Vote for AIGETOA at Serial No 3 – Empowering Your Voice with BMS Affiliation !!!

Dear Esteemed BSNL Executives,

AIGETOA’s journey towards resolving financial concerns has taken a dynamic turn through our affiliation with BMS, the world’s largest trade union umbrella. This partnership has elevated our pursuit for solutions to new heights, as BMS holds the power to convey our needs to the highest levels of Government and political circles.

Strength in Unity:

With AIGETOA and BMS working in harmony, we now possess a resounding voice that resonates across corridors of power. Our affiliation has already borne fruit – within just a month, GS BMS Shri Ravindra Himte Ji championed the causes of Pay Scale, Pay Loss, 30% SAB, Promotions, Revision in Allowances and Perks, and the pivotal 3rd PRC for BSNL employees. He conveyed our concerns directly to the esteemed Minister Shri Ashwini Vaishnav Ji and ensured us of their unwavering support. A breakthrough is on the horizon – but we need your support!

Embrace the Momentum:

By voting for AIGETOA at No 3, you contribute to our momentum and journey towards a financially secure future. We’re committed to amplifying your voice, safeguarding your interests, and securing your well-deserved benefits.

Your Vote, Your Power:

Cast your vote with purpose. Choose AIGETOA at No 3 and be part of a collective force that stands for progress, fairness, and the betterment of BSNL employees.

Vote for AIGETOA at No 3 Empower Your Voice Secure Your Future