise to the occasion to address the issues of executive with same zeal as these employees taken the additional responsibility in field after VRS and didn’t allowed the things to slipped away from the hand even after reduction of 78K employees from the organisation through VRS, Severe financial & resource constraints and spread of pandemic of Covid-19. These warriors fought with full dedication and motivation without caring for their life and family and in the process many of them attained supreme sacrifice. AIGETOA salute our warriors and assure that their sacrifice will not go waste and we will ensure justice to each and every executives and employees of BSNL.

We look forward for a hard battle ahead in 2021 both for the cadre as well as the organisation. The promotions were missed in preceding year have to be attained in all grades and streams in a time frame manner, starting with issuance of the JTO to SDE Promotion without further delay. The pay losses faced by executives have to be compensated and the superannuation benefits have to attain 30% as recommended in 2nd PRC. The association will have to fight for implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNL, Health Insurance for all executives in BSNL and other issues of the executives in the year 2021. These are tight targets but very significant for our cadre survival and motivation of the executives to give their best for our beloved organisation BSNL. We are behaving responsibly and extending all cooperation to the management in the larger interest of BSNL but now our patience is also running out due to failure of every timeline. If the management didn’t come up with decisions and orders, the association will not shy away to stretch its other arms for accomplishment of vital issues of the executives. Hence we have to gear up for challenges ahead and so we call our members and executive fraternities to start gearing up for the larger battle ahead. We also request one and all that let us take pledge on this New Year to extend hands of cooperation instead of digging the path of others. We can sail through even in this tough time with togetherness and so have faith and support in each other.

At the end we once again wish a wonderful, happy, healthy, prosperous and safe New Year 2021 to all of you with your loved ones. Happy New Year 2021.