Pers Section Issues Clarification on Intra Circle Transfers of Executives having more than 20 years of Circle Stay :

BSNL CO issued revised Scheme and Syllabus of LICE for promotion in various grades :

BSNL CO writes to all heads of telecom circles & administrative units regarding revision of scheme and syllabus of LICE for promotion to the following grade :

Telecom Stream – SDE (Telecom). Click here for details

Finance Stream – AO. Click here for details

Electrical Stream – SDE (Electrical). Click here for details

Civil Stream – SDE(Civil). Click here for details

Architecture Stream – SDE (Arch). Click here for details

CSSS Stream – Private Secretary (PS). Click here for details

Rajbhasha Adhikari. Click here for details

CSS Stream – DM. Click here for details

Filed Units – Private Secretary (PS). Click here for details

BSNL Issues Corrections to Management Services Recruitment Rules 2023 (MSRR-2023):

Pers Section, BSNL CO has issued a corrigendum to rectify typographical errors in the recently announced Recruitment Rules for BSNL Management Services (Stream Wise) in 2023. The corrections address inadvertent errors in selection criteria for various streams, ensuring accuracy in the promotion process.

Key corrections include adjustments to the minimum qualifying service for promotion to AGM/DE and equivalent levels in Telecom Operations, Finance, Civil, and Electrical streams. Similarly, changes have been made for ARCH/TF/CSS/CSSS & OTHERS streams, as well as Finance/Civil streams for promotion to PGM and equivalent levels.

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Reservation in Promotion to Persons with bench mark disabilities (PwBDs) – Relaxation of Standard of Suitability :

BSNL CO issued reservation in promotion to persons with bench mark disabilities (PwBDs).

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The matter regarding relaxation in benchmark in seniority based promotions to PwBD employees in BSNL has been considered in consultation with O/o CLO(SCT), BSNL CO and Establishment Branch, BSNL CO and it has been decided that the relaxation in benchmark in APAR gradings of PwBD employees will be same as applicable to SC/ST employees. This provision will be followed for PwBD employees upto AGM and equivalent level of all Streams including non-executive cadres in BSNL irrespective of whether they belong to Unreserved/SC/ ST/ OBC category so as to maintain uniformity in providing relaxation to PwBD employees across different cadres/grades in BSNL, till further orders.

The relaxed standard shall be applicable for all the PwBD employees in BSNL for post based promotions upto AGM level of all Streams including non-executive cadres.

Final opportunity to complete the initiation/self appraisal/reporting/reviewing activities of e-APAR for year 2022-23 :

BSNL CO writes to all Heads of Circles regarding processing of e-APAR of Executive & Non-executive employees of BSNL, online through ESS-Portal for year 2022-23.

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Final opportunity is given to complete the initiation /self appraisal/reporting/reviewing activities of e-APAR. The window to complete pending e-APARs of FY 22-23 through ESS is opened. The APARs pending for initiation/ submission of self appraisal must be submitted positively. Similarly reporting/reviewing must be completed during this last window.

It may be noted that these timelines will not be extended any further.