Group Health Insurance Scheme (GHIS) powered by National Insurance Company (NIC) Launched by AIGETOA CTD!

Group Health Insurance Scheme (GHIS) powered by National Insurance Company (NIC) Launched by AIGETOA CTD!

AIGETOA CTD is delighted to launch Group Health Insurance policy powered by National Insurance Company for all the executives of BSNL and their family members. The sum assured value of the policy is 5 lakhs. One can apply for the policy at AIGETOA CTD website upto 4th September 2023. The policy will be effective from 5th September 2023.

Details of the Policy :

Sum Assured: 5 lakhs.

Application Deadline: September 4th, 2023.

Policy Start-off: September 5th, 2023.

Visit AIGETOA CTD website and secure your spot. It’s super easy!

Policy Terms & Conditions. Click here

Premium Breakup Table: (18% GST applicable on total Premium). Click here

Apply here on AIGETOA CTD Website –

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GHI for all Executives of BSNL – Initiated by AIGETOA Kolkata Telecom District (CTD):

AIGETOA CTD is delighted to introduce a group health insurance policy for all BSNL executives. The GHI will be operated by National Insurance Company, a premier PSU insurer.

As per the initial discussions, NIC has offered the quote which can be found with the following pdf document.

Click here for the Quote

Willing executives may go through the document and if agreed to proceed further, they mandatorily need to fill-up the Google form before 11:59 pm 05.05.2023.

Google Form for the basic details.

Click here for the google form

For any queries regarding GHI, please mail at

Update on empanelment of hospitals on cashless basis at each BA :

AIGETOA today once again raised the issue of empanelment of hospitals on cashless basis for each BA and Circles. It was agreed by management in the formal agenda meeting with AIGETOA in February that all circles shall be asked to ensure empanelment on cashless basis on circle as well as BA level. It was also decided that all the hospitals shall be categorically ensured that their bills shall be cleared maximum within 3 months. The issue was raised by AIGETOA Team in GHI meeting also.

We requested Director HR for his immediate intervention on the issue.

We sincerely hope that management will keep it’s promise and will direct circles to do the needful immediately so that employee can avail of health services without remaining dependent on self financed GHI type schemes.

Rejection of High Premium Quotes by Unions/Associations – Letter to BSNL Management :

The existing GHI (Group Health Insurance by M/s Oriental Insurance Company) period will expire on 30th April 2023. Quotes for renewal for the period 01.05.2023 to 30.04.2024 by M/s Oriental Insurance Company are extremely high. Multiple deliberations & negotiations meetings held among the Unions/Associations, BSNL Management & M/s Oriental Insurance on the premium quotes but Oriental Insurance spurn to lower the quoted premium.

In view above, the Recognised Unions and Associations, viz., BSNLEU, NFTE, AIGETOA, SNEA, wrote to the Director HR..

1] Rejecting the premium rates offered by the Oriental Insurance Company.

2] Requested to call for fresh quotations immediately from open market on war footing basis to avoid any more delay.

3] Requested to instruct all Circles/BA’s to ensure empanelment of hospitals on cashless basis so that employees may not suffer and may use the existing policy as and when required.

Click here for the letter

Filing & Entry of Nomination Form in Service Book & ERP

It is observed that nomination forms of many employees & Officers are not entered in their Service Book & ERP. During any mishappening with the employee, families get unnecessary trouble for the payment.

It is requested to all who has not submitted their nomination form till now to submit it immediately in two copies to their concerned admin Section and get entry both in Service book & ERP.

Details of Nomination Form are given below

1) Form-3 : Details of Family (All Employees). Click here

2) Form-1 : Nomination of Death-cum-Retirement Gratuity (All Employees). Click here

3) Form-5 : GSLI (all Employees). Click here

4) Form of Nomination – GPF (Only Absorbed/Un-absorbed Employees). Click here

5) SAB Nomination – BSNL Employees Superannuation Pension Scheme (BSNL Recruited). Click here

6) Submit Online Nomination on EPEO website & submit Print (For BSNL Recruited). Click here

Important Information Related AIGETOA GHIS Policy

Important Information:

As the premium quoted by New India Assurance for renewal of the ongoing AIGETOA Group Health Insurance Policy is very high and despite of all efforts, the insurer is not reducing the quote due to high claim ratio. So, it has been decided that the Group Health Insurance Policy will not be renewed at this premium. The condition put forward by the New India Assurance of high individual premium in all plans as well as total premium to be collected is also exorbitantly high.

So, all members are requested to take suitable decision. Any other development in this regard shall be communicated as soon as it is received.

Group Health Insurance Policy of New India Assurance launched through AIGETOA in 2021-22 and it’s Renewal Quote

The final quote has been received from New India Assurance for renewal of the existing Group Health Insurance Policy in 2022-23 which is very high as the claim reimbursement for the ongoing policy is very high (Almost 18 crores against premium paid of around 7 crores with one month left). The company is not showing interest to give relaxation in the Quote Price provided for renewal of the Policy. However, AIGETOA Team is taking its best efforts to negotiate down the premium further.

The group policy floated by AIGETOA from NIA with Medi Assist as TPA was definitely a smooth and hassle-free experience with no hurdles as such in claim processing or getting treatment in best hospitals of India and that too during the most difficult COVID Period. The quote received from New India Assurance for AIGETOA GHI Policy Renewal is very high and we can not agree to such hike in premium rates. The association tried it’s level best to bring a competitive rate from the insurer till last moment but insurer didn’t agreed citing high claim in the ongoing policy.

Hence we thought it appropriate to inform one and all, so that everyone can take an informed decision.

In the present circumstances, AIGETOA may not renew the policy if the premium rates do not come down to our satisfaction. So the existing members may take a decision accordingly.

Click here for Renewal Premium with previous claims Statistics

AIGETOA writes to Dir(HR) with our objection on indirect shifting of Employer’s responsibility of medical facilities towards Employees – Payment of Premium for GHIS by Employees

AIGETOA writes to the Director HR raising serious objection for indirect diversion of employer’s responsibility to the shoulder of employees by introducing the group health policy with payment of premium by employees. It is unfortunate to note that BSNL is even not following the footsteps of MTNL, which is providing the health insurance facility to their employees by paying the premium. The association demanded for payment of premium by the BSNL as the health care has to be borne by the employer.

Click here for the letter

Message of Director HR on GHIS

MTNL Group Health Insurance Scheme