AIGETOA demands creation of additional posts for maintaining newly added BBNL Network:

AIGETOA demands creation of additional posts for maintaining newly added BBNL Network:

AIGETOA has reached out to the BSNL management for creation of additional posts for manning and maintaining the newly added BBNL Network in BSNL as part of second revival package of the Govt of India. In this regard, Team AIGETOA had a meeting with PGM (Restg) also last week and requested to engage the association in deliberation towards finalisation of new man power in view of BBNL Merger.

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AIGETOA has demanded to convert three soft tenure stations of Uttarakhand Circle to 2 Year Hard Tenure Stations to meet shortage of officers in the Circle:

GS AIGETOA has represented the plight of Uttarakhand Circle facing acute hardship due to its harsh terrains, limited basic amenities, poor connectivity, and difficult living environment resulting in the acute shortage of employees to man the positions and maintain the services in many areas. This issue has been raised on many occasions by the association with different authorities but the result is awaited. Accordingly, GS AIGETOA has reached out to the CMD BSNL and requested his kind intervention to address the long awaited issues by converting three difficult terrain OAs namely Almora, Srinagar (Gwl) & New Tehri from Soft Tenure Station to Two Year Hard Tenure Station to attract employees from other Circles to work in these areas to break their long stay Circle Tenure as they are opting for J&K, Assam, NE etc.

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AIGETOA reached out to CMD BSNL for holding Sports and Cultural Activities in BSNL in the ongoing financial year 2002-23:

GS AIGETOA has requested CMD BSNL for immediate conduction of the BSNL Sports and Cultural Board Meeting to approve the Sports Calendar and conduct 19th All India BSNL Sports and Cultural Meet. It is important to mention here that the said meet even has not been held in BSNL since last three years on account of Covid Pandemic and other administrative reasons.

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AIGETOA taken up the matter for restoration of seniority of LDCE-12 SDEs :

AIGETOA taken up the matter of restoration of seniority of the LDCE-12 qualified SDE. GS AIGETOA has reached out to the Director HR requesting him to comply the order given by the Hon’ble Court in the OA NO 350/01626/2022 dated 13.09.2022, where the matter of allowing rotation of quotas in the particular vacancy year has been addressed. Hon’ble Court has directed to publish the seniority list in the cadre of SDET in the light of DoPT OM 13-08-2021 and address the grievance of the applicant by issuing a detailed speaking order, as per following details of the order of the Hon’ble Court:

“At hearing both the counsels agreed that the representation preferred by the applicant seeking amendment of the provisional seniority list No. 9 (Annex-8) to incorporate promotees as SDE(T) in SQ and CQ by rotation of quotas as per the DOPTs Circulars in tune with the DOPT OM dated 13.08.2021 against vacancy year 2006-07 and in terms of the decision rendered in K. Meghachandra Singh is accorded.”

“Let a detailed speaking order be issued on the representation and let a seniority list to be published afresh in the light of the DOPT OM dated 13.08.2021.”

Association has requested that the merit of the judgment dated 13/09/2022, legal opinion submitted in this regard earlier and the various DoPT OMs under reference may kindly be uphold on true sense and accordingly the direction of the Hon’ble CAT Kolkata in the OA NO 350/01626/2022 dated 13.09.2022 should be complied immediately without any delay.

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GS Letter to Dir (HR) – Implementation of web based online attendance & KPI based IPMS system in BSNL

GS AIGETOA writes to Director HR regarding implementation of web based online attendance and KPI based IPMS system in BSNL.

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AIGETOA highlighted the concern with various shortcoming of the system while implementing in real time. We anticipate that concerns will be judged on merit and incorporated in the decision, while implementing the online attendance system as well as KPI based IPMS system to see any tangible result in the organization.

Team AIGETOA meeting Dr. Mahesh Shukla, Hon’ble Member(Services) on Standard Pay Scale E2-E3 for JTO/JAO and SDE/AO Equivalent Grades:

Today on 26.08.2022, Team AIGETOA under the leadership of General Secretary, Shri Wasi Ahmad had a detailed meeting with Member (Services), DoT at Sanchar Bhawan, New Delhi and had elaborate discussions on the Standard Pay Scale, E2 and E3. Members of the Standard Pay Scale Committee Shri Ravi Shil Verma AIC, Shri Vivek Kumar Singh AGS and Shri Sunil Gautam AGS were part of the meeting and deliberated the matter in detail. Shri Devendra Saini CS-MP and Shri Vinit Singh CFS-MP were also present in the meeting.

First, Team AIGETOA welcomed Member Services on his new assignment and presented flower bouquet and shawl to him. Member Services praised the association for its contribution and assured all possible help in Standard Pay Scale E2-E3 as well as any other legitimate issues if required his intervention.

Team AIGETOA submitted a letter to the Hon’ble Member Services on the matter and apprised all facts on the Standard Pay Scale E2-E3 in detail including its previous aspects right from 2009 onwards and various communications held between BSNL, DoT and DPE in this regard. It was told to him that BSNL has asked replacement of E1A with E2 for JTO/JAO equivalent grades and E2A with E3 for SDE/AO equivalent grades as DPE denied the continuance of intermediary scales E1A and E2A on various occasions as intimated by DoT vide letter number 61-02/2014-SU dated 24.01.2011 of Section Officer(SU), DoT, New Delhi and subsequently. It was further apprised to him that BSNL has categorically denied any cascading of other scales and CMD BSNL through his DO letter dated 01.05.2017 has further explained this aspect attached with all justification.

Member Services stated the point of view of DoT officials on the standard pay scale and some queries, which was very well countered by our Team and further nitty-gritty’s of the issue was also explained to him. Member Services was kind enough and assured for his intervention and told us that another meeting will be held on the issue on which his team will be there as well as he will call AIGETOA Team also so that well informed deliberation can take place. Member Services told that the issue of standard pay scale is very genuine issue and assured of his intervention to take the issue towards resolution. The steps of Food Corporation, Govt of India of India was also apprised to him that how FCI resolved this non standard pay scale issue by adopting next higher standard pay scale and the order copy was also shared.

Member Services informed during the meeting that he has earlier initiated the pension revision of the retired employees and the proposal in process to be sent to the DoPPW, Govt of India for further consideration. He assured that he will look into the issue of pay scale equally and try to ensure that it should reach positive conclusion. Our Team will be continuing the dialogue process and follow up the issue of Standard Pay Scale E2-E3 with the Member Services for approval by the DoT. We are hopeful that his intervention will be very useful to break the deadlock on the matter of E2-E3 Scale approval by the DoT.

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Meeting of AIGETOA Team with Member Services DoT on 08.08.2022 and E2-E3 issue discussion

Team AIGETOA met Member Services, Dr. Mahesh Shukla at Bhopal in continuity of previous meeting and held detailed discussion on E2-E3 Scale and submitted detailed letter on the subject. Member Services listened the arguments after going through the content of letter and enquired some points on the issue. The Team apprised each and every detail on the issue and Member Services assured to take up the matter at DoT after return to Delhi. AIGETOA Team will follow up with him in the DoT @ New Delhi also.

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