Updates of AIGETOA CHQ Meeting with PGM Pers held on 29.04.2022

Updates of AIGETOA CHQ Meeting with PGM Pers held on 29.04.2022

Shri Ravi Shil Verma Chairman AIGETOA and Shri Vivek Kumar Singh AGS-II AIGETOA met PGM Pers today on 29.04.2022 and discussed following issues.

Promotion in from SDE(T) to AGM Grade :

We enquired about the status of promotion and it’s progress. It was informed that Pers team is on Job and are under discussion with various stakeholders to arrive at a firm consensus. The legal position as on date has been explained to each of them and now they all have to take a holistic approach so that the process of promotion can become smooth and hassle-free. It was highlighted that management is determined to extend the promotion in line with directions of GoI and will take all necessary steps to execute the same at the earliest. We told that under any circumstances, there should not be any delay. While we assured that association will also take all necessary steps to develop a consensus but at the same time association will not accept any delay by making this non consensus as an excuse. We said it should be the duty of management to follow the judicious path and justice should prevail for all.

We also highlighted about lack of proper monitoring wrt completion of APAR data capturing in ERP. PGM Pers assured that his team is on Job and all necessary monitoring is being done to complete the exercise at the earliest.

We also categorically stated that all the vacancies upto 1.1.2022 should be filled up and as being done in the case of SDE Promotions, vacancy arising out of the look after DGM post should also be taken into account. We also requested that expeditious action of framing of MSRRs should be done where stagnation criteria and fast track promotion policy should find its due place. PGM Pers assured that whatever that has been assured to AIGETOA, shall be taken care of and there is need to have patience, ultimately interest of everyone shall be ensured. We also affirmed that all these executives have faced enough in their years as JTO and SDE due to various reasons and discrepancies and now there should not be any injustice to anyone. While we also believe in continuity but at the end no body should be left out without justice and it’s the duty of the association and management to ensure justice for all.

OTP Transfers :

We requested for issuance of OTP transfers as it is already delayed. PGM Pers assured that today it will be issued. We requested for consideration of all genuine cases. PGM Pers assured that all cases which satisfy the criteria shall be taken care of and if any one is inadvertently left that can be taken care of subsequently.

Promotion to left out JTOs of 2008 batch and status of modified MS RRs :

It was informed that all left out JTOs of 2008 will be covered soon.

The issuance of modified SDE RRs shall also be done soon. It was highlighted that apprehensions raised by AIGETOA on the RRs shall be taken care of while issuance of modified SDE RRs.

Reversal Issue :

We expressed our resentment that April 30 is almost over and even file has not been put up yet. PGM Pers told that he will direct the section to process the file in next few days. We once again told that as assured at various platforms, it should be resolved in positive direction.

Status of Process of Transfer of long Stay list circulated in February 2022 :

We expressed that after issuance of list and taking of options from executives, any unnecessary hold up leads to apprehensions and unfair practices down the line for encashment of hardships by some mischievous elements. Hence Department should take an immediate and firm decision on this aspect and Juniors should not be made Pray for such indecisive actions. PGM Pers assured that he will discuss the apprehensions raised by Association with Director and CMD BSNL and assured that there will not be any injustice.

Friends, Team AIGETOA is on job and we assure that at the end Justice will prevail and association will go to any extent to ensure this. All stakeholders belonging to different groups should have patience and faith in the team.

Updates of Team AIGETOA Meeting with Director HR on 28.04.2022

Team AIGETOA held a detailed meeting with Director HR on various issues on 28.04.2022, which was attended by Shri Wasi Ahmad GS, Shri Vivek Kumar Singh AGS, Shri Sunil Gautam AGS, Shri Yogendra Kumar AGS.

Following issues were discussed in details:

Standard Pay Scale E2-E3:

The issue was raised once again before the Director HR reminding the losses being suffered by young executives due to three different basics i.e. 16400, 19020, 22820 provided by BSNL in same Grade of JTO/JAO. Earlier the management was taking the matter seriously with the DoT in line of recommendation of the BSNL Board to replace the Scale of JTO/JAO equivalent with E2 and SDE/AO equivalent with E3 and it is workable also as no functional grade is associated with E3 Scale. But presently it is not pursued vigorously despite of the long pendency of the issue. This has also become one of reasons that our newly recruited GATE JTOs and JAOs are deserting the department and large number of them already left. He apprised that BSNL is regularly taking up the matter with DoT and we again sending reminder letter in this regard and it will be further taken up with appropriate authority.

SDE to AGM and AO to CAO Promotion:

On AGM Promotion, association submitted figure and details to the Dir HR and apprised that how 2006-07 and subsequent VY LDCE qualified SDEs have been placed en-block junior to 2008-09 SQ SDEs, inflicting grave injustice to these executives. These SDEs are victims of the wrong interpretations of the legal verdict by the management and delay in holding of the LDCE by the department. We reminded that management always speaks about the meritocracy but here the merit has been pushed aside. Hence, it’s a high time to extend justice to them by doing one time measure to promote all SDEs, who have completed more than eight years of the service in the grade, to render justice to these LDCE qualified Executives. We also apprised that various new projects are coming including BBNL operation, which gives ample scope to accommodate all SDEs for Promotion.

We requested the director HR for rigorous follow up from Corporate Office to complete the updating and certification of APAR uploading works which has failed many deadlines. The matter should be taken exclusively with respective CGM and at least one DGM rank officer should be deputed to take daily basis report from the Circle. A direction from your goodself should also go through message to all CGMs to complete the task immediately else the process may get delayed abnormally. He assured to take necessary action in this regard after speaking to the PGM Pers.

We also taken up the matter of CAO Promotion and apprised that only due to 16 days, these young and professionally qualified AOs are not meeting the benchmark to get promoted to CAO despite abundance of vacancies and acute shortage of officers in BSNL. As on date hardly 60 CAOs are working across the BSNL and hence management should think over our demand to give the required 16 days relaxation and carry forward their process of Promotion also simultaneously.

Settlement of SDE Reversal Issue:

On the SDE reversal issue, we reminded Dir HR that reversal issue has still not been settled as promised to get it done latest by April 2022. One more deadline for resolution of the issue has from the management side and these executives are under tremendous pain due to the cold shouldering on a genuine and assured settlement. Dir HR assured to speak to PGM Pers once he returns back from the leave. We requested to settle the issue immediately and ensured that in case of any delay they have to be in the list of promotion. The Director HR assured to do the needful.

Left out DPC of 2K8 JTOs, LDCE for JTO to SDE and LICE for JE to JTO:

The issue of left out JTOs of 2008 batch for DPC and holding of LDCE for JTO to SDE and LICE for JE to JTO were also discussed in detailed. The matter of shortfall of vacancies in the recently notified LICE for JE to JTO was also taken up with the Director HR. It was apprised that these qualified JEs , who are taking lot of load I field units must be provided the opportunity to upgrade themselves to JTOs through proper vacancies in LKICE in all Circles. This matter was also taken earlier in the CMD’s meeting on 26th April. Director Hr apprised that the matter is already is in his knowledge as the same was raised on 26th meeting also and they are working over it.

MS RR Draft discussion:

We demanded to initiate discussion on the MS RR draft and the proposal must contain stagnation criteria in the SDE to AGM Grade as eight years. This is the only way forward to deal with the promotional avenues to those executives not covere3d through DPC in the future in view of young age groups of the Executives existing gin BSNL. Director assured to call the association once formal discussion on the RR starts.

Posting of CGM at Orissa, Telangana and other vacant Circles:

This matter was once again raised with the Director HR emphasizing the importance of regular Circle Head and Orissa being one of the best Circle of East Zone is waiting for a regular CGM since more than four months. Earlier PGM Bhubaneswar was looking over the charge has also superannuated on 30th April and hence immediately one CGM should be posted. Similarly other Circles should also be posted regular Circle Head to intact keep the interest of the department at top.

Tenure Places of Uttrakhand and Karnataka Circles:

Scarcity of staff in Uttarakhand and Karnataka Circles are persisting since long time but no solution is coming from the management side. These Circles have suggested some measures but they are also awaiting decision from the BSNL HQ. We requested that the suggestion of Uttarakhand Circle to convert some soft tenure places like Almohra, Srinagar, New Tehri etc to hard tenure may help in getting the executives as a hard tenure places like other Circle Circles. Similarly, the non popular stations of Karnataka like areas of Bidar, Chickmagalur, Shimoga, Karwa, Madikeri etc should be converted into soft tenure to attract the Executives from adjoin states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana etc to join the Circle to break their Circle Tenure with facilities and fulfill the requirement of the Karnataka Circle. The Director HR assured to discuss the matter and see the way forward on the matter.

GM Solan Complain to the Director HR:

The matte of GM Solan, Himachal Pradesh Shri Jaspal Singh was raised with the Director HR. We apprised that the GM Solan is creating serious unharmonious situation in the BA through his autocratic actions as well as engaged in local politics instead of concentrating development of the BA. He has issued more than 58 transfer order in just one year spreading throughout the period, which itself shows his priority. These order also used as pick and chose manner flouting all norms and conditions. We submitted all documents to the Director HR and demanded his transfer from the station before the situation becomes more vicious and turbulent. Hon’ble Director HR enquired some points and assured to look into the matter.

Team AIGETOA meeting with Smt Sunit Duggal, Hon’ble MP and Hon’ble Member of Parliamentary Committee on Communication and Information Technology on the matter of Standard Scale E2 for JTO/JAO of BSNL:

Team AIGETOA comprising of Shri Wasi Ahmad GS, Shri Badri Kumar Mehta FS, Shri Vivek Kumar Singh AGS, Shri Yogendra Kumar AGS met with Smt Sunit Duggal, Hon’ble MP and Hon’ble Member of Parliamentary Committee on Communication and Information Technology at her Delhi Residence. GS apprised about the BSNL, BSNL Recruited Employees and their hardships due to non implementation of 2nd PRC Recommendation fully in BSNL and it’s after affect on our Pay Scale and Superannuation Benefits. A detailed presentation was given to the Hon’ble Member on the non approval of Standard Scale E2 for JTO/ JAO by the Dept of Telecom resulting in huge losses of about 7K-10K monthly to the young executives. We appreciated the efforts taken by the government for revival of BSNL but at the same time we highlighted that no one is caring for the Employees of BSNL. We requested her kind intervention in the matter of Standard Scale E2 for BSNL Entry Grade Executives, which is pending since more than a decade. She responded positively and assured to take up the matter with DoT Secretary and directed the PS to immediately process the representation submitted by us and call the reply from DoT. But at the same time she also suggested to have a meeting with the Hon’ble Chairman of the Committee Shri Shashi Tharoor ji to have detailed deliberation in the Committee on the issue. The meeting last for half an hour and other issues of employees were also highlighted in the discussion and she gave a patient hearing. In the meantime we are also trying to meet the Chairman of the Committee.

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Meeting with CMD BSNL concluded

The meeting called by CMD BSNL with Recognised Association (AIGETOA), Recognised Unions (BSNLEU & NFTE) and Support Association (SNEA) was held today, which was also attended by Director HR and PGM SR, BSNL CO New Delhi. GS Shri Wasi Ahmad and AGS-II Shri Vivek Kumar Singh attended the meeting from AIGETOA Side. The meeting was started with welcome address by the PGM SR and initial note by all four General Secretaries.

The meeting continued for more than two hours and detailed deliberations held on BSNL sustainability and various businesses in pipeline. HR issues also came under discussion including Standard Pay Scale, Promotion, Superannuation, Medical and other issues.

CMD BSNL apprised in detail about the 4G rollout and roadmap for BSNL longevity through various projects in pipeline. The operation of BBNL is also going to be handled by BSNL, which will be funded by government. Network of Bhartanet will be used to expand customers base of BSNL in FTTH segment and organisation will be benefitted a long way through the project. BSNL has given initial procurement order of 6400 4G BTSs in first phase, which will be distributed across the country for field deployment in initial phase before full fledged roll out. Further procurement of one lakh 4G BTS will also be given subsequently and whole project is expected to be completed in next 2-3 Years. The strengthening of Transmission and Battery Power Plant is also in the process to make the network more reliable.

As far as the resources for field units are concerned, it was apprised in the meeting that items of transmission network, backbone network and battery procurement process already initiated and efforts will be made to ensure their availability in coming days.

He apprised that the organisation is stabilizing and hostility towards BSNL is diminishing and this will improve prospect of the organisation with a joint efforts of employees and management.

On HR front, AIGETOA taken following issues on priority in the meeting.

Standard Pay Scale E2-E3 issue was raised by the association and CMD apprised that he is also taking up the matter with DoT on insistence of association but currently the issue is not meeting expected progress in DoT. In this regard, once again reminder letter is being sent for pushing of the issue. As the matter has stuck up, more thrust and strategy will be required to bring it on the center stage for resolution.

On AGM Promotion, association submitted figure and details to the CMD in the meeting and argued how 2006-07 and subsequent VY CQ qualified SDEs have been placed en-block junior to 2008-09 SQ SDEs. These SDEs are victims of the wrong interpretations by the management and delay in holding of LDCE by the department. This has inflicted great injustice to these meritorious candidates. We reminded that management always speaks about the meritocracy but here the merit has been crushed. Hence, its a time to extend justice to them by doing one time measure to promote all 4900 SDEs approximately, who have completed seven years of service to render justice to these LDCE qualified. We also apprise that various new projects are coming including BBNL operation, opening scope to accommodate all SDEs with more than seven years of service. CMD apprised that he is not averse to Promotion and ready to discuss the number once things started rolling down but the discussion will be within the existing framework.

The promotion in CAO and other grades as well as LDCE for JTO to SDE, left out JTO DPC and other issues were also discussed. We also taken the matter of short vacancy in the recently notified LICE for JE to JTO, which is not acceptable to us. Earlier in the day, GS SNATTA has written to GS AIGETOA to pursue for it in the meeting. The CMD assured to look into these promotion and vacancy related issues positively.

SAB, BSNL MRS, GTI, GHI, Transport Allowance, TA/DA were also raised in the meeting. The scarcity of staff at Uttrakhand and Karnataka Circles were also raised and we suggested to make tough areas of the Circles as hard tenure and soft tenure respectively to resolve the shortage of staff issues in these Circles.

The meeting ended with vote of thanks by Director HR.

Important Information Related AIGETOA GHIS Policy

Important Information:

As the premium quoted by New India Assurance for renewal of the ongoing AIGETOA Group Health Insurance Policy is very high and despite of all efforts, the insurer is not reducing the quote due to high claim ratio. So, it has been decided that the Group Health Insurance Policy will not be renewed at this premium. The condition put forward by the New India Assurance of high individual premium in all plans as well as total premium to be collected is also exorbitantly high.

So, all members are requested to take suitable decision. Any other development in this regard shall be communicated as soon as it is received.

Group Health Insurance Policy of New India Assurance launched through AIGETOA in 2021-22 and it’s Renewal Quote

The final quote has been received from New India Assurance for renewal of the existing Group Health Insurance Policy in 2022-23 which is very high as the claim reimbursement for the ongoing policy is very high (Almost 18 crores against premium paid of around 7 crores with one month left). The company is not showing interest to give relaxation in the Quote Price provided for renewal of the Policy. However, AIGETOA Team is taking its best efforts to negotiate down the premium further.

The group policy floated by AIGETOA from NIA with Medi Assist as TPA was definitely a smooth and hassle-free experience with no hurdles as such in claim processing or getting treatment in best hospitals of India and that too during the most difficult COVID Period. The quote received from New India Assurance for AIGETOA GHI Policy Renewal is very high and we can not agree to such hike in premium rates. The association tried it’s level best to bring a competitive rate from the insurer till last moment but insurer didn’t agreed citing high claim in the ongoing policy.

Hence we thought it appropriate to inform one and all, so that everyone can take an informed decision.

In the present circumstances, AIGETOA may not renew the policy if the premium rates do not come down to our satisfaction. So the existing members may take a decision accordingly.

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AIGETOA Meeting with Hon’ble MOC Shri Ashwini Vaishnaw Ji on his visit to Visakhapatnam on 22th April 2022

Team AIGETOA comprising of JS (South), AIGETOA CHQ Suresh Kumar, ACS Shri Srinivas, CVP Shri Mahendra AP Circle & DS Shri Jagapathi, DFS Shri Murali and ADS Shri Rupa Prakash met Hon’ble MOC Shri Ashwini Vaishnaw ji on his visit to Visakhapatnam on 22nd April 2022 and submitted Memorandum of AIGETOA CHQ.

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