Remarkable achievement by Smt Binsi Mohan of Kerala Circle in the national sports arena:

JTO BBM, Kandassankadavu, Thrissur, BA Smt Binsi Mohan who is an active Member and office bearer of AIGETOA family, clinched a remarkable 4 gold medals at the national masters athletics meet in Goa. Dominating the 200m and 400m races, along with exceptional performances in the 1004 and 4004 relays (35+ age category), she represented Kerala state .

As we revel in her success, Binsi Mohan is gearing up to carry the Indian flag 🇮🇳 at the international Masters Athletics Meet in TAIPEI 2025.

AIGETOA congratulates Smt Binsi Mohan on achieving this remarkable feat. We are proud of her and wish our good luck to her for achieving more and more such accomplishments in future.

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