E2-E3 SAGA : Facts on Standard Pay Scales

E2-E3 SAGA : Facts on Standard Pay Scales

Did you know..? BSNL Executives Lost 3 Chances for getting E2/E3 Scale..

Chance_1 : During BSNL Formation, The Legacy Associations of BSNL & MTNL bargained under the platform of ENC (Executive Negotiating Council), MTNL got E2 Pay Scale but BSNL received only E1A.

Chance_2 : 2nd PRC Implementation Time, 2nd PRC directed standard pay scales should be adopted by all PSUs. In 2nd PRC, BSNL was classified as A+ Category, So got 30% fitment & 78.2 % DA Merger, but legacy associations accepted Category D pay scales, as to lower the pension contribution towards DoT. BSNL was earning 10000+ crores profit. So the scale implementation was much easier that time.

Chance_3 : Official reduction of E1 Scale through JTO RR-2014. The PayScale E1A was officially degraded to E1 which in turn affected the E2 prospects. This draconian measure of degradation affected entire LICE & DR JTOs from 2016 onwards. AIGETOA untiring organizational & legal efforts, BSNL management already made submissions to DoT for E2/E3 Scales.

Should we loose 4th Chance ….? Merger of MTNL as subsidiary of BSNL.

This merger with HR restructuring, We get a good chance to bargain back the E2/E3. So Choose & cast your VOTE wisely.